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Android now holds the top share in market so it’s natural the amount of android device lost or stolen will be more. Sadly Android doesn’t come with any built in app which will help you find your android phone, which you lost without installing an app which lets you track your device. But don’t worry following guide is dedicated how to find your lost android phone without an app. If you have lost a device you should give it a read chances are you might find it again.

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There are many ways to find your lost android phone without a pre-installed tracking app. Note each method has its own specific set of requirements which you should meet in order to get your device back good luck.

#1. Tracking your lost Android phone with Google’s Android Device Manager

As the name suggests Android Device Manager is an official android app made under the supervision of Google itself. It an easy to use app and by using it you’ll be able to track your device.

android device manager

You should need the following requirements
• Your android device should be connected you Google account.
• It should be connected to the internet.

Once you meet the requirements it’s time to proceed forward, all you need to do is just open your browser and type android device manager and the site will appear open it. Login to your google account and select the device from the drop list which is missing. Once loaded it will automatically track down your device. If you don’t have laptop don’t worry you can also use a friend or another android device and login with your google account and download Android device manager it will help you find your phone granting you the full access and features of apps. If you can’t track your phone chances are it’s not connected to the internet or someone stole it and it’s gone for good.

#2. Tracking it down with Android Lost

Android lost is an android app, it’s our second option but a little complicated method to retrieve your lost device, but before we proceed further check out the requirements.

android lost app

• Your android device should be connected you Google account.
• It should be connected to the internet.
• You should be running Android OS lower than 3.0.

If you meet the requirements lets proceed further. Some might find it very strange that Android lost requires Android OS lower than 3.0 this is due to Android API updates that it can’t remotely run on new version of OS. All you need to do is go to google play store using browser. And remotely install Android lost via Google play. Click here for the link.

Now to remotely activate the app on the lost device. Borrow a phone from anyone and send this text “androidlost register” to your phone, this will allow your device to register itself and the app will be downloaded. Now visit the lost android site and login using your google credentials, once logged in you’ll have access to features such as location of the device, erase data etc.

#3. Tracking down your device with Plan B

Plan B is an android app will help you recover your device if you lost it.

lost phone tracker plan b

• Your android device should be connected you Google account.
• It should be connected to the internet.
• You should be running Android OS 2.0 – 2.3.

If the Android lost didn’t worked out for you, you can try Plan B from Lookout mobile security. Remotely install it your device by visiting the play store. Once installed successfully it will send your device location to your Gmail account and will keep it updated by sending a mail after every 10mins.

Try the above mentioned methods to find your lost android device and if you have luck you might find it.

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