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You will have varied reasons why to root your android mobile device. One of the top reasons will be to increase performance which will be as a result of high speeds. By rooting, it’s also possible that you can easily customize your device to meet your needs in the best way. It will be possible modifying files to your own liking in addition to enjoying more apps, protected battery life, automation and blocking of advertising among many other benefits. The secret is choosing the best android rooting software in the market.

Android Data Recovery about one click root

1. dr.fone - Android Toolkit

dr.fone – Android Root is the best software to root an Android device as it keep the data safe on your phone after root. It guarantees the file safe and also the high success rate. You will have to use only three simple steps and you will be good to root your Android devices.

• It don’t need to worry about rooting failure (3 mode of rooting android)
• It supports mroe than 6000 different Android devices
• Easy use
Guide for root an Android device using dr.fone.

iroot software

2. iRoot

iRoot is a one-click software program for android rooting. With just a single click, everything will be accomplished in a matter of seconds and the results will be satisfying. It will help to unblock all the blocked features.

• This software is available for free
• It will help to boost performance of your android device
• It will get rid of advertisements in all your apps
• Expect high limitations on its features for being available freely


3. VRoot

VRoot does not matter the type of android device you are using as this software is the perfect choice for rooting. It’s one-click, tiny and extremely easy to use which will be an added advantage if you choose it over other options available.

• It's free
• It is always updated so you can get the latest version to download

• It will not give you the best performance since some vital features are missing. Blame that on its availability as a free version


4. Kingoapp

Kingoapp works by either “exploits” or “recovery”. Both options are ideal only that “exploits” is much safer and the most preferred option for rooting android devices. It will all depend on the type of device you have to decide the method to use for rooting.

• It is a safe software program to use. There are zero chances that your data will be lost or tampered with during rooting
• It’s easy troubleshooting

• Some of the important devices are not supported thus it’s not fully compatible

srs root

5. SRSRoot

There are many exploits to use with this software program in rooting your android device. It’s all-rounded and will deliver the best results for your rooting exercise. Choose it and enjoy to the maximum the full potential you need to root your device.

• It’s easy to use
• Free to download
• Works at very high speeds which boost performance of android devices

• It may require a special permission to do rooting and that might cause inconveniences

root genius

6. Root Genius

Root Genius is very simple in the way it looks and works. It operates at very high speeds which offers guarantee for good performance and ideal results. You will always get the best of its full potential.

• It is easy to use
• It’s very powerful and can support over 10, 000 phones without installation
• Poor or lack of connection is one of the biggest problems associated with this software

root android pro

7. Root Android Pro

Three key steps are involved when rooting an android device using Root Android Pro . You will download it; connect your device and then root. It is all that simplistic.

• It does not consume a lot of time
• It’s 100% free from risks
• It retails at $19.95 that very few users can afford to pay for

root android pro

8. Rescue Root

You don’t need two or more clicks to root your android device with Rescue Root. It’s a one-click program with easy steps to follow. It will conduct a free scan of the device to detect its root compatibility rate.

• It has awesome features that enhance user experience
• It’s secure, trusted, easy and safe to use
• Its backup is not always reliable

oneclick root

9. One Click Root

When looking for android rooting software to offer you the full potential, One Click Root has to be One Click Root. You will get all the wonderful results with just a single click and following easy steps. There are no complications whatsoever.

• It has a round-the-clock support
• It’s easy and safe to use
• Removes bloatware
• It is easy to brick android devices once rooting experiences hitches. There is no room for correction with this software

All these software programs have their specific pros and cons that should guide you in choosing the best one for rooting your android device. You should choose the one that has high chances of offering the best experience. Also, look at features for uniqueness because that is what will make the one you choose to stand out from the rest.

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