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“How to backup my iPhone contacts to Google”
You can backup iPhone contacts to Google using 4 different ways which are what we will be discussing through this article. Contacts are very important than all other contents we have in our iPhone since those contacts are the only way to communicate with the people, to share the important information etc. So, backing up contacts becomes important topic. Let us learn how to backup contacts from iPhone to Google account ways one by one.

Method 1: The Safest Method to Backup iPhone Contacts to Google Account

The best way to backup iPhone contacts to Google via computer is using dr.fone. It is a powerful data backup and restore program that are compatible with iOS devices. Plus, it assures to backup and restore the data in just one click. There are plenty of file types that are supported with this program. Contacts, messages, photos, WhatsApp, App videos, app photos, app documents, and calendar are some of the examples. A lot of users and media sites trust this software for making backup and restore of the iOS data. The tool is completely harmless to the data and also it doesn’t overwrite any existing data. Above all, there is no risk of harmful virus or malware attacks. This software also gives you advantage of backup your data selectively. You can preview the data prior to backing up and restoring it. Both Mac and Windows users can avail this program. The steps for the process are listed below.

How to backup iPhone contact to Google account via dr.fone – iOS Data Backup & Restore

Step 1. Get the dr.fone

Download the dr.fone to you computer, install it and upon completion, launch the software. Now, connect your iPhone and hit on “Data Backup & Restore”.

backup iphone contacts to google

Step 2: Choose the preferred Data type

From the next window, you’ll be asked to select the preferred data type which you wish to backup from your iPhone’s data. Select “Contacts” in this case and hit on “Backup” to initiate the backup process.

google contacts backup iphone

Step 3: Exporting the Data to Computer

As soon as the backup process completes, your data will be backed up and the preview window will be loaded on your screen. You will then be asked either to “Restore to device” in order to restore the data back to the iDevice or you can select “Export to Mac” to export the backed up data to your specified location on your computer.

how to backup iphone contacts to google

Now the contacts are saved on your computer safely. But if you want to transfer them to Google account, please read the following guides.

Step 1: Log in to your Google or Gmail account. Hit on “Gmail” tab at the top left corner under the Google’s logo to open up a drop down menu. Hit on “Contacts” option and you’ll be redirected to a new window namely “Google Contacts”.

how to backup my iphone contacts to google

Step 2: In the “Google Contacts” window, click on the button “More” located just below the Google’s search bar. A drop down menu will come up on your screen with a list of options. Hit on “Import” to upload the backed up contacts from your computer to the Google.

how to backup contacts from iphone to google account

Step 3: From the upcoming pop up window, you are required to click on “Choose File” to open file explorer with which you can navigate and locate to the backed up “contacts file” on your computer. Lastly, hit import and your contacts will be securely stored on your Google account as well on your computer.

how to backup my iphone contacts to google

Method 2: Backup iPhone Contacts to Google Account Using Automatic Sync Option

This is a direct method that will help you understanding the steps to backup contacts to Google on iPhone directly. This is a simple process which ensures that the contacts are transferred without any installation of app or software. Following are the steps on how to backup contacts from iPhone to Google account via Settings of your iPhone.

Step 1: Open “Settings” on your device and tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option.

how to backup contacts from iphone to google account

Step 2: Now, tap on “Add Account” and then choose “Google” from next screen.

how to backup iphone contacts to google account

Step 3: Turn the “Contacts” on after adding the Gmail credentials. Now, tap on “Fetch New Data” and under that option, click on “Push” and you are done.

how to backup my iphone contacts to google

Method 3: Backup iPhone Contacts Using iTunes

iTunes is one more way that can help you getting aware with how to backup iPhone contact to Google account. These are the step by step guide for the process.

Step 1: First of all, take the Apple USB cable that you got with the device and using it, connect your iPhone to the computer. After this, proceed to launching the iTunes in your PC to get the device detected.

*Please note that you should have the latest version of iTunes installed in your device otherwise there might be some errors that will irritate you with the process.

Step 2: Look for the “Info” tab and click on it. Now, check the “Sync Contacts with Google Contacts” options as shown in the image.

backup contact to itunes

Step 3: Subsequently, continue the process by typing in the Gmail username and password when you get the prompt to do this. If you want more clarification, you need to visit to access your Gmail account. Open the account and click on “Gmail” then “Contacts”.

how to backup iphone contact to itunes

Step 4: Your contacts will be automatically imported to Gmail.

how to backup my iphone contacts to google

Method 4: Backup iPhone Contacts Using iCloud

Another common method to backup contacts to Google on iPhone is iCloud. Here are the steps for using this method to backup iPhone contacts to Google.

Step 1: Visit the official website of iCloud that is via the web browser. Now, enter the details i.e. correct Apple ID and password. After getting done with the details, choose “Contacts” icon and you will see your contacts synced with iCloud.

backup contact to icloud

Step 2: Select all the contacts so that all of them get saved. Now, right click and choose “Export vCard” for exporting your contacts to the computer.

how to backup contact to icloud

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