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"How do I backup my iPhone contacts to my computer?"
"How do you backup contacts on an iPhone?"

The phone numbers on your iPhone are very important contacts that we all need at one point or the other. When you lose such phone numbers, you lose a very big part of your communication base. This is why, backing up those contacts and saving those to avoid any future loss has become more than essential.

If you want to know how to backup iPhone contacts quickly, make sure to read the rest of the article!

[Update] If you also own a device that is running on Android OS, then you might also wish to know how to Backup Android Contacts.

Method 1: The Flexibly Way to Backup iPhone Contacts to Mac or Windows Computer

The most effective way to backup iPhone contacts to computer is to use dr.fone - iOS Data Backup & Restore. It’s a very powerful backup and restore tool for iOS device data that offers many powerful features. One of those features is it lets all the users to preview the backup and also it can help in selective backup which is the best part. With the help of dr.fone, you can easily learn how to backup iPhone contacts to Macbook Pro or Windows computer since it supports both. It offers the users a facility to export the data as .html, .csv and vCard files. Almost all the iOS devices are supported with this program.

  • This is a one-click ‘backup and restore’ tool implying that the process can be executed in a single click.
  • You can select the data you prefer to backup or restore with the help of this program. In other words, you can backup only contacts on iPhone to computer.
  • Most importantly, this software allows you to preview the data once you make the backup or restore back to iPhone.
  • The contacts that you have backed up with this software are printable.
  • Not just contacts, a lot more types of data are supported with dr.fone like photos, messages, notes, call history, WhatsApp attachments, etc.
  • Not just contacts, a lot more types of data are supported with dr.fone like photos, messages, notes, call history, WhatsApp attachments, etc.
  • It supports iPhone X/8 (Plus)/ 7 (Plus)/SE/6s (Plus)/6(Plus)/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3G

How to backup iPhone contacts to PC via dr.fone – iOS Data Backup & Restore

Step 1. Run dr.fone

Download the software in your respective computer and install it. Launch it afterwards and plug the iPhone to your PC using a USB cable. Now, click on “Data Backup & Restore” from main interface.

backup iphone contacts to computer

Step 2: Choose the Preferred Files

All your iOS file types will appear on the next screen as soon as your device will be detected by the software. And in this step, you are required to choose the preferred files you want to backup. In this case you need to choose “Contacts” from the given file types on the screen. Just click on “Backup” button after finishing selecting the data.

how to recover notes on iphone

Step 3: Backup iPhone Contacts to Computer

Your contacts will start getting backed up and within a while they will be saved securely. So, leave the rest on the software now and save you contacts for future. If you wish to restore only contacts from your iPhone backup, follow the steps below.

how to backup iphone contacts to computer

How to Get only Contacts from iPhone Backup with dr.fone – iOS Data Backup & Restore

Step 1. Run the Software

The process begins again by launching iSKysoft Toolbox – iOS Data Backup & Restore. After launching and then entering into the first screen, go to the “Data Backup & Restore” button.

Step 2: Choose the Backup File

Now, just hit on "To view the previous backup files>>" option which you will find at the bottom left side in a small font. After clicking on it, you are required to select the preferred iPhone backup file from which you wish to restore contacts only.

if i backup my iphone will it save my contacts

Step 3: Get the Contacts Back

After selecting the iPhone backup, click on “View” button at the right side on the bottom. Now, you will get all the files that you backed up previously. Choose “Contacts” from the list and check on the box beside it. Lastly, clicking on “Restore to Devices” will help you to get only contacts from iPhone backup.

how to backup only contacts on iphone

Method 2: How to Backup Contacts from iPhone to iTunes

The second method to backup contacts from iPhone is using iTunes. iTunes is the ideal method of which many iOS device users take help of.

(Note: Although backing up iPhone contacts with iTunes is a free way, it comes with disadvantages such as it doesn’t allow the users to backup selectively or you cannot preview the data once backed up. And it overwrites the previous backup files when you try to restore or make more backups with it. )

Step-by-step guide on how to backup contacts from iPhone to iTunes.

Step 1: Firstly, connect your iPhone to your PC and then open up iTunes.

Step 2: The iPhone will be positively detected by the iTunes. Now, from the main interface, click the device icon at the top.

Step 3: Navigate to the “Summary” tab and hit the button of “Back Up Now”. With this, all your iPhone data along with the contacts will start backing to the computer.

backup contacts from iphone to mac

Method 3: How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Google

Alternatively, you can choose the backup iPhone phone numbers to Google Accoount. Here is how to backup phone numbers on iPhone to Google.

Step 1: Open your iTunes account and then connect you iPhone. When the iPhone icon appears, click on “Info” and then look “Sync Contacts”. If it says that your contacts are being synced over iCloud, you should immediately stop it.

how to backup numbers on iphone

Step 2: Now go back to iTunes and then check “Sync Contacts with”. From the dropdown list, select Google Contacts and then sign in with your Google Account. Finally click on “Apply” and all your contacts will be saved to Google. That is how to backup numbers on iPhone via iTunes

how to backup numbers on iphone

NOTE: If you have iOS 7 or later, you can sync your contacts directly without having to log into your iTunes account. This is how to backup numbers on iPhone when using the latest iOS versions.

Go to “Settings” then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes” and then click on “Add Account” and then add your Gmail account. Let the “Contacts” setting remain on. This way, all your contacts will be sent to Gmail. Now you know how to backup phone numbers on iPhone to your iTunes, iCloud accounts or to your computer and also to Google.

backup numbers on iphone

Method 4: How to Backup Contacts from iPhone to iCloud

Step 1. Click the settings in the menu of your Apple ID to start and learn how to backup iPhone contacts to iCloud. Click on the Apple ID on top of the screen.

how to backup iphone 5 contacts to icloud

Step 2. On the next screen tap iCloud to proceed. Slide contacts to turn them on. Tap merge and it will make sure that the contacts has been merged to the iCloud storage and this completes the process in full.

backup iphone  contacts to icloud

Method 5: How to Backup iPhone Contact to Gmail

It is the fastest and the securest way to ensure that the contacts remain in a safe and secure location. The Gmail has a lot of storage and therefore the user never has to worry about the space. The contact files are very small in size and therefore they don’t take up much space. Storing these to Gmail will keep them safe and secure forever. The complete process that has to be followed has been mentioned as under to proceed effectively.

Step 1. Press settings in the iPhone menu. Tap Apple account on the top of the screen. Tap iCloud to enter iCloud settings. Enable contact sync to backup iPhone 5 contacts to Gmail.

backup iphone 5 contacts to gmail

Step 2. Login to iCloud through system. Click contacts icon to proceed to backup iPhone 5s contacts to Gmail.

backup iphone 5 contacts to gmail

Step 3. Hit CTRL + A on windows and CMD + A on Mac to select all the contacts. Click the settings icon on the bottom left: Click export VCARD file.

iphone 5 how to backup contacts

Step 4. Open the older version of Gmail by switching from the right menu and select import contacts from left menu.

how to backup iphone 5 contacts to gmail

Step 5. Click choose file and select the one that has just been downloaded to the system.

how to backup iphone 5s contacts

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