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"How to backup my notes on iPhone, do you have any suggestions?"
Hello user! We are glad that you share your query with us and are more than happy to help you. Notes app in iPhone contains some very important information since many people have a habit of keeping information like let’s say some kind of business details or may be a planning list for friend’s birthday. Losing notes can be a big deal for you and making a backup before is a good idea. So here we are going to pen down 5 ways to backup iPhone notes.

Part 1: How to Backup iPhone Notes to Gmail

With the very first method to backup iPhone notes to Gmail, first configure your preferred Gmail account with your iPhone. And also you have to make sure that you have an active and stable internet connection for successful execution.

Step 1: Head over to the Settings of your iPhone, and tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

Step 2: Now, hit on “Add Account” option and then tap on “Google”. You’ll then be asked to punch in your preferred Gmail account credentials into the respective fields. Carefully enter them and proceed.

Step 3: Lastly, make sure that your “Notes” are toggled-on on the list of data that you wish to sync to your Gmail account.

You’re done, within a few minutes you’ll notice that your Notes have started to backup over your Gmail Account.

how to backup iphone notes to gmail

Part 1: How to Backup iPhone Notes to Computer

We suggest you this way since dr.fone is the most powerful program that helps the users to backup and restore their data to the computer, whether Mac or Windows in a very effective and easy way. Within just a few simple steps, you will be able to backup notes on iPhone. Plus, this tool carries a huge rate of success being the most professional and useful when it comes to iOS data backup and restoring process. Here are the features of this tool followed by tutorial on how to backup notes on iPhone via this program.

  • dr.fone – iOS Data Backup & Restore offers one-click backup and restoring process.
  • The program gives you the power to preview your data.
  • It also allows the users to select the preferred data and then backup or restore it.
  • You can save your files and make them printable with this program.
  • There are lots of files that are supported with this tool such as contacts, messages, photos, call log, app data, etc.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to backup iPhone notes to computer

Step 1. Plug in your iPhone to the Computer

Download the dr.fone. Install it and then launch it on your PC. Now, make a connection between your iPhone and your computer via the help of a lightening cord supplied with your iDevice. Hit “Data Backup & Restore” from the tabs available on the main screen interface.

backup iphone notes

Step 2: Select the preferred Data types

You’re device will be automatically detected by the software and will then ask you to select your preferred data types that you wish to backup to your PC. In this case, check on “Notes & Attachments”. When you’re done with marking up the preferred data type, hit “Backup” button at the bottom right corner of the software window.

Note: If you wish to backup only Notes from your iPhone to your computer, ensure to check on “Notes & Attachments” only and rest all other should be unchecked.

does itunes backup notes from iphone

Step 3: Preview and Export the Selected data

Right after you hit “Backup” button, the software will then initiate the scan over your iPhone to detect all your Notes data and load them up in the next interface for your preview. Lastly, after previewing your data, hit on “Export to PC/Mac” button at the bottom right corner and your Notes data will then be backed up to your computer system.

backup iphone notes

Part 3: How to Backup iPhone Notes to iTunes

Next, we are going to explore about the iTunes software, the default iOS data management application, to backup iPhone notes. Usually people are in a dilemma that “does iTunes backup notes from iPhone or not”. Well, answer to this is definitely “Yes it does backup Notes”. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Ensure that you have the most recent version of the iTunes application installed on both your computer and your iPhone. Now, plug in your iPhone to your computer via the lightening cord and then launch the iTunes application.

Step 2: Before performing backup with iTunes, make sure that “iCloud Backup” remains turned off on your iPhone. This is vital because the iTunes application is unable to create backups while the “iCloud Backup” is working on your iPhone. To turn it off, head to “Settings”, tap on [your name], and hit on “iCloud”. Now, tap on “iCloud Backup” and then toggle it off from the next upcoming screen.

how to backup iphone notes

Step 3: Once done with switching off iCloud Backup, hit on the “iPhone” icon on your iTunes window and right click over your iDevice listed in the left hand menu panel. Lastly, hit on “Back Up” from the upcoming drop down menu. There you go, all your data will then be successfully backed up including your Notes as well.

does itunes backup notes from iphone

Part 4: How to Backup iPhone Notes to iCloud

In order to execute this method successfully, make sure to maintain an active and stable internet connection during the whole process. Also make sure that you have enough storage space available over your iCloud account or you may have to buy a monthly storage subscription plan to avail more space. Let’s now discover how to backup iPhone notes to iCloud.

Step 1: Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone and tap on [your name]. Now, hit on “iCloud” and then make sure that the “Notes” is toggled-on on the list of data types. Toggle it on if it is not already.

restore iphone notes from icloud backup

Step 2: Next, scroll down the iCloud settings and push the “iCloud Backup” option. From the upcoming screen, turn on the “iCloud Backup” if it is not already. Lastly, hit on “Backup Now” button to start backing up your Notes over your iCloud account.

how to backup iphone notes

Part 5: How to Backup iPhone Notes to Dropbox

Last on this post, we’ll discover how to backup iPhone notes over your Dropbox account, a yet another way to backup your notes to this cloud storage service and yes, performing this method too requires an active internet connection. Now, without delaying much, here is how to do it.

Step 1: Launch the Notes app on your iPhone and edit any of your saved notes. Next, hit on the Share icon at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Lastly, from the upcoming pop up window, choose “Save to Dropbox” to change the default Save Location to Dropbox. You’ll then be asked to give a name to your Notes file that you’re going to save to your Dropbox account. That’s about it, your Notes will then start to sync to your Dropbox account.

how to backup my notes on iphone

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