How to Unlock Screen Rotation on iPhone/Android

This article intends to provide efficient solutions that would guides users on how to unlock screen rotation across a variety of devices.

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Smartphones have been designed to promote portability and efficiency in utility. Improvements in the basic structures of smartphones are being taken into a precedence for a decade. The world is being introduced to features and methods that promote utility and efficacy, making the use of smartphones common throughout the globe.

Screen Rotation is considered among the most common feature of any smartphone, yet it holds importance in managing different conditions within the smartphone. Screen rotation is believed to make the orientations persuasive to allow users to manage their documents and windows with ease.

The basic purpose of having screen rotation enabled is to enhance the process of going through a document. However, while using a device, people complain of having issues managing the screen. It has been reported that the screen does not rotate in various circumstances.

For that, this article intends to provide efficient solutions that would guides users on how to unlock screen rotation across a variety of devices.

Part 1: What Causes the Locked Screen Rotation Issue

There are no particular reasons that become the mantle of the locked screen rotation. However, at times people do forget lodging into the settings and changing their locked screen rotation options. This makes it difficult for them to go through different windows across different applications, leading to the applications not working properly.

Part 2: How to Unlock Screen Rotation on the iPhone/iPad

The issues relating to screen rotation are quite simple and straightforward. In most reported cases, the remedies to these issues are easy to carry and execute.

iPhone and iPad usually fail to recognize the simplicity in the problem, for which this part considers discussing the matters that would allow you to understand how to unlock screen rotation on an iPhone or an iPad. There are several scenarios that are undertaken while discussing Apple users, which are described as follows.

1. Turn Off Orientation Lock on iPhone

Locked Screen rotation is among the most common mistakes that can be mentioned while discussing the basic ways to unlock screen rotation on an Apple Device.

It is quite prevalent among users to forget the status of the screen rotation, which leaves them with a condition where they cannot rotate their screen upon discretion. However, you can simply check this issue by opening the Control Center on your device and checking whether the screen rotation lock button is enabled or disabled.

turn pff orientation lock on iphone

2. Restart the Application

At times, the problem never resides across the device. You might have fulfilled all settings and protocols to unlock screen rotation across your Apple Device. Regardless of these facts, the application that you might be running on your phone would not rotate when desired. For that, you can simply restart the application.

3. Restart the iPhone/iPad

In some circumstances, the application might not be the reason of the problem related to screening rotation. With all the settings enabled and unlocked, the device might not respond correctly to this. For this, you can check the screen rotation across any application. If it deliberately fails to occur, you can simply restart your device.

4. Disable Display Zoom

Many iPhone and iPad users consider using the Display Zoom feature to enhance the visibility of the applications on the main screen. This feature, however, is considered to interfere with the screen rotation. Over the question of solving the matter of how to unlock screen orientation on the iPhone, you can simply consider disabling the Display Zoom feature. It can be recognized from the decreased size of the icons on the screen.

disable display zoom

Part 3: How to Unlock Screen Orientation on an Android Device

The problem relating to screen rotation resides within Android devices, similar to what this part has discussed within iPhones and iPads.

Many Android users have complained about the faulty screen rotation feature within their devices, which can be evaluated and redeemed through a series of effective and effortless methods. This part focuses on providing a guide on how to unlock screen rotation on an Android device by the following mechanisms.

1. Rotate Screen from Portrait to Landscape

Step 1 Swipe down the screen to change the settings of the orientation from the option representing "Auto Rotate." By tapping on the icon and enabling "Auto Rotate," you can propagate around the orientations as you wish to.

enable the option of auto rotate

Step 2You can select "Portrait" or "Landscape" in the quick settings option and lock the screen to the specific orientation.

2. Tap the Rotate Button on Navigation Bar

Step 1 You need to swipe down on the main screen to open the Quick Panel. Tap on the option of "Portrait" or "Landscape" to open a new screen. The option should not be in the "Auto Rotate" mode.

Step 2You need to turn on the option of "Rotate Button on Navigation Bar" through the toggle. An icon will be placed on the screen.

rotate button on the screen

Part 4: Can I Unlock Display Rotation in Windows 10?

The problem that relates to screen rotation is not confined to smartphones and tablets. Users have reported issues and discrepancies with display rotation across their desktops. Since the desktops are updated to the latest Windows 10, in most cases, you can follow a series of different steps that guide you on how to unlock screen orientation on Windows 10.

1. Turn On or Off the Screen Rotation Lock using Keyboard Shortcut

There are several remedies to the issue with screen rotation; however, these remedies range from the simplest mechanisms to the most strenuous. You can effectively use the keyboard shortcut combination of "Win" + "O" to toggle on and off the screen rotation lock in Windows 10.

2. Manage Screen Rotation Lock in Action Center

As stated before in the article, the issue pertaining to the screen rotation lock is usually executed by mistake. However, the matter can be resolved by tapping into the Action Center. To understand the procedure relating to the complete process of unlocking screen rotation through the Action Center, you need to follow the steps defined as follows.

Step 1 Follow the combination of "Windows Key" + "A" to open the Windows Action Center.

Step 2 Tap on "Expand" and turn off the option of "Rotation Lock" from the list. You can counter-check the successful execution by altering the orientation of the device.

manage screen rotation

3. Change the Screen Rotation Lock in Settings

Step 1 Open the "Settings" of your desktop and tap on the option of "System" in the list to open a new window.

Step 2 After navigating through the left side of the panel and opening the "Display" section, you can turn off the "Rotation Lock" from the list on the right.

manage screen rotation

Part 5: Is There a Solution to Unlock the Screen for All Kinds of Devices?

While understanding the prevailing methods that provide a guide on how to unlock screen rotation across a variety of devices, this article focuses on discussing another matter at hand. It has been observed that people usually complain about forgetting their screen lock, leaving their phone unattended and useless until unlocked from its root.

The market has come across many mechanisms that might solve such an issue; however, the majority never promised on saving the data present across the device.

In such cases, this article intends to introduce you to a platform known as Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (Android) that issues remedies for all Android devices along with keeping their data safe and secure in the process. Before understanding the method to unlock your screen using this platform, you need to get ahold of a few facts that make Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock the best in the business.


dr.fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

Unlock All Types of Android Device in One-Click

  • It provides screen unlock solutions across the four major screen lock types, including pattern, PIN, password, and fingerprints.
  • There is no data loss across your Android device.
  • A very intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Compatible across all Android smartphones.
2,985,172 people have downloaded it

Step1. Download and Install

You need to have the software downloaded and installed on your desktop. Following that, launch the application and tap on "Screen Unlock" in the list provided on the home window.

remove lock screen with iskysoft toolbox

Step2. Connect Device

You need to connect the device via USB connection and tap on the option of "Unlock Android Screen."

connect android phone to computer

Step3. Turn on Download Mode

After turning off your device, press the "Home," "Power," and "Volume Down" key for a while. Following this, press the "Volume Up" key to enter Download Mode.

boot in download mode

Step4. Execution of Process

The application detects and executes the process automatically.

android lock screen removed


This article has presented a detailed guide on how to unlock screen rotation on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows 10 to effectively aid the users in solving such simple issues that makes it strenuous for them to go through different applications and comprehend the information available without having the screen rotated. You need to go through these methods to get a good knowledge of the complete procedure.

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