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This is the ultimate guide to recovering deleted photos from Android without rooting.

And let me clear about someting: This is not to say rooting is not necessary or unsafe. Instead, you're going to see more options or alternative ways when you need to retrieve deleted pictures on Android.

Now, let's check is it possible to recover deleted Android photos without rooting. And if YES, how to achieve it? And why so many data recovery softwares require rooting in nowadays?

You can directly read the section you're interested in as follows:

Why Most Android Photo Recovery Need Root Access?

We often hear about recovery software that they require root access or root permissions in order to function properly and recover lost or corrupted data for you. Have you ever wondered why they require root access?

Actually, every OS has its own security features which helps in protecting both hardware and root directories from the damage which users can make unintentionally. Likewise, Android Operating System is built in a similar way with certain restrictions, for instance, MTP Protocol. An Android following MTP protocol prevents the users from making any faulty changes to root directories. Now, in order to recover the lost data, the software needs to initiate root level interaction with the device. And hence, they require root access to recover your lost data.

Though, rooting your device does have merits but at the same time it has a lot of demerits as well. For instance, if you root your device when it is in warranty period, your device's warranty will be void from there on. This is the reason for majority of the people that they always try look for a software program which doesn't require a rooted device.

Then, is it possible to recover deleted photos from Android without rooting?

The answer is YES. Thanks to dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android) software, restoring deleted Android photos without rooting is not an impossible task for all of you. But one thing should be mentioned, this tool also requires root accessing during the whole recovery process, but it will return your device to unroot status after the recovery. That means, iSkysoft toolbox will directly root your device for getting access to your phone's internal memory, and after finding back all your lost images, it will help you return your Android settings to the unroot settings. So your device will be still in warranty period. Cool, right?

is it possible to recover android photos without root

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How to Recover Photos from Android Phone without Root?

To begin with, let's learn something about dr.fone.

dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android) is not a simple Android Photo Recovery software, that is capable of recovering all data on Android within few simple clicks, including photos, contacts, messages, Whatsapp messages & attachments, video, audio and documents. And it also provide users with a mode of SD Card Data Recovery, which will help Android users to scan and recover data from Android SD card without connecting your device to PC. What's more, this program also has lots of extentions, such as data backup & restore, screen lock remoal, and so on.

  • Auto root your deivce to access to Android memory and unroot it after the recovery.
  • Both Android SD card as well as internal storage of the Android device is compatible with this program.
  • Deal with any kind of lost data situation like rooting error, system crash, factory reset and much more.
  • Support more than 6000 Android device brands effortlessly.

Steps on Recovering Deleted Photos/Pictures from Android Phone or Tablet without Rooting

Step 1. Download and launch the dr.fone application

To start with, please download and launch the dr.fone application on your computer. Choose “Recover” from the main window and then connect your Android device to the computer.

Recover deleted data from android

Step 2: Select the recovery mode and file types

Then the dr.fone will display three options to recover the lost data on Android within the interface below, "Recover phone data", "Recover from SD card", "Recover from broken phone". Please choose “ Recover Phone data” and then select the "Gallery" type that you want to recover. After this, please tap on “Next” to move ahead.

Recover lost data from android phone

Step 3: Scan the deleted photo files

In this step, the iSkysoft toolbox will show you several scanning modes before recovery. You are able to select “scan for deleted files”, “Scan for all files” or try the "advanced Mode". Please choose “Scan for deleted files” to find deleted photos quickly and then tap on “Next” to continue the operation.

get back deleted files from samsung phone

After selecting a scanning mode, the application will analyze your Android phone or tablet and scan the deleted photo files on your Android device.

retrieve deleted data on android

Step 4: View and recover deleted photos on Android

When the scanning ends, you are able to view all photos on Android phone or tablet and can tap on “Only display deleted items” to find the deleted ones efficiently. After deleted data is found, you can preview and only select those you need, and hit on the “Recover” button for exporting them to your computer.

Now, It's Your Turn!

So that's how I'm recovering lost photos on an unrooted Android device.

Now, I wnat to turn it over to you: are you going to try the dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android) first?

Or are you going to keep looking for other ways to recover Android photos without root?

Please let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now or you can directly click the below button to take a free trial on dr.fone by yourself.

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