How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone 5/5S

If you want to backup your messages on iPhone 5/5s, here shows you 3 ways to do that. Pick one method to backup text messages on iPhone 5/5s from this article.

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We are sending text to our colleagues, family and co-workers daily and frequently. We receive pictures, recipes, notes, deadlines and anything else that's comfortable to type than it is to make a call or compose an email. The iMessages on iPhone are essential forms of communication with family, loved ones, associates and colleagues. Is your data reversed to the cloud? Too many people don't realise the value of backup text messages on iPhone 5 until it's too late. This article will show you – how to backup text messages on iphone 5 and 5s.

Part 1: Backup Text Messages on iPhone 5/5s to Computer

dr.fone could be used to backup your text messages on iPhone 5 or on any existing version.

dr.fone - Phone Backup (iOS)

Backup your Text Message on iPhone in One Click

  • You can easily backup your iPhone with dr.fone under a single click.
  • The data that has been backed up can be easily previewed.
  • There is no data loss experienced while restoring data.
  • Compatible software is efficient to run across Windows and Mac.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

The processes are written in below.

Step 1. Download dr.fone

Please downloand and instsall dr.fone on your computer. Both Windows PC and Mac are supported. Then open it. Connect your iPhone 5/5S to the computer. Click "Data Backup & Restore" option.

how to back up text messages on iPhone 5

Step 2. Choose File Types

The next window will show you the file types that you can choose to backup on your computer. To backup text messages on iPhone 5/5s, please select "Messages & Attachments"

back up text messages iPhone 5

Step 3. Backup Text Messages on iPhone 5/5s

Now you can see the messages on your iPhone have been save on your computer. You can preview the backup files within this software. Whenever you want to restore to your iPhone, you can see the option "To see the precious backup file" and choose the files to restore to iPhone.

how to back up text messages on iPhone 5

Part 2: How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone 5/5s to iTunes

Still, though iTunes can backup text messages on iPhone 5/5s, and it is not difficult to backup messages via iTunes, you should understand that you can't only backup text messages/iMessages via iTunes. To backup text messages on iPhone 5/5s, you have to create one iTunes backup which includes all data on your iDevice. Besides, data in iTunes backup are not readable. Here I'm showing you how to backup text messages/iMessages to the computer via iTunes:

How to backup with iTunes:

Step 1. Make sure iCloud is switched off. On your iPhone, continue to Settings > [Your Phone Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup plus toggle iCloud Backup to behind.

Step 2. Next go to Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, which will assist you to join your iPhone to your PC.

Step 3. Sign in to iTunes with your Apple ID, and look for the small iPhone icon. In the menu that appears on the left, select Summary and scrolls down to Options. Choose "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi" and click Apply at the bottom right.

Step 4. Cut your iPhone from the PC; if your computer and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi system, your phone should appear in iTunes and allow for wireless backups. Now take the backup and use it whenever and wherever you need.

backup text messages on iPhone 5 iTunes

Part 3: How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone 5/5s to iCloud

To achieve a full iPhone backup with iCloud , you may require purchasing one of the bigger storage plans if you have not made so already. The free iCloud backup option will backup up to 5GB of your data. To backup text messages on iPhone 5/5s, the 5GB space is good enough. To get the backup > Connect your iPhone to a WiFi network > Connect your iPhone to a power source (desktop or laptop) > Turn iCloud backup on (Settings > iCloud > Backup > Toggle iCloud backup on) > Automatic sync disabled > Tap Backup Up Now. The text messages are including in the backup file. Now you are ready to go.

backup text messages on iPhone 5 iCloud


A recent search analysis made by me showed me the result of how many people posting the similar problem "how to backup text messages on iphone 5, 6, 7 , 8 , X in forums and searching for the solution. I don't know why I made that analysis " :D " but truly speaking 'You should backup your phone text messages' for sure. Hope these 3 methods to backup text messages on iPhone can help you.


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