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Android's memory has enough capacity to save up to thousand contacts and logs. However, sometimes this hasty life makes us forget to save some important numbers that are asked to be contacted later. This seems frustrating when you couldn't find a number that has vanished, right? Now, you'll never be troubled by this kind of issues thanks to dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android). With it, you'll be easy to recover deleted call logs on your Android phone or tablet. Can't believe it? Here we have analyzed its working theory and steps to restore deleted Android call history, logs in details.

Now, let's start this call logs restoring process by yourself at once.

How Android Call Logs Recovery Works?

Android users tend to lose their data due to several reasons that include virus attacks, factory reset and deleted by mistake. To recover those deleted files or data, we need a professional yet reliable recovery program as our life-saver. Obviously, dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android) is a proper tool, which can satisfy all your data recovery needs on Android devices. And it requires no professional skills for both beginners and experts.

This program is not a single-functional Android call logs recovery software, but a full-functional data recovery for Android devices. That means you can use it to retrieve not only deleted call history, but also lost contacts, messages, videos, photos, Whatsapp messages, etc. on Android within few clicks. Now, let's check the key features of these powerful program:

  • All your important pictures, videos, call logs and texts would be recovered with a 100 % success rate.
  • Recover data from your Android's internal memory and external SD card well.
  • Supports more than 6,000 Android devices, including all popular brands like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, etc.
  • Time-saving and high-efficiency program, easy to use.

Referring to how to Android call logs recovery works on your Windows and Mac computer, actually it can be summarized into 3 simple words: Connect - Scan - Recover. Generally speaking, dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android) will get access to your phone's internal memory and find out all deleted yet existing data on your device. Then, you only need to locate your lost call history and recover them to your computer. Cool, right? Now, follow the below detailed tutorial to recover deleted history on Android by yourself.

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How to Retrieve Deleted Calls on Android without Data Losing?

Step 1: Launch the dr.fone on your computer and click "Data Recovery" option on the main window. Now, you need to plug your Android device to the computer with a USB cable and enable USB debugging as already stated.

choose android call history recovery mode

Note: If the program fail to root your device automatically, you can root Android by yourself for making the program can get access to the phone's internal memory. Anyway, the automatic rooting will be returned back to normal status once the reocovery process is finished.

Step 2: The program would scan for the cateogries you have on your Android device. Here you can select the files you want to restore. There is an option for a full scan of data that you can opt for if you want to recover things apart from the call logs. Now, you need to select "Call History" from the given options. After selecting the file option you need to click "Next" at the bottom right corner.

select call logs for scanning

Step 3: After, scanning the data on your Android device you selected is displayed on the primary screen of the program window. If you have selected call history or contacts then it would show the restored results. You can now choose the call logs and checkbox the files you want to recover. If you have got all the call logs you needed then click on "Recover" to save the call logs on your computer.

recover deleted call history from android

dr.fone launched this program with a technically configured program that scans deep in your Android device and look for your lost data. It is the easiest way apart from the other software available in the online market. All you need is just a USB cable, Android device and your computer.

Bonus: How Many Call Logs You Can Have on Your Phone?

If you have a Smartphone with a huge capacity of internal memory and extended memory. There is a probability that it would store maximum contacts as per the requirements. However, in few cases where the Android device has limited storage for contacts and call logs. Some device is designed to have a capacity of 500, 1000 call logs and so on. However, it's not about the capacity of your device, because hard times never calls before it comes to you. You have to be prepared with some alternative for it. Even the 1000 call logs can go away that depends on your business or job you are pursuing. You might receive a 100 calls or 10 that depends. But here are some good steps you can follow to save your data from being deleted or corrupted.

  • When you have categorized your data in terms of relevancy then always have a backup plan, for example - if you have important data such as photos, videos, call history, contacts, messages etc. You must have a backup plan for them so as to get a digital copy later on.
  • Backup the data on Google drive and make good choices on the data you are saving. All your important data should be backed up on your Google drive so that it could be accessed anywhere.
  • There is ample software available in the market for backup data or recovery options. However, the best and recommended program is dr.fone that brings you with all the major solutions around to Android devices.


If you have read all contents above, then you must have known how to recover deleted call logs on Android, right? And you might also know how to avoid call logs losing in the future. All in all, dr.fone is really a nice tool that allows you to recover lost Android data, backup, unlock, record or even erase Android device as you like.

Now, let's experience the powerful functions of Android Data Recovery at first.

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