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How do you find deleted text messages on an Android?

Now, you find some crucial messages have been deleted or lost on Android due to unknown reasons, how to retrieve deleted text messages from Android?

Well, you can get everything you want to know about Android SMS recovery in this post.

The best part?

First of all, you can learn the main situations that may cause message losing on your device, so you can take actions to avoid it in the coming days; Then, you can get two different ways to recover Android text messages with or without root. Finally, some practical tips to avoid losing messages are listed for your reference.

All methods in this post have been tested and proved useful and now, let's start it:

4 Main Situations You May Lose SMS on Android

In most sitations, you are not aware why messages or other data got deleted. Here, we have picked up and listed 4 main situations that may result in these "disasters". You can go through them and make sure you have created a backup file of text messages before operating in below sistuations:

  • Factory Reset: Factory reset becomes necessary sometimes to make your device as the same settings when the device came from the factory. In other words, you get default settings when you factory reset your device. And yes, this is another situation which leads to data loss. So, if you need to perform reset, make sure you’ve backed up your messages.
  • System Crash: A system crash also takes your joy by removing your messages without informing you. So, always have a backup of your data to prevent these kinds of loss.
  • Water damage: The device’s exposure to water is another reason which can damage your device in multiple ways. Avoid taking your device to washroom or when working with water (for example, in the kitchen) otherwise you may lose your messages.
  • Accidental Deletion: Admit it! You must have faced this. One wrong click or touch on Android’s screen and the message is removed. Unintentional deletion comes at the top situation which people face most of the times.

accidentally deleted messages on android

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android Directly

In most situations, deleted texts are not gone after deletion, it is only deleted from your device outwardly. You cannot see them directly but these deleted messages can be retrieved with a professional Android SMS Recovery software - dr.fone.

dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android) is a software solution that allows users to recover lost or deleted SMS from Android phones or tablets easily, including your Whatsapp messages. And it can be used to find back other lost Android data as you like, such as contacts, call logs, photos, videos, and so on.

Now, let's check the detailed features of the best Android Message Recovery.

  • Few clicks to help all of you undelete text messages on Android phone or tablet with impressive success rates.
  • Recover not only messages, but also restore data like contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages & attachments, photos, videos, audio files, etc. from Android internal memory or external SD card easily.
  • Work on more than 6,000 Android devices and various Android operating systems.
  • Preview the detailed text conversation in the program as you like.
  • 100% safe and never harm your device.

Step-by-step Guide: Clicks to Recover/Retrieve Deleted Texts on Android with dr.fone

Step 1. Connect Android to PC

To get the messages back, download the toolbox and install it afterwards. Then, run it. Now, you can enter the main interface and click on “Data Recovery” from the options on the screen. Here, you'll be guided to enable “USB Debugging” in your Android device and allow it to connect with your computer with the help of a USB cable.

launch android sms recovery and connect android to pc

Note: To get access to your Android's internal memory, you need to root Android device and authorize it on your device. If your device is not rooted, iSkysoft will try to root it during the conencting process, and it will reboot your device for several times. It will not destory your device, so just follow the instructions to make your device be recognized. What's more, if iSksoft Android Data Recovery fail to root your device, you still can try to root the device by yourself and then, try to connect with it again.

Step 2: Select the Types of Data and Scanning for Files

When your Android device is connected to PC and recognized by the program, you are required to select “Messages” > "Next" to conduct a deeply scanning on the Android.

choose the message and begin to find deleted messages on android

Step 3: Recover Lost Messages Right Now

After scanning, your DELETED messages will be found and displayed in the program. You can preview and tick them one by one. After that, hit the “Recover” button to get deleted messages back on Android.

recover deleted android text messages right now

How to Restore Text Messages from Android Backup?

Anyway, if you have a habit of creating backups on Android, then, when you find something lost, the first thing you need to do is to check whether the deleted data is backed up in your old backups. If so, you can directly retrieve old text messages on Android without root. There are too much tools on the market can help you backup & restore Android message, you can choose one of them as your option according to your own needs. Here, we'll take the dr.fone - Data Backup & Restore as an example, showing you how to restore messages on Android step by step.

Steps on Restoring Deleted SMS (Text Messages) on Android

Step 1. Let's suppose that you have backed up Android messages before (if not, please go to here to see how to backup text messages on Android). Now, just connect your Android phone to computer, then choose "Data Backup & Restore" to begin the process.

main interface of android backup and restore

Step 2. Toolbox will detect your device and show you an interface like below. Directly choose "view backup history" to check the backup list on the computer. Select one of the backups and hit "View" button to get access to the detailed backup files.

view android backup file on pc

Step 3. Preview all texts in the program and select the one that you have lost by accident. Then tick it and hit "Recover" button to save it on your desktop computer.

Tips to Avoid Losing Important Android Messages Again!

We have come up with some tips for recovering the messages that you’ve deleted recently. It’s important to keep the following things in mind if you really love your deleted text messages and badly want them back. Let’s initiate the tips:

1) Cease the use of Messages – The key thing which needs to be taken into account is not to send or receive new messages. After losing messages, if you continue to send or receive new messages, this will result in overwriting of the recently deleted messages. Once the overwritten is happened, it will hard to find back lost text messages on Android.

2) Avoid restarting – Another thing you should bear in mind is not to restart the device once the messages has deleted. Please remember that any immediate action after data loss can make you lose your data permanently. So, if you have decided to restart your device, drop the idea.

3) Use Android recovery tool – Make sure to use an authentic data recovery tool designed for Android device as early as possible. And we can say that there is no single confusion in your mind which tool is best to use. We have said everything about it and there should be no confusion now.

4) Backup messages – Here is a tip to avoid the deletion of messages. Try to make backup of your messages and all other data on a regular basis. For this also, you can try dr.fone – Android Data Backup & Restore or other Android backup tools as you like.


In this post, we have shown all of you why and how to recover deleted or lost texts on Android with or without root. Is it useful for you?

All programs we metioned above can be used on both Windows and Mac operating system well. You only need to download the right free trial version, then you can test the program by yourself!

What's more, in order to avoid losing crucial data by accident in the future, please backup Android data regularly and it is really helpful to reduce the risk of losing data on Android phone or tablet.

For any more suggestions, please leave a comment in the following area and we'll discuss it together.

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