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Sometimes, the moment arrives when you go through some issues regarding software in your Android device and you come up with a solution of performing factory reset in your device. But before taking this move, you are always warned by your handset that all the data will be erased. By performing factory reset in your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge or any other Android device, you are basically sending your device into its earlier condition when you bought it i.e. the device will not be having any of your data in it. If you read further, you will be getting familiar with how you can factory reset Samsung S7/S7 Edge without losing data. It’s no wonder if I say that you should backup your data. Following are some useful tips and methods given, by which you can backup your data and bring the fear of data loss to an end.

Part 1: 3 Methods to Backup Data on Samsung S7/S7 Edge before Factory Reset

1. Backup using dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android)

Backup with dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android) is the best method among others. Its fabulous features minus cons makes it the most recommended way to backup data on Samsung S7/S7 Edge. By using this software, you are able to one click backup your data. It’s safe and easy to use and helps you backup with some effortless steps. In addition, it has higher success rate with millions of trusted users.

Features of dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android)

  • This software has the capability of supporting all Android device models.
  • It supports multiple file types that you can backup such as contacts, audio, gallery, video, messages, calendar, call history, application, application data.
  • This flawless software is also capable of restoring data to other Android devices.
  • The software’s another helpful feature includes no replacement of old files to new ones.
  • You also get the advantage to preview the data prior to restore.
  • It is recommended to backup the data if you want to factory reset Samsung S7 without losing data.

Step Guide to use dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android)

Step 1: Launch the software and connect Samsung Galaxy to computer

Begin by installing dr.fone and launch it on the computer. Please click on “Data Backup & Restore” now. Connect Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge to the computer. After the device connected, choose “Backup”. The "View Backup History" allows you to read the backup files and restore when you come to it next time.

how to backup samsung s7

Step 2: Select the data

The software will initiate to scan data and display them. Choose the data by clicking on each file or click on “Select all” to backup all the data. Subsequently, click “Backup”.

samsung galaxy s7 data backup

Step 3: Preview the backup data

You have to wait for sometime if your data is large sized. After it’s done, click on “View the Backup” to preview your data. Now since you have backed up the previous data on your Samsung S7, you have no worries to reset your S7!

samsung s7 data backup software

Let’s know how to restore your data after you factory reset Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Step 1: Launch the software and connect Samsung Galaxy to computer after factory reset

Launch dr.fone to initiate the process. Click on the “Data Backup & Restore” from the window that comes. With the help of USB cable, connect Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge to the computer. Choose “Restore” and it will present backup files. Make sure to click dropdown menu to select backup files to be restored as you will get to see the latest backup files.

how to backup samsung s7

Step 2: Restore your files

After selecting the files you wish to restore, click on the bottom right corner which says “Restore”. When the process comes to end, you will see “Restoring has been completed!” on the window.

samsung galaxy s7 data backup

2. Transferring the Data to SD card

Moving your data from internal storage to SD card is another method to help you factory reset Samsung S7 without losing date. This way you can save your data from losing since factory reset doesn’t erase SD card’s data. On the other hand, here is the downside; you can only backup your pictures and videos following this method. Some of the apps can trouble you transferring to SD card as they are required to remain in the internal storage. Well, still you want your apps, photos and videos to backup, below are the steps to transfer data in to SD card.

Step 1. Make sure to install an SD card in the Samsung S7 or S7 Edge.

Step 2. Open the menu and head to “My Files / File Storage”. Tap on “My Files”.

Step 3. Tap on “Device Storage”. Select the files you want to move.

backup samsung s7

Step 4. Hold the folder or an item to be moved. Now tap “Menu” button on the bottom left hand corner of your touch buttons. Tap on “Move”.

Step 5. Select “SD Card”. Select the folder in which you want the files to be transferred. Now tap “PASTE HERE” and you are done.

backup samsung s7

3. Backup using Samsung Cloud

You can also backup data on Samsung S7/S7 Edge via Samsung Cloud. In this cloud service, you get free storage of 15GB. In other words, you are allowed to backup up to 15GB. The steps are:

Step 1. Tap on “Apps” from home screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Step 2. Tap on “Settings” and scroll down. You will discover “Cloud and account” option. Tap on it and go to “Samsung Cloud”.

Step 3.Sign in to your Samsung account and tap on toggle buttons beside every single item you need to backup. Now hit “Backup my data” to backup more items.

Step 4. Tap “MORE” or 3 vertical dots on upper right hand corner and click on “Sync now”.

backup samsung s7

Part 2: Troubleshooting for Losing Data after Factory Reset

Have you performed factory reset Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge without backing up and it has erased all your data? Now you are worried and not able to figure out what to do. Relax! Try dr.fone - Android Data Recovery to recover your lost data after factory reset. It’s the best and highly recommended software to recover data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.

Features of dr.fone – Android Data Recovery

  • This software is able to deal with all situations of data store. For instance, no matter you lost your data because of accidental deletion, factory reset or software malfunction, this software can help you get back your data.
  • You can get back your files from both internal and external memory.
  • This software helps you to retrieve more than 20 file types like photos, contacts, texts, audio, WhatsApp, documents, etc.
  • It can work with more than 6000 Android devices.
  • You can also preview and recover data after the finishing of scanning process.

Click here to see how it works!

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