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1. Backup Android Data+
  1. 1 Android Full Backup
  2. 2. Backup Android SMS
  3. 3. Backup Contacts on Android
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  6. 6. Backup Android to USB Drive
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  8. 8. Clone Android Phone
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  19. 19. Android SMS Backup Apps
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  21. 21. Old Facebook Messages
Backup Android to Cloud+
  1. 1. Backup Android to Dropbox
  2. 2. Backup Android to iCloud
  3. 3. Backup Android Contacts to Google
  4. 4. Backup Android to Google
  5. 5. Backup Android Contacts to Gmail
Backup Settings+
  1. 1. Backup Android Settings
  2. 2. Backup Android WiFi
  3. 3. Backup Android Stock ROM
  4. 4. Backup Android EFS Partition
  5. 5. Backup Samsung Galaxy S9/8/7
Restore Data+
  1. 1. Restore Contacts from Gmail
  2. 2. Backup & Restore Data to New Android
  3. 3. Backup & Restore Android MMS
  4. 4. Backup & Restore Apps with Google Drive
  5. 5. Restore Android Phones
  6. 6. Restore Android Calendar
  7. 7. Extract Data from Android Backup
  8. 8. Backup Samsung Galaxy S9/8/9
  1. 1. Alternative to Titanum Backup
  2. 2. Android Cloud Backup
  3. 3. Backup Android Online
  4. 4. Android Google Backup
  5. 5. Backup Android Photos with Google Photos
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Now, you might have known that data on Android or other smart phones are easier losing due to various reasons, then how to avoid these tragedy happens here and there?

Much of data on your Android phone or tablet can be backed up by Google automatically, but most people don't know what is being saved or what need to save. Actually, there are a lot of ways to perform backup from an Android phone to Google. But we found still lots of users don't know how to do it exactly.

In this post, we'll explain exactly what is Android Google backup and how to fully use Google back up your Android phone in details.

So that you can ensure your data is safe or you need to take steps to backup special data by yourself.

Now, let's drive right in...

What Can be Backed Up to Google?

Google backup is a built-in function on Android, which allows users to back up most types of data on your device. However, for some specific types of files, this Android backup service is also useless. So, figuring out which kinds of data is supported and which one is not will help you greatly reduce the risk of losing data without backup. For the unsupported files, you can backup them on your own.

Below is the supported list of Google backup service:

  • Microsoft files [Excel (.XLS and .XLSX), PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX), Word (.DOC and .DOCX), XML Paper Specification (.XPS)]
  • Archives (.GZIP folders, .RAR, .TAR, .ZIP)
  • Audio (MP3, MPEG, OGG, WAV)
  • Images (.BMP, .GIF, .JPEG, .PNG)
  • Markup/Code (.C, .CPP, .CSS, .H, .HPP, .HTML, .IS,.PHP)
  • Text files (.TXT)
  • Video (.3GPP, .AVI, .FLV, .MPEG4, .MPEGPS, .MOV, .OGG, .WebM .WMV)
  • Apps that were installed via Google Play will be backed up
  • Display settings (Sleep & Brightness)
  • Gmail settings
  • Google Calendar events and settings
  • Home screen wallpapers
  • Language and input settings
  • Third-party app data and settings
  • Wi-Fi networks and passwords
  • Home screen wallpapers

What Google Doesn't Back Up?

  • SMS Messages
  • Google Authenticator Data
  • Custom Settings, Bluetooth Pairings, and Security Data

Therefore, please ensure these kinds of data have been backed up before giving up your device. (Learn how to backup text messages on Android>>)

Now, you have known which kinds of data can be backed up with Google, let's learn how to use backup Android with different Google backup service.

How to Easily Backup Data to Google Drive?

Step 1: Open Google Drive on your Android phone but prior to that make sure that your phone is connected to your cellular network or a Wi-Fi. After logging into your Google Drive account, tap the blue plus icon followed by "Upload". The blue plus icon can be seen at the lower right corner of the screen. computer and tap continue.

google drive backup android

Step 2: Now, you have to choose the files you want to back up, be it images, videos, audios or documents such as Excel, PDF, Word, PPT etc. On the top left corner, you will find three horizontal lines, hit on it and locate the desired files. Tap and hold them and click "Done". Google Drive now backs up the selected files to its cloud storage.

backup android phone to google drive

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How to Backup Data from Android to Google Mail (Gmail)?

Whenever you back up data from your Android to Google Mail, you have to follow a specific process. This process varies from device to device depending on their Android versions and UI. However, we have singled out some of the common steps as below.

Step 1: In your phone, go to "Settings" > "Backup & Reset" or "Backup and Restore" > "Backup my data".

backup android to google mail

Step 2: Go back to the Settings menu again to visit "Accounts". Select your Google Account now. A list of the items such as Contacts, Gmail, App Data, Calendar, Docs, Photos etc that can be synced with your Google Account are now displayed. All of these items can be backed up to your Google. So, ensure to toggle on next to every files types you want a backup of.

backup android to gmail

Step 3: Now, tap on the "three vertical dots" on top right of your screen and choose the "Sync now" option from the drop down menu.

sync data from android to gmail

How to Sync Data from Android to Google Cloud?

Step 1: First, you need to open the settings of your Android phone. And you will see an option of "Account", click on it.

google cloud backup for android

Step 2: To know that how to backup Android phone to Google cloud, you will see the list of accounts once you click on the "Account". You just need to select Google.

Step 3: After selecting Google, click on your Google account email address. Once you select your Google ID, you will see a number of things that you want to backup; you can enable or disable them. The things which are enabled to be stored in the Google Cloud.

how to backup android phone to google cloud

How to Restore Data from Google Backups?

Once an Android phone is configured with a Google account, you can easily restore Android from the Google backup available on your account.

IMPORTANT: A backup made on a higher Android version cannot be restored to a device with a lower version of Android.

Now, if you wish to restore the Google backup to your desired Android device follow the steps below.

Note: This process can only be performed on devices that are booting up for the first time, or after they've been factory reset.

Step 1: Start by normally setting up your Android device and then connecting it to a Wi-Fi network. The device will ask you to log into a Google Account. The account you log into should be the same you used to create a backup previously.

google backup and restore for android

Step 2: Hit "Accept" and log into your Google account. Next, follow the instructions on the screen.

login to your google account

Step 3: A list of the devices which were used to create a backup in the same Goggle account are now displayed. The list also shows you the last time you used those devices. You need to choose the appropriate device from which you want to restore the data in your current device. In case, you wish to restore the entire sections of apps and settings, simply click "Restore".

how do i restore my android phone from google backup

Step 4: To restore only some of the files, click the arrow next to "Restore all". Now choose the apps you want to restore and click "Restore", for restoring the selected apps and settings.

That was all about restoring Android from Google backup, you are now required to sit back and relax until the process completes.

Where does Google Store Android Backup? And How to Delete It?

Well, in this section we are going to equip you with the answer to the question above. Whenever we backup Android phone to Google, all your data is safely stored in an encrypted backup file over your Google Drive account. Here's how to access Android backup on Google.

Step 1: Launch the Google drive app on your Android and tap on the "3 horizontal bars", i.e. the Menu option.

Step 2: Now, scroll down the menu and choose the "Backups" option. Next, select the backup file of your choice which you wish to access.

Step 3: From the Backup section, tap "More or 3 vertical dots" next to the backup's name to select the backup you wish to delete. Then, hit on "Delete Backup".

delete android backup on google

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