Transfer Videos from Mac to Android Can Never be Easier

When looking to transfer videos from MAC to Android, you’ve got several options, but here are 5 great methods, including one that ensures your videos are transferred in a supported format.

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If you’re looking to transfer videos from MAC to Android devices, first thing to know is that the task is not easy if you do not use the right software. And in order to select the right software to copy videos from MAC to Android, you need to first decide if that’s the only thing you wish to do, or you may also, just like many Android and MAC users want to unbox a myriad other premium features such as cross platform transfers.

Before you import videos from MAC to Android, there is one big aspect to keep in mind – these are two totally different OS platforms, so the video quality and format may not be supported by the receiving platform. With that said, we’ve listed several options that can help you move movies from MAC to Android, including one that can help you a lot more.

Part 1. Transfer Multiple or Selected Videos from Mac to Android with dr.fone

Whether you want to transfer a single video file or a bunch of videos to your Android device, trust that dr.fone can get the job done right. Billed as the easiest way to transfer videos from MAC to Android, iSkysoft offers a no-fuss experience, and comes with a wide range of premium features that prove extremely handy for both MAC and Android users.

Before revealing the notable features of dr.fone, you should know that this software is compatible with all leading smartphone brands including Samsung, LG, Motorola and Oppo, so regardless of what brand you have, it will work well for you. Further, iSkysoft is compatible with several operating systems including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and macOS 10.14 (Mojave), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), etc.

Transfer photos in batches – when transferring many videos and photos in one go, you should already go, you probably already know that this can be a tedious process. But is easy-peasy with iSkysoft thanks to its ability to sync videos from MAC to PC in large batches and with just one clicks. Here’s how the process works.

Step 1 Once you have downloaded and installed iSkysoft on your MAC, launch the application and connect your Android phone to your computer.


Step 2 Next, select the files you wish to transfer to your Android device.


Step 3 And lastly, sit back and relax while iSkysoft transfers the files successfully to your Android device.


dr.fone - Phone Manager(Android)

1-Click to Transfer Files between Android and Computer

  • Transfer files back and forth – one of the other key features of iSkysoft is that you can use this software to files from iTunes to Android phones and tablets, from computer whether MAC or PC to Android phones and tablets and even from Android phones and tablets to Android phones and tablets.
  • Android file explorer – have you ever wanted to use your flash drive on your MAC? Well, with iSkysoft you can, and then not only use your device as a USB drive but also manage the files on the device by browsing, copying and deleting each and every one.
  • Cross platform transfer – if you have media on your Android that you wish to transfer to MAC or PC or vice versa, you can with iSkysoft’s phone to phone feature that allows you to transfer several different types of files including videos, music, playlists, photos and much more.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Part 2. Move Videos from Mac to Android by Android File Transfer

Developed by Google, Android File transfer is an app that allows you to transfer files between your MAC computer and Android device. It supports macOS 10.7, and newer OS versions, and here’s how to sync videos from MAC to Android with Android File Transfer.


Step 1 Start by downloading Android File Transfer on your MAC computer.

Step 2 Next, connect your Android device with your MAC computer using an appropriate USB cable.

Step 3 Turn on your phone screen and unlock the device.

Step 4 Once you see the USB notification, tap on it and select "Transfer files" or "File transfer.”

Step 5 The Android File Transfer program should now automatically open up on your MAC.

Step 6 To end this rather lengthy process, you now select the content you wish to transfer to your Android device and then confirm your selection.

Step 7 The files you have selected to be transferred will now be moved over to your Android device.

Part 3. Save Videos from Mac to Android via Image Capture


Image Capture is another great way to export videos from MAC to Android, and comes with a no frills, easy to use interface. Get started by:

Step 1 Connecting your Android device to you MAC computer with the right USB cable.

Step 2 The Image Capture utility is generally found in the /Applications/ folder, so locate and then fire it up.

Step 3 If your device is connected properly with your MAC computer, you should see the name of your Android phone listed in the Devices list on the left hand side.


Step 4 You will now have the option to select the destination to transfer the photos and media files. Even though you do not have to select this option at this point, it is highly recommended that you do to ensure your files are transferred to the right location and are easy to access.

Step 5 Once you’ve selected the images you want to transfer to your Android device, click the Import All button or Import if you are just selecting a few pictures and then confirm your selection.

Part 4. Copy Videos from Mac to Android through Google Photos

Google Photos is basically storage and sharing service developed by Google, and one you can use to get videos from MAC to Android. Take note that that this process to export media from MAC to Android can be time consuming and dauting as it requires to upload the media and then download the same files on your Android device.


Step 1 Once you’ve signed up for Google Photos, you will either have to download and install the utility on your MAC computer or you can access it from your MAC browser.

Step 2 Either way you choose, start by uploading the videos and other files to a folder in Google Drive. The upload process may take a bit longer depending on the speed of your connection and the number of files you would like to upload.

Step 3 After you’ve uploaded the files, open the respective folder in Google Drive, and check to see that the files are present.

Step 4 Lastly, open up the Google Photos app on your Android device, locate the files you just uploaded from your MAC computer, and then download then on your Android smartphone.

Part 5. Dropbox

Similar to Google Photos, Dropbox is a file hosting service that you can use to upload files to, and then download them on your Android smartphone. For this to work, you will need to sign up for Dropbox and have access to it through the website or app on MAC and through app on your Android smartphone.


Step 1 Open Dropbox on your MAC, and then create a folder where you’d like to upload the media files.

Step 2 Open that folder and then upload the files you would like to sync with your Android phone.

Step 3 Just like Google Photos, you now have to wait for the files to sync with your Dropbox folder. Once synced, open the folder to ensure the files are present.

Step 4 Assuming that you have already downloaded the Dropbox app on your Android smartphone, open it up and locate the folder that contains the videos you uploaded from your MAC computer.

Step 5 Once located, click on the ones or select all of them and then download them to your Android device.

Final thoughts:

If you’re wondering how can I transfer videos from MAC to Android, you are now aware of several different ways to do so. iSkysoft with its long list of premium features is undoubtedly the best way to export videos from MAC to Android, and with just one click. You can however try the other ways mentioned in this list, but great chances are that you will be left disappointed either due to the lengthy process or unsupported formats when then files are received on your Android smartphone.

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