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In this article we will discuss 5 best ways to root Android without pc, but before that let’s understand the process of rooting in brief. Rooting will allow you to perform various functions over your Android smartphone. Basically this procedure of rooting Android without computer has been used by developers and phone enthusiasts’ alike, as this allows you to bypass restrictions set by Google over Android OS and modify your phone as you like. You can increase ram of your phone, shift apps to SD card, upgrade to latest Android version and much more just by rooting your Android phone. Besides rooting Android without computer is much easier than using a computer.

Part 1. Best 5 Ways to Root Android Without Computer(PC)

1. Framaroot

Framaroot is one of the most popular apps for rooting Android without computer. It allows one to root Android without pc or computer with just one click.

• It allows you to root with just 1 click.
• Works with a large number of devices from various companies such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola droid devices.

• Requires you to move the app to device storage and enable “unknown sources” in Android security options.

2. SuperSU Pro

SuperSU is another popular app for rooting which can be used to root Android without PC computer. It can also be used to allow or deny access to root to individual apps.

• Temporarily or completely uproot your phone
• Can be launched from dialler by pressing *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#*
• Paid app
• No Pin protection for app

3. Superuser

Superuser has almost the same features as SuperSU Pro just that this app comes with free pin lock which is not available in SuperSU pro. This is although a little bit heavier than SuperSU pro and uses more cpu power. With Superuser you can root Android without pc computer in a simple way.

• Superuser can handle multiple root requests at the same time from different apps
• Developer updates this on a regular basis so with each newer version bugs are reduced

• Requires more cpu power as compared to other apps. So, may be not suitable for outdated smartphones or those with low power cpu’s

4. Superuser X [L]

Superuser X [L] is another app for rooting Android without a pc computer. This app has quite a large number of users but it is restricted to developer and experienced user community as this will require a good amount of understanding of how the root process actually works.

As compared to our earlier apps this is the preferred choice of developers for rooting their Android phone but is not recommended for new users.

• Can be used even if application is uninstalled
• You can remove the app for saving space once binary files are installed
• Not for average users without sufficient technical knowledge
• Can break your phone if you use this app in incorrect way
• Works only for Android devices based on ARM processor
• Uses a command line interface instead of a graphic one. So, if you don’t have prior knowledge of how to use command line then this will not work for you


5. Towelroot

Towelroot is another app which can be used for rooting your Android phone without pc computer. Towelroot created a storm when it became the first app to root various devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 which were previously impossible to root.

Even the developer won a $20000 award announced for the person who will be able to root S3.

• Able to root almost all known Android phones
• Easy to install
• None has been reported yet

Although it’s possible to root Android without computer(PC), but it still has it’s own risks associated such as loss of contacts, messages, photos and other data during rooting your Android. So it’s advisable to use a computer based program which can provide you a better way to manage the whole process of rooting your Android phone. iSkysoft Android Data Recovery, even though you lost data, it can help you to recover it.

Part 2. The Fastest and Saftest way to root Android

One of the most popular and successful program in this category is the dr.fone – Android Toolkit which is used by Android enthusiasts globally as it can perform multiple functions simultaneously. It supports practically almost every Android Smartphone and Tablet. It can support upward of 6000 Android devices.

android root

Key features:

  • User friendly interface
  • 1 click root without any risk
  • Easily recover or restore data lost before or after rooting in a hassle free manner
  • Fast process for rooting or restoring data
  • 100% safe and secure

How to Recover Data using dr.fone - Android Toolkit

Step 1. Connect Device and Enable USB Debugging

Run dr.fone - Android Toolkit. Connect your Android device with computer, then you must enable USB debugging in your Android. If you don't know how to do this, just follow the instruction showed in the programme.

Step 2. Rooting Android Device

After the software detected the device, click on the Root Now and Confirm the process. It will start rooting.

Step 3. Done

It will keep you waiting for very few time before it completes the process. When you get the interface like this, it means you have a rooted Android phone! Congratulate!

Each and every method mentioned above has some pros and cons but if you are interested in saving your data or recovering any lost data then iskysoft will be the obvious choice for you as it has far better options as compared to other 1 click root smartphone only devices. Especially it’s advanced data recovery option gives it a significant advantage over other methods.

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