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Smart phones have become a major part of our lives, we have got so attached with modern day technology that we are unable to repel it now. It was not long ago when I went to shopping with my friends and I lost my android phone somewhere at the mall. I was worried because I didn’t installed any app that will let me know how to keep track of it but then a friend told me about Plan B a great app which lets you find you’re android phone even if you haven’t installed it on your phone. Check out the great app at Play Store and follow the steps how to find it.

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With so many devices getting lost every day, this list of Top 5 apps is dedicated to those people who are aware of the situation that they might lose their phone or it might get stolen. You can try these apps to take precautionary measures.

#1. Android Device Manager

The first on our top 5 apps to find android phone list is “Android Device Manager”. This app has been built and is supported by Google. Who is the main developer of Android so it automatically makes it better than the others.

iskysoft android device manager

Status: FREE
It has the following features
1. It has the ability to see and show you where your device on the map is
2. It also allow you to remotely control your device, which give access to different things like erasing your device, resetting screen lock etc.
3. You can also use it to manage different devices connected with the same Gmail account.

Google Play Store Link: here

#2. SeekDroid: Find My Phone

SeekDroid is one of the best Android phone apps which lets you find your phone once it’s lost or stolen. There are two versions of the app the normal one and the Pro. If you want just minimal protection this apps work great.


Status: FREE, Pro Version is premium
It has the following features
1. It allows you remotely use your device which allows to lock your device, wipe your data etc
2. You can locate your device just sending a text message.
3. It also allow you to access your device info such as recent calls, remaining battery and look for IMEI.
4. Set off an alaram.

SeekDroid Link: here

#3. Wheres My Droid

Wheres my Droid is another great App which help to get the job done. It is one of the first app which came to the Play Store which enabled users to find their phones in case they lost it or if got stolen. The app has a great customer support and with up to 10 Million downloads.

wheres my droid

Status: FREE, with in app purchases.
There are two version the free and the paid one. The free version allows you to set off any alarms you placed, find your device location it also allows you to get GPS location of your device etc. The paid version is great and we recommend to buy it. The paid version allows you to remotely control your device allowing different features such as erase your device data, lock it and hide the apps icon.

Google Play Store Link: here

#4. Cerberus

Cerberus is one of the best and known apps out there and is famous for its title the best anti-theft app. It has uniquely great features and is one of the best app which will surely help you get your lost or stolen devices.


Status: FREE, with in app purchases.
1. One of the coolest feature is that it doesn’t appear in the apps making itself invisible so people don’t know it’s there.
2. It allows you to track the location of your device.
3. It allows you to get a list of calls or messages that were made using your device after it got stolen.
4. It also allow you to remotely access your device and auto enable GPS.

#5. Find My Phone (Android Wear)

Smart watches such as Android Wear are trending now a days and if you own one of them, it’s a great news for you. Find My Phone is a great app which lets you find your device in a very fast way as soon as it gets lost.

smart watches

Status: FREE, with in app purchases.
1. It allows you to remotely ring your device.
2. When you get close and when you move away the Android wear will tell you.
3. You can turn ON vibration and turn on gradual volume increasing.

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