Top 5 Video Recovery for Android You Can't Miss 2019

A good performanced Android video recovery software can greatly improve working efficiency. So this post will show you 6 different video recovery for Android to meet your different needs.

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Recording small videos with smart phone at anytime anywhere is a tendency for people to keep these precious moments forever. However, you might accidentally delete videos on Android without a backup, then how to get them back?

Or is it possible to undelete videos on Android?

Obviously, the answer is YES, why?

Actually, when data losing happens more and more frequently on Android or other smart phones, the needs of data backup & restore become more urgent than before. So, lots of Android Data Recovery software or backup tools comes to the market to help you out of the trouble. But the key point here is that you need to pick up a reliable, professional yet efficient Android Video Recovery as your assistant.

Therefore, in order to help you make a right decison, recently we have done a survey and found that the performance of the Video Recovery for Android is differ. Here, we have collected and picked up 5 different tools for your reference. You can compare them and decide which one is better according to your own needs.

Best Android Video Recovery Software - iSkysoft Toolbox - Recover (Android)

Though there are many desktop applications, what everyone needs is software that can totally do the job in hassle and handle all sorts of files. For this reason, we recommend the iSkysoft Toolbox - Recover (Android) desktop software. It is by far the best software that can recover deleted or lost videos from android's internal and external memory well, and you can use it to recover other types of files from Android as you like, such as contacts, messages, photos, audio, and so on. It takes a few seconds for you to retrieve these lost data successfully.

Here are the main features of this powerful Video Recovery for Android that you must know:


iSkysoft Toolbox - Repair (iOS)

Best iPhone/iPad system recovery tool

  • Powerful Recovery Ability: It can conduct a deeply scanning on both internal and external SD card, and help you retrieve deleted videos from Android internal memory or SD card completely.
  • Easy to Use- Produce Better Results: It informs you what to do during the whole recovery process.
  • Handles All Data Loss Scenarios: Whether your videos lost due to virus attack, phone operating system crash or accidently deletion, iSkysoft Toolbox - Android Data Recovery will find the lost video and recover it immediately.
  • Select File Types to Scan: It allows to quickly scan the Android phone for missing videos only which can greatly save your time.
  • Quick, Efficient and Risk free: It's virus-free and never collect any of your data. It only scan and recover the data you need.
4,290,481 people have downloaded it

How to Recover Videos from Android with iSkysoft Toolbox - Recover (Android)?

iSkysoft Toolbox provide users with two different recovery modes: one is to recover videos from Android directly, the other is to recover Android videos from SD card. Now, let's to check the detailed steps one by one:

Mode 1 - Recover Deleted Videos on Android Directly

Step 1. Install iSkysoft Toolbox on your computer and connect your Android device to it.
Step 2. Enable the USB debugging on the phone and make your device is recognized by the program (Your device is required to be rooted).
Step 3. Select "Videos" option to let the program scan the deleted videos for you and click "Next" to wait for the end of the scanning.

best android video recovery software

Step 4. The program will scan and show your lost videos. Now select the videos that you want to recover and click on "Recover" button to recover videos on your computer.

how to recover deleted videos

Mode 2 - Retrieve Deleted Videos from SD Card

Step 1. Launch the program on your computer, then click "Recover" and select "Recover from SD card" mode.

recover videos from sd card

Step 2. Insert your phone's SD card to the computer via a Card Reader. When the card is detected, you need to choose the hard drive and click "Next" to scan.

choose the hard disk for scanning

Step 3. Select a scanning mode according to your own needs and you can click "Next" button to begin the scanning process.

choose the scanning mode

Step 4. Now, you can preview and tick the video files you wish to restore, then hit "Recover" button to save them on your computer.

preview and find back lost videos on external sd card

View the full guides on How to Recover Android Deleted Videos with iSkysoft Toolbox here if you still have problems about this Android video recovery process.

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2. Root Users' Undeleter Apps

To recover deleted videos on Android, Root User's Undeleter can help in recovering all kinds of deleted files such as document videos, photos, and more. It helps in recovery files lost not only in the external partitions but also in the internal partitions. After recovering, you will be able to upload them to any of your preferred cloud storages like dropbox, Google drive, etc. Just be aware that this application will need to be authenticated before the recovery process will start.



Ratings: 3.3 / 5

Price: $5

video recovery app for android

3. Dumpster Image and Video Restore

Dumpster is another image and video recovery applications you need as it can help to recover deleted videos on Android as well as images with no need for internet connection and root access. Also, this software supports files in most formats, such as MP3, audio, MP4, video, images and so on. It equally supports straight backup to Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud based storage.



Ratings: 4.1 / 5

Price: $30

recover deleted videos from android

4. DiskDigger Undelete

DiskDigger Undelete is another name you need to know when it comes to recovering files to android devices. It can undelete and recover lost videos and photos from both your memory cards and internal memory. You do not need to bother about rooting to recover files using this app. More so, the reason why you lost your files is of no essence whether you reformat your device you deleted your files accidentally, DiskDigger is capable enough to undelete and recover them. Also, you can equally recover files and even upload them straight to Google Drive and Dropbox or even send the files through email.



Ratings: 3.5 / 5

Price: Free

restore deleted videos on android

5. Android Data Recycle Bin

This is another Android video recovery application that can help to undelete videos, audio and even photos both in the external memory like SD Card and internal memory like system drive. Android Data Recycle Bin is equally well-matched with all Smartphone running on Android 2.3 or even the later versions. One nice thing you need to know about Android data recycle bin is there is no need for internet connection for either restoring or undeleting the files. Also this app can help to restore any file as quickly as possible.



Ratings: 3.0 / 5

android recover deleted video

Comparison: Which One is Your Choice?

After reading the above 5 video recovery for Android, do you have a clear mind about which one is better? Here, in order to help you make a decison, we have created a tablesheet to help you compare these 5 different programs at one time.

iSkysoft Toolbox - Recover (Android) Root Users' Undeletter Dumpster Image and Video Restore DiskDigger Undelete Android Data Recycle Bin
Recover deleted videos from internal memory and SD card toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios
Recover other media files on Android toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios
Restore contacts, SMS, call logs, Whatsapp, etc. toolkit-for-ios --- --- --- ---
Fast scanning speed toolkit-for-ios --- toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios
Upload Recovered Data to Cloud Space --- toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios ---
Concise UI Design & Easy to Use toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios toolkit-for-ios ---
7*24 Technical Support toolkit-for-ios --- --- ---
Price Free Download
$5 $30 Free Free



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