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  1. 1. Backup Android Settings
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  8. 8. Backup Samsung Galaxy S9/8/9
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Backing up your Android mobile data is very crucial, as you can never rule out the risk of accidentally losing it. The best you can do to combat such a crisis is to backup data to SD card on Android. With ample ways for data backup with SD card on Android devices, you need to watch out for the most effective solutions and avoid any data alteration. There are desktop based software programs as well as Android apps to help you in this regard.

Well! You don’t have to worry. We are going to introduce you with the most feasible solutions for Android to SD card backup.

[Attention]: Sometimes you may find something important is deleted without any backup, then you can recover lost files from Android as you like.

Part 1: 3 Ways to Backup SD Card on Android to Computer

Here, we will feature the leading methods for making an Android SD card backup on your computer. This would not only keep your data safe but also enables you to restore it to any Android device in future. So, let’s go ahead and explore the programs and their features that enable you to perform backup of SD card on Android to your computer.

Method 1. Using dr.fone

For creating a backup of SD card (mounted on Android) to your computer, here is the best software to backup Android data. It just doesn’t overwrite old backup files on your computer, but also enables you to preview a backup file’s data before restoring. Let’s now explore some of the key features of this dr.fone – Android Data Backup & Restore.

  • The dr.fone supports the latest Android versions and works with more than 7000 Android devices.
  • It supports a wide variety of data types including apps, media files, messages, contacts, calendar, app data, call history, etc.
  • This tool promises ‘No’ overwriting of data or loss of vital content while backing up or restoring your data.
  • With this tool, you get the flexibility to backup and restore data selectively, which eventually saves a lot of time.
  • This one click solution helps you to preview and choose the preferred device’s data prior to backup/restore.

After going through the features, it’s the time to follow the step-by-step guide explaining how to perform Android SD card backup using your desktop via dr.fone - Android Data Backup & Restore.

Step 1: Get your Android phone connected
You need to install and launch dr.fone - Android Toolkit on your computer and then choose ‘Data Backup & Restore’ option from its main interface. Connect your Android device using a USB cable. Allow USB Debugging, in case prompted with a pop-up, by tapping the ‘OK’ button. Select the ‘Backup’ option, once your device is detected by the software.

android backup to usb

Step 2: Scan the Android phone
Your device data will get scanned and the interface will display all the transferable data types. Tap ‘Select All’ to back up the entire data (including backup of SD card data on Android) then tap ‘Backup’. Or else, you can choose any specific data type from the list and create a backup.

how to backup data to sd card android

Step 3: View the backup
The backup process begins soon after, and you need to keep your device connected throughout. After the process completes, you can then tap the ‘View the backup’ button to view the backup of Android to SD card saved on your computer.

backup to sd android

See how to use iSkysoft Androdi Data Backup & Restore tool to backup specific files from Android to Computer:

How to Backup Text Messages from Android to PC

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How to Sync App or App Data from Android to PC

Method 2. Manually Backup SD Card on Android Phone using USB Cable Connection

Well, dr.fone - Android Toolkit is a saver, when you think of Android data backup. Though, you can also use the manual backup process to back up your Android’s SD card data on your computer, there are lot of limitations with the manual backup method. Prior to carrying out Android SD card backup to your PC, ensure that you have scanned your computer with a powerful antivirus to prevent your mobile device from virus attacks.

Step 1: Connect your Android phone to your PC through a USB cable. Let the system detect your phone. Make sure to select ‘File Transfers’ under the ‘USB for…’ prompt in the notification area.

backup android to sd

Step 2: Now, launch ‘My Computer/This PC’ and double tap your Android phone icon to view both the internal storage and external storage drives.

android backup to sd card

Step 3: Open the SD card storage drive and here, select the desired data and copy it. Now, open the destination folder on your computer and paste the copied files.

backup to sd card android

Note: The major drawback with backing up data to SD card on Android via Manual Backup is you are restricted to transfer media files and documents only.

Method 3. Manually Backup SD Card on Android Phone using Android File Transfer

Next on the list we have, Android File Transfer tool to backup SD card data on Android to your Mac computer. This application from Google, transfers your data from an Android phone or tablet to a Mac system using an USB cable.

