[iOS14 Beta] How to Download iOS 14 Beta to your iPhone

Apple is bringing yet another major face-lift in their Operating System. iOS 14 is destined to change the dynamics of iOS devices. Here we guide you on how to download iOS 14 Beta onto an iPhone.

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Apple has been presenting the world with wonders, wonders that are far beyond apprehension with updates that are meant to change the dynamics of operation. Developers at Apple believe in dominating the market through upgradation of features and presenting their benefits to the people of the community.

Before integrating it completely into the market, Apple focuses on presenting the update to its users and enhance the model with the final touches that they believe make it impenetrable. This presentation is performed with the aid of the beta version of their update. iOS 14 is the next progression of Apple's basic OS, which has been introduced prematurely in the market in the form of the iOS 14 Beta version.

This article provides a detailed guide on the major utilities provided throughout the update along with a step-by-step headway of downloading the beta version successfully on your supported iPhone.

Part 1: [Check List] What's New on iOS 14?

iOS 14 is destined to bring an evolution in the existing iPhone Operating Systems and present the market with a list of compelling features that are both new and revolutionary, in entirety. These features provide users with greater control and enhance the user-interface, making it preferable among the community.

Apple thus provides its users with a taste of these features with its iOS 14 Beta version. This article provides a grasping look over these features with extensive detail that would help you understand the major modifications that are redeemed in the update.

1. Applications Display

applications display on ios 14

iPhone has been providing its applications as a grid of icon elongated over pages. iOS 14 amends and attenuates the idea of hiding unnecessary applications, along with an App Library that segregates the applications into various categories and genres, vertically.

With a Search bar and two important categories of 'Suggested' and 'Recent' apps, iOS 14 changes the concept of displaying its applications.

2. Home Screen Widgets

home screen widgets in ios 14

Developers at Apple believe in changing the concept of widgets adopted in the past iOS update. The iOS 14 Beta version displays that the widgets can be managed and customized to a greater extent. The update also presents you with a Widget Library to observe all the widgets that are available across the installed applications.

3. Picture-in-Picture

iOS 14 Beta has added the Picture-in-Picture with greater control of resizing, dragging, and managing applications as playback.

picture in picture feature

4. Siri

Siri has been renovated and overhauled into a better and smarter platform.

siri in ios 14

5. Translate App

The iOS Beta 14 update has added a contemporary Translate App with 11 supported languages, for now.

translate app in ios 14

6. Apple Maps

Apple has introduced impressive characteristics featuring its Maps. They have induced cycling navigation, EV routing associating Electric Cars, and other features that have taken Maps and CarPlay to the next level.

7. Apple Mail

iOS 14 beta displayed the allowance to change the email of Apple Mail with Gmail or any other mailing address.

8. Privacy

iPhone provides you an enhanced privacy front with iOS 14, where it allows the user to share their approximate location instead of the exact location.

9. Keyboard

The keyboard distinction feature on the iPhone has been updated with the same engine as the one consumed in Siri.

Part 2: What Are iOS 14 Supported Devices?

iOS 14 is believed to rehabilitate the market to newer bounds, where this update is to be put into effect across iPhone, ranging back to 6S that were provided with the iOS 13 update. However, this article attaches the complete list of the supported devices that can or shall be updated with iOS 14 once it hits the market.

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)

These models will be supposedly updated once the iOS 14 update will be made public to the masses.

Part 3: Must-do: Backup Your iPhone Before You Start

You might be excited about the update that is about to hit the industry. iOS 14 is believed to cross limits that any other iOS update has never had been able to achieve. The iOS 14 Beta displays its profile and has given light to the users over the tranquility this update believes in providing its users with.

However, there is another important factor that needs to be catered before the update. iOS 14 might be bringing about a very exemplary change in the community; however, it still does not promise to keep your data intact while updating.

ios 14 backup

While keeping all arms open for the update, it is significant for you to have your iPhone backed up properly before updating it to any latest version. If you really wish to test the iOS 14 beta version, consider backing your iPhone before downloading the latest iOS update.

For that, you can counteract over a variety of options; however, considering a proficient third-party application for this case would be the safest direction that can be considered for backing up an iPhone. dr.fone – Phone Backup (iOS) promises to build up an environment that keeps all important data intact and available to the user at any time. There are many factors that can be considered while consuming dr.fone for backing up your iPhone.

dr.fone - Phone Backup (iOS)

Backup your iPhone in One-Click before you upgrade to iOS 14

  • This platform provides a particular ease-of-use and accessibility to its user for backing up the iOS device across a computer.
  • Once backed up, you can preview and restore any item that has been backed up from the device.
  • There is no particular data loss observed during the restoration.
  • It supports all iPhones running across iOS 14 or lower.
  • Fully compatible software that can run across the latest versions of Windows and macOS
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

For effectively backing up data before downloading iOS 14 beta onto your device, you need to follow these steps while using dr.fone to back up data from your iPhone.

Step 1 Download and Install

It is important to download and install the application on your desktop. Follow the on-screen instruction to successfully install the platform on your desktop. Launch the application and proceed.

download and install

Step 2 Select "Phone Backup"

You need to connect the iPhone that is being backed up with the platform. With the platform launched and the home window upfront, you need to tap into "Phone Backup" from the available options.

select the backup

Step 3 Select Data for Backup

This efficient platform provides you the autonomy to select the appropriate data for backup. You can either tap the option of "Select All" or selectively mark the available options.

After completely selecting data for backup, tap the "Backup" button on the bottom right of the window to proceed.

select the data that you want to backup

Step 4 View Progress and Observe

The platform covers the complete backup automatically and notifies you over completion. You can preview the backup by accessing the application's interface. This concludes the complete process of backing up the iPhone before installing the iOS 14 beta version onto your phone.

your iphone backup is completed

Part 4: How to Get iOS 14 Beta on Your iPhone?

Apple has made the beta version of iOS 14 available for masses. The impressive thing about Apple is its sense of connectivity and respect over the feedback for their products.

Before launching this update completely over the complete iPhone models, Apple presented users with the opportunity to test the iOS Public Beta on their iPhone to have a greater understanding of the update.

However, to get things muscled up, you need to follow a series of steps that would guide you in successfully installing the Apple iOS 14 Public Beta across your iPhone.

    1. Open Safari on your iOS device and access the 'Apple Beta Software Program". Sign yourselves with appropriate Apple ID credentials.
      apple beta software program

    1. With the unnecessary windows cleared out, you need to select the 'iOS' tab and scroll down to select the option of "enroll your iOS device."

    1. With the iOS tab selected, you need to scroll down to select "Download Profile.", tap the iPhone or iPad over the selection of the device, followed by "Allow."
      install apple beta on your iphone

    1. Open your iPhone's settings and tap "Profile Downloaded" below the Apple ID. Tap "Install" and enter the passcode to proceed. Tap "Install" again if asked over another prompted window.
      install ios 14 beta on iphone

    1. Tap 'General' present on the top-left section of the screen after successful download.

  1. Click on "Software Update" -> "Download and Install" -> "Install Now" to successfully download iOS 14 Public Beta on your iPhone.
    ios 14 beta download


This article introduced you to iOS 14 and the revolutionary features it bears. Users are provided with a detailed guide on how to deal with the updates and install the necessary beta versions to have it tested. You need to look over the article to get a good knowledge of the procedures.

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