Problems of Recuva Pro Version Crack and Solutions

Have you lost relevant documents or files due to virus attacks? Are you looking for a reliable solution to recover them? Gather more details on Recuva crack problem and its solutions with our article.

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Mistakes by us, human beings are quite common. In the real world, though you hardly get any chance of rectifying it. Once something is lost, it is lost forever. However, that is not the case in the virtual world. The Ctrl + Delete button of your keyboard can also delete your saved memories, files, images, videos, etc. if not needed. However, what if you want to bring back your memories or essential data which you have deleted once? Well, there is some third-party software that will facilitate you in restoring your deleted files.

Recuva is one such application that will bring back the files that you have deleted or lost mistakenly.

In today’s article, we will specifically talk about the following issues:

Part 1: Are Recuva Crack, Keygen, Serial, License Key, Reliable?

Recuva, as you all know, is one fantastic software edition from CCleaner that is helpful in the recovery of all deleted files from external devices and corrupted drives. Now, since the features of the free version of Recuva are limited, it forces you to use a Professional commercial version.


Overall, Recuva official version has a graphical user interface and serves as an efficient recovery tool from the user point of view. It is capable to provide successful result each time.

However, at present, the Internet has tons of Recuva Pro full version crack, keygen, serial and license key available and hence choosing reliable software is challenging. It is tough for you to make out which Recuva crack version can help you and which may harm your device.

Part 2: Reasons You May Need an Alternative Software for Recuva Crack

Well, we have given you some idea on Recuva Pro full version crack with a serial key along with its usage. Although it has tremendous advantages and serial key options, Recuva crack suffers from some of the following potential risks:

  • Recuva crack is found to be unstable and therefore, inconvenient.

  • There are times when the program might get stuck during the scan or recovery phase leading to smash up of storage devices.

  • When you download Recuva crack from any unknown resources, there are high chances for your device to get affected by malware that can result in loss of data.

  • In some worst cases, your data can be overwritten making it impossible to recover.

  • It is a recorded fact that Recuva Pro full version crack might filch your personal details from the devices.

Part 3: Free Alternative to Recuva Pro Full Version Crack with Key.

In the previous section, we listed out some factors due to which you may be prompted to look out for a possible alternative to Recuva Pro full version crack with the serial key.

However, in reality, do you think there is a better alternative to Recuva crack that can perform data recovery for you?

Recoverit (IS) software is the perfect answer to your question. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. It is built in with multiple features that perform the varied recovery process. iSkysoft toolkit supports all sorts of data types and data formats. The best part is that the recovery process can be carried out for an unlimited count of files. In short, Recoverit (IS) is defined as “A life saver to solve all your data loss problems.”

Here are some of the prominent features of Recoverit (IS) which makes it the best alternative to Recuva crack:

Recoverit (IS)

Why Choose This Recuva Alternative Data Recovery Software:

  • Is your file lost due to data corruption, disk management errors, and malware? iSkysoft will recover it for you in just a fraction of second.
  • Recoverit (IS) equips the top-most technology that has the ability to support more than 1000 file types.
  • It doesn’t matter from what type of storage media your deleted files existed before. Be it Macintosh, Camera, Camcorder, Laptop, RAID, or any other, Recoverit (IS) will retrieve it even from a USB drive or an empty recycle bin.
  • It is predominant that in some instances, we may experience some system crash and Window PE where system restart is the only option. When we use the “System crash recovery” option in Recoverit (IS), it creates a WinPE bootable media that helps to restore all the important files.
  • Not only files in your system and external sources, but also your deleted or lost emails from Gmail, Outlook, and, Foxmail can be recovered with this Recuva crack alternative toolkit.
  • Another positive point of the Recoverit (IS) is that your data recovery process gets completed in just three simple steps.
3,015,629 people have downloaded it

We have listed out the recovery process in detail for you.

Step 1 Launch Recoverit (IS) Toolkit

On the event of completion of downloading and installing the software, launch the program, and you will be directed to the initial welcome window. Now, from the options select a location where you lost you data.

Step 2 Locate the Files

Here, click on the “Start” option and the program will scan all the locations in the device to find all the deleted files. On the right corner, you will be able to see the list estimate in tree view and files view.

Step 3 Preview and Recover the Files

If you are looking for an image file, click on “Photos” and all the recovered images will appear on the screen. Preview them and once you are done with the selection, as the last step, click on the “Recover” option at the bottom of the page to start the recovery process. The recovered files or images will be saved in the defined location.



Lastly, we hope that you now know about Recuva crack, its advantages, and limitations. Additionally, we have also discussed Recoverit (IS) since that suits as the most excellent alternative to Recuva Pro full version crack’s shortcomings. So, don’t keep waiting and thinking.

Install the free versions of both the applications today to try them out, and do recommend it to your friends as well.


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