Contacts Missing? Learn How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android

If you find contacts disappeared from Android device, don't worry, follow this full guide to check and recover contacts from Android phone or tablet within few clicks.

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How do I get back deleted or lost contacts on Android phone?

Are you facing a frustrating problem that your Android Contacts disappeared accidentally? Contacts are always be treated as one of the most important data on your phone, because it is directly related to your daily or business communications. So, when you accidently delete something important or you find your phone number is missing, you NEED to stop using the device and try to recover contacts from Android.Why?

Well, it has been proved that deleted contacts can be retrieved or restored with special ways, but the success rate is depending on the immediately actions after the deletion. So, STOP using your Android phone and read today's guide, you'll know how to check your missing contacts status and find them back in different ways.

Part 1: Maybe Your Contacts Aren't Even Gone

Before you start restoring Android contacts, you need to check whether they are actually lost or not. Because sometimes, they are not being displayed might not always mean that they are lost. So check the real situation as follows:

1. Go to "Contacts" on your Android phone.

2. Select "Contacts to Display" option from the top-right menu button.

3. Select "All Contacts" and see whether the contacts you were looking for are displayed.

how to get deleted numbers back

If you can see the contacts you wanted then your problem is solved and you don't need to look for another way to retrieve lost contacts on Android. You can backup Android contacts to avoid losing them. However, if you cannot see the contacts still then you need to restore them as they are really deleted from your phone. To do so you can utilize dr.fone – Android Data Recovery.

Part 2: dr.fone - Best Android Contacts Recovery to Restore Contacts

dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android) is the best software to get the contacts back in the Android phone. It allows users to recover deleted contacts, messages, call logs, whatsapp messages, videos, photos, audio files, etc. from more than 6,000 Android devices within few clicks. And you can get a straightforward step-by-step guide and professional technical support if you are not know how to perform this Android Contacts Recovery well. What's more, it has a good success rate compares to other softwares on the market. Below is the detailed features of iSkysoft Android Contacts Recovery.


dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android)

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  • It cannot only retrieve deleted contacts on Android, but also able to get your messages , audios, videos, documents, photos etc. back without losing.
  • It allows users to restore data from Android's internal and external SD card well...
  • It is compatible with more than 6,000 Android devices, including all popular brands like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, etc.
  • The process is not time-consuming one and is absolutely free of danger.
4,290,481 people have downloaded it

Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Directly?

Step 1. Connect the Computer and the Device

Launch the installed Android Contacts Recovery on the computer and connect your Android phone to the computer. Now, you can see an screen like below, directly click on "Data Recovery" from these options.

android contacts recovery main screen

Then, you'll be required to check whether the USB debugging is opened or not. Follow the onscreen instructions to enable USB debugging on your Android phone, then, authorize the program on your device, and your Android will be connected successfully. (To get access to your phone's internal memory, your device is required to be rooted.)

Note: In most cases, this program will help you root your device during the connection, and unroot it after the recovery. But sometimes, it may fail to root the connected phone. Then, you can try to root Android by yourself.

Step 2. Select Contacts for Scanning

Now, you need to select the file types for scanning and here you can only choose "Contacts" for saving scanning time. Click "Next" to enter the scanning mode.

choose the file types for scanning lost contacts

Step 3. Preview and Recover Contacts

Scanning will take some time. Once done, select "Contacts" to preview and tick your target files. Lastly, click on "Recover" button to save all selected contacts to computer.

view contacts on pc and select one to restore

By the way, if you wanna to learn more alternatives to Android Contacts Recovery program, you can find more options in our site by yourself.

Part 4: How to Restore Android Contacts from Backups?

Most people may have backed up Android data in other security places, such as desktop computer, cloud, online storage space, and so on. So, if you're sure the lost or deleted contacts have been backed up before, then you can try to restore deleted Android cotnacts from these backups. Generally speaking, there are two main methods to backup Android contacts in the daily life: backup with Gmail or backup with 3rd-part tool like dr.fone - Data Backup & Restore or official apps. So, restoring Android contacts from backups can be divided into two different situations and we'll list them as follows:

Situation 1 - Get Contacts from Gmail Backups

Please be sure your Android device is synced with your Google/Gmail account before, otherwise, this solution cannot find the deleted contacts.

Step 1. Directly launch Gmail and login to your Gmail account on the website.

Step 2. Go to "Gmail" > "Contacts" in the upper left corner. Then select "More" > "Restore" from the drop down list.

Step 3. Here, you can see a pop-up window, and you can custom the time period for restoring. Then, hit "RESTORE" button to finish the process.

restore android contacts from gmail

Situation 2 - Restore Contacts from Toolbox Backups

dr.fone is an all-in-one program, which allows you to recover, backup, erase or unlock device in one place. So, if you have used dr.fone - Phone Backup (Android) function to backup your Android data, then you can use its restoring feature to get back deleted Android contacts on Windows or Mac computer.

Now, let's check the detailed tutorial of restoring deleted contacts from Android backups with iSksoft Toolbox:

Step 1. Connect Android to computer or Mac, and choose "Data Backup & Restore" to enter the right function mode. Then, you'll see an interface like below. Click "View backup history" to check old backups on the PC or Mac.

connect Android to computer

Step 2. Then all backups created with dr.fone will be displayed in the program as below screen. Select the file and hit "View" button to get access to the detailed contents.

select backup file for scanning

Step 3. Preview contacts list and tick the deleted one that you wish to restore, then click "Recover" button to end the whole process.

preview and restore contacts to android

Bonus - Restore Contacts from Samsung Account

For Samsung users, you still have another way to get back your lost contacts on Samsung devices - restoring contacts from Samsung account. Similar to the method of restoring with Gmail account, you also need to have a Samsung account and you have created a backup file with it. After that, you can follow the below steps to retrieve deleted contacts from Samsung account.

1. Go to "Apps" and then select "Accounts" and then "Samsung" on your Samsung device.

2. Towards the end of the page, you will find "Restore", click on it.

3. After choosing the data types you want, click on "Restore Now’" option.

check the supported file types of data backup and restore tool

To minimize your risk of losing your contacts, always keep the "Backup and Sync" option switched ON in your Android devices to at least one application, for example, Gmail.

Part 5: Backup Contacts to Avoid Losing Again

To avoid this problem happen again, we strongly recommend all of you backup all your important data on Android devices regularly. Referring to the backup tool, you can just select one as you like. And if you don't have a clear mind about it, we suggest you backup Android data with Google or iSkysoft Data Backup & Restore. Why? With these two backup tools, you'll never lose important data anymore.

By the way, compare to Google account, iSkysoft Data Backup & Restore can be used in lots of situations and compatible with 8 different file types, including contacts, messages, call logs, whatsapp messages & attachments, photos, videos, audio and documents. And you can choose to backup one type of files or all data according to your own needs. So, if you want to have a backup and restore tool for Android without complex operation, iSksoft Toolbox could be an ideal option here.


Now, say Good-bye to the awful and frustrating situation and recover deleted contacts from Android phone memory easily with using these proven ways. And dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android) is considered as one of the brilliant software that finds your missing contacts from your Android phones and recovers back in your device with using 1 click technique. Why not give a try to this tool?


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