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Rooting android devices comes with very many benefits. Key among these benefits are the opportunity to enjoy more apps, easy customizing of the device, improved performance in terms of speed and automation of key functions of the device. Now let’s review top 5 one-click root software.

Android Data Recovery about one click root

1. dr.fone - Android Toolkit

dr.fone – Android Root is the best tool if you are looking for a tool to root your Android devices. This software is well designed to guarantee the success rate. Users can root an Android devices with one-click root.

• No matter what Android device is, it can work on more than 7000 Android models, including phones and tablets.
• It's a 100% secure rootig software tool
• The whole rooting process only take a few minutes
• It is risk free
How to root an Android device using dr.fone

iroot software

2. iRoot

There are very many one-click software programs for android rooting available but this one is undoubtedly the best you will ever come across. iRoot is easy and fast downloading and very few steps are involved in accomplishing the rooting exercise.

• It will allow you access to all blocked features
• Eliminates all annoying advertisements from apps
• Helps to boost performance of android devices
• It might not be able to remove all the junk files which will affect performance negatively

3. Kingoapp

Kingoapp is rated high among the best android apps for rooting. You will have it easy in installing it as well as using. It will all start with launching the android, run it and then follow the given setup instructions to complete rooting. That should not take too much of your time.

• It offers simple troubleshooting options in case your device fails to root
• There are tutorials to help new users on how to root with this software
• It’s secure

• You will lose the root after updating your device. But, you can choose not to flash system partition to maintain the root

root genius

4. Root Genius

If you have an android smartphone, Root Genius will be the ideal software for rooting. It has support for more than 10, 000 devices and you will not have to necessarily install to your PC. You will need to have it downloaded and then run to root.

• It makes good use of one-click rooting technique
• There will be no need to have the software installed
• It can root multiple devices
• Comes with full backup
• It cannot run on MAC or Linux PC
• It can be difficult reversing the rooting process once need arises

oneclick root

5. One Click Root

It can be hard convincing a person to use any software for android rooting but this one is self-convincing. One Click Root is user-friendly, comes with support for very many devices and has extra fail safes. That alone should inform your decision to use this program for android rooting.

• It has full technical support
• Removes bloatware. This will make sure there is enough free space available and that will increase the speed of devices.
• This software might fail and frustrate you when you least expect.

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