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Aug 20,2018 • Filed to: Backup Android • Proven solutions

Everyone loves to have a new Smartphone in their hand. The main problem that all new phone buyers face is how to get the data that is available on their old device to the new phone. If you are moving from a low version of the Android phone to the upgraded version of the Android phone, then there are tools on offer online that you can use to easily transfer all the contents from your old Android phone to the new Android device. This type of transfer of all files from one Android device to the other is commonly referred to as clone Android phone.

What does clone phone refer to?

The clone phone is nothing but to make a copy of the entire data from one phone to the other phone. The reasons to clone the Android phones might differ from person to person:

- You might want to keep track of the activities of the phones of your teenage kids or employees or your partner;

- Another reason to clone Android phone would be that you are going to change from an old Android phone to a new Android device and you do not want to miss all the important data and files on your phone. There is a chance for the data in the Android phone to get lost in seconds.

- ...

This is why it is very important to find a cloning tool that also offers the option of clone Android phone back up so that no data is lost during the transfer.

In this post, you can learn 5 different ways to clone Android phone to PC or other security places. You can check these methods one by one as followings:

iSkysoft Phone Transfer - How to Clone A Phone with 1 Click?

The iSkysoft phone transfer is the best software you can use to carry out phone to phone transfer. It will help in easily and quickly transferring your apps, messages, videos, photos, music, messages, etc., from your old Android phone to the latest Android phone or iPhone you have purchased. This tool also offers the ability to clone Android phone to PC in just one click. There will be no loss of any file or data that you back up from the phone to the PC. The files will also not get lost when you carry out the transfer from the PC to the new Android phone using the software.

Step by Step Process of Using iSkysoft Phone Cloner to Clone Android Phones:

Step 1: Download, install and launch this phone cloner on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, choose the "Phone to Phone transfer" option and click on it.

best android cloner software

Step 2: Connect both the old and the new Android phones to the PC or the laptop. You should be using a computer or laptop that has more than two USB connectors to connect both the handsets at the same time. (If you need to clone Android to iPhone, just connect the target iPhone to the USB cable and continue the following steps.)

Step 3: When the devices are recognized by the program, you'll see both the phones along with the source phone information. There will be a box shown in between the two phones where you can choose the data that you would like to transfer from the source to the destination device. As you are looking to clone Android phone in full, you need to choose all options.

Step 4: After this, you just need to click on the "Start Copy" button to initiate the transfer of data from the old phone to the new one. Once the transfer is complete, you can remove the phones from the PC.

transfer data from android to android or iphone

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SHAREit is a very popular app used on Android devices that help in the very quick transfer of files and photos from one phone to the other. It has over 700 million users and offers wireless transfer of data at lightning speed. With it, there is no need to use the Bluetooth option to transfer files from one device to the other if you have SHAREit installed on both the devices. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store.

Now, let's check the detailed steps as follows:

[Update] If SHAREit is not available on both the devices, then it has to be first downloaded and installed on both the devices.

Step 1. Open the app on the old Android or the source Android device and then tap on the "Send" option. You will be asked to choose the files that you would like to transfer. Choose the necessary files and then tap on the Next option.

share android files with other

Step 2. It is important to open the SHAREit app on the receiver's device as well. The target Android device should be brought closer to the source device. Once you spot the availability of the receiver's device on your source device, you need to mark the receiving device.

Step 3. Now, the files from the source phone will be transferred to the receiver phone.

clone data from android to android

Note: It is important that both the phones are securely connected to the Wi-Fi option or hotspot to send and receive the files.


CLONEit is another popular app that you can use to easily clone Android phone. There will be no loss of the quality of the items that you transfer between the phones using the CLONEit app. There is no need to depend on any cables and wait for a long time to transfer the contents of your old Android phone to a new Android phone. This app will start a private hotspot to send and receive data between the phones. CLONEit can create Android phone backup and transfer the content from one device to another in 12 different types of mobile data.

Here are some tips for using CLONEit to migrate data from Android to another device:

- This app need be downloaded and installed on both the source and the destination device.

- The source Android phone must be chosen as the "Sender" device and the destination Android phone should be chosen as the "Receiver" device.

connect android devices to wifi

- The devices be connected to the internet through a secure Wi-Fi connection as this will help in quick cloning of the Android phone.