Step 1: You need to first download the Android File Transfer software on your Mac computer. Now, launch the downloaded file and drag it to the ‘Applications’ folder.

backup android to sd

Step 2: After installing the .dmg file, unlock your Android phone and then connect it to the Mac PC. Select ‘File Transfers’ under the ‘USB for…’ prompt in the notification area.

how to backup sd card android

Step 3: Lastly, from the Android File Transfer interface you can drag the SD card files from your phone and backup them on your PC. Hope this process must have helped you to backup Android to SD card to your Mac computer.

how to backup data to sd card android

Features dr.fone – Android Data Backup & Restore Manual Backup using USB Android File Transfer

Supported File Types

Contact, message, photo, music, video, call log, app, app data, etc Music, photo, video Limited data type is supported

Convenience of use

Easy Easy Hard

Time Efficiency

Fast Fast Time consuming

OS System Supported

Windows PC Windows (for iOS and Android), Mac (for iOS) Mac

Part 2: 4 Apps to Backup Android Data to SD Card

Apart from PC based programs mobile apps would help you to create Android SD card backup easily. We have compiled a list of such apps and their step by step process to backup data to SD card on Android.

1. Syncios App on Android

Using Syncios App, you can easily backup data to SD card on Android. The data types compatible for backup with this app are SMS, contacts, call logs, media files (photos, audios and videos), bookmarks, etc. With this app, you can also backup the device data to Dropbox and your computer as well. Here is the step-by-step guide to backup Android data to SD card through Syncios App.

Step 1: Install Syncios app on your Android device from Google Play Store and launch it. Now, right swipe your phone screen to get under the ‘Tools’ section and then click on ‘New Backup’ to initiate the backup process for your Android device data.

Step 2: From the onscreen list (SMS/Contacts/Call logs/Photo/Audio), select desired data type and tap ‘BACKUP TO’ on the top right corner of the screen. Choose ‘SD Card’ to continue the data backup process.

Note: You can’t backup Android Apps or App data and settings using this app.

backup to sd android

2. Super Backup & Restore

With Super Backup & Restore, you can backup data to SD card on Android, including apps, SMS, contacts, call logs, calendars, etc. but root access is mandatory to back up and restore app’s data. Backup to Gmail and Google Drive is also supported.

Step 1: Download and run this app on your mobile phone. Select desired file type (‘Apps’, ‘SMS’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Calendars’, etc.) which you want to create an Android SD card backup and navigate to the next screen.

Step 2: Choose ‘Backup’ button on the top. When prompted with a pop-up screen provide the backup folder path and tap ‘OK’.

Step 3: Now, from the list of data items (if you clicked ‘Apps’, then the list of apps will appear) select the desired ones, and then tap ‘Backup’. Your device data will be backed up to the SD card now.

backup android to sd

3. App / SMS / Contact - Backup & Restore

Using Auto Backup Restore – Transfer, you can batch backup and restore only the APK files to ‘Internal storage’ or ‘SD card storage’. Using this app, you can backup Android data to SD card and restore the following data types – contacts, apps, SMS, and call logs. The backup can be uploaded to and from Google Drive.

Step 1: Install Auto Backup Restore – Transfer on your Android device and run it. Click and select ‘Apps’ or ‘Personal’ from the drop down menu of the main screen, for taking data backup to SD card on Android.

Step 2: If chosen, ‘Apps’, select the desired apps in next screen, and tap the ‘Backup’ button underneath. The apps will be backed up to your Android SD card instantly.

Step 3: Likewise, choose ‘Personal’ and then select ‘Calls’, ‘Contacts’, or ‘SMS’ to back it up to your SD card, and tap the ‘Backup’ button to continue.

backup android to sd

4. My Backup

Last on the list of today’s post, My Backup is another easy to use alternative with which you can backup data to SD card on Android. Using this app, you can backup APKs and related data, only with root access enabled. Though, you can create an Android SD card backup, using this app, the requirement of root access makes your device vulnerable to data loss and damage.

Step 1: Install and launch ‘My Backup’ app on your Android device. On the main screen tap on ‘New Backup’ option and then on the pop-up screen tap ‘Application & Media’ or ‘Data’.

backup android to sd

Step 2: On the next screen, select ‘Local’ to perform Android SD card backup. The list of data types to create an Android SD card backup will be visible here. Pick the desired ones from the list and tap ‘OK’.

Note: Follow the same process to backup ‘Application & Media’ data.

backup to sd card android

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