- Once the sender and the receiver are chosen, you need to tap on the Ok button when prompted to enable the connectivity between the devices.

connect to private wifi

Then, you can follow the onscreen instructions to clone Android phone to other devices easily.

Google Drive

Google drive is an app that allows you to store data in the cloud. It can be used as the clone Android phone backup to create a backup of all the data you have in your old Android phone. You can use the Google drive to transfer data from old Android phone to new one.

Step 1. Open your old Android phone and visit the Settings option. Scroll to choose the Backup and Reset option. Turn this option ON to create a backup of your data.

backup android data to google drive

Step 2. After the backup data is fully stored in the Google Drive, you should switch on the new Android phone to carry out the setup.

Step 3. Log in to the Google account on the phone using the credentials. Be sure that the Google account is linked to the same old account you used in your old Android phone.

login to google account on new device

Step 4. The device will automatically sync to the Google account once your sign in is successful and the backup files will be seen on the new device. Choose the latest backup file and tap on the restore option to clone Android phone to the new device.

restore backups to new android

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Phone Clone

This is a new app that is designed to help transfer data from one Android phone to the other wirelessly. There is no need to set up multiple Google accounts in the new phone to transfer old files. This app offers a user-friendly interface and the transfer of data takes place instantly.

Step 1. Download and install Phone Clone on the old and new Android phones and open the app on both the phones.

Step 2. Choose the old phone as the sender and the new phone should be marked as the receiver. Now, your phone will turn into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

download and install android clone app on device

Step 3. The sender device will be looking for Wi-Fi networks and establish a connection with the sender phone by choosing the newly created Wi-Fi hotspot on the sender device.

wifi settings on old android

Step 4. Once the secure connection between the two devices is established, you get to the clone Android phone by choosing the data on the source device. Then choose the "Send" option to transfer the data from the old phone to the new phone.

send data to new android

How to Find Out if Your Phone is Cloned or Not?

The security of your mobile phone is always with the threat. There is always a possibility that your phone is cloned. This way all the important data and information you have on your phone can be accessed by fraudsters. The following are some of the ways to know if your Android device is cloned or not.

1. Low battery capacity

If you experience battery draining on the phone to be quicker than normal, then your phone might be bugged. If your phone is cloned, then the activities of your phone are getting recorded and sent to a third party. This will result in excess battery usage and it drains off quickly.

2. Check the specification of the phone using third-party app

Go to the Google Play Store on your phone and then look for the Antutu Benchmark App. Download and install this app on your phone. This software will be able to test the speed of the handset and also show the specifications of your phone and its name. If the manufacturer's name displayed on the screen is different from what you are holding, then your device is cloned.

3. Unable to make or receive calls

It is important to take note of the times when you are not able to make or receive calls on your Android phone. If the Android phone is cloning at the same time, then you might get a message stating that the mobile number is already in use. This is a sign that your Android phone is cloned.

Some other signs that your phone is cloned:

  • If there are clicking sounds or distant voices or static voices that you hear on your phone when making conversations, and then you should be worried that your phone is cloned.
  • If the phone shows unusual behavior like screen lighting up when not in use or you see an automatic reboot, then it is possible that your phone is under cloning.
  • If you have pressed the shutdown button and your phone takes a longer time to shut off than normal, then it might be a victim of cloning.

How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from Cloning without Permission?

If you suspect that your Android phone is being hacked or if there is some unfair play, then you can check it by following a simple procedure. Here, you should make use of the Google "Find My Phone" feature to find out the location of the phone. If Google is not showing the same location where you are and are showing some other location, then you can be sure that your phone is hacked.

The following are some of the tips you can follow to prevent your Android phone from getting cloned and to prevent anyone from accessing the phone without permission.

  • Keeping the phone with you and not allowing any other person to have access your phone is a way to prevent it from getting cloned.
  • Securing the phone with a special PIN that cannot be easily traced or with a biometric lock is one way to not worry about clone Android phone backup.
  • It is very important to not install any of the unauthorized apps on your phone as it can easily make way for the clone Android phone.
  • Using a security app can prevent the phone from hacking.
  • It is important that you clear the cookies, cache and the browsing history of your phone every week or regularly so that no one can gain access to what you do online and where all you visit.
  • Turning off the Wi-Fi when you are not accessing the internet and also keeping the Bluetooth off when not in use will prevent easy third-party access to your phone.
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