How to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos from Your DSLR Camera?

Having trouble recovering deleted camera photos and videos? Stay with us and learn the method to recover deleted files from a digital camera with the help of iSkysoft Photo Recovery software.

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“How to recover lost photos and videos from my camera? While transferring media files from my cameras' SD card to the PC, I carelessly erased all of my photo collection. Are they deleted forever? What should I do?”

- a question from Quora

The linear evolution of cameras from polaroid to DSLR has given people around the world an opportunity to capture precious memories to relish forever.


Modern cameras use SD cards to store pictures, which are available with different storage space, speed, and sizes. It is also an extremely delicate piece of hardware, which requires extra care to avoid any mishap. Here in this editorial, you will learn why photos get erased out of the blue from a digital camera and how such accidents can be avoided. You will also see the method to recover such files from the SD card of the device.

Part 1: Reasons for Digital Camera Photo Loss

There is a deep-rooted saying that “A watched pot never boils,” and sometimes due to the human lapse in judgment, data gets deleted when no one expects it. Here are a few common causes behind the loss of photos in a camera:

  • Accidentally deleting or formatting the media files. While previewing them on the camera or the computer, there is a possibility that you may press "Delete".

  • Ejecting the SD card from the computer casually without following any protocol.

  • Not charging the battery when needed, can result in the loss of digital photos, especially when you are in between taking pictures.

  • Virus infections, which could corrupt the memory card and cause colossal damage to your photos.

  • Neglecting the “Memory card full” error notification.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Camera

While you must take care of your digital data with added responsibility, nevertheless if your photos get erased from existence due to any misfortune, there is a way out to recover all of the lost data. Restoring lost pictures from the memory card of a camera is not a crazy idea ever since the introduction of state of the art recovery software iSkysoft Photo Recovery.

You can also recover your files through the Windows’ command prompt utility, but it is highly suggested that you use iSkysoft Data Recovery.

The program recovers lost data from the camera’s memory card, in a matter of minutes. Below are the few distinctive features that the recovery app offers:

iSkysoft Data Recovery

A Life Saver to Solve Your Camera Data Deletion Problems!

  • A fast scan of the selected folder.
  • Supports more than 1000 file formats, which include the photo and video formats like JPG, CR2, CIFF, MPEG-4, and MOV.
  • It also provides you the option to recover items from external storages devices like SD cards and USB flash drives.
  • The “Recover from Crash Computer” mode, which allows bootable media creation for data recovery from damaged systems.
icon_security 3,165,867 people have downloaded it

Arrangements before Photo Recovery: Please follow the necessary precautions listed below to avoid any inconvenience before starting the photo recovery procedure:

  • You need to Plug your camera’s memory card with the computer.

  • Directly Insert the card in the SD card port on your computer, or you can use a card reader to insert the memory card.

  • Do not Remove the SD card of the camera from the computer, during the recovery scan.

  • Maintain the Backup of the media files.

Follow our step-by-step guide to use the iSkysoft Data Recovery and learn how to retrieve deleted data.

Step 1 Select a location to start with

Open iSkysoft Data Recovery app on the computer. Select the memory card under the External Devices section. Click on Start.

Step 2 Scan the location Photos

The Scanning on the memory card will commence. The whole process will take its time depending on the size of lost pictures. You can also stop the scan in between to check the files.

Step 3 Preview and Save your Pictures:

Select the pictures you want to recover. Click on Preview to check the authenticity of the selected item. Click on Recover, and pick the location to save the file.


Part 3: How to Protect Photo and Video Files on Your Camera

“Don't always use caution for precaution; sometimes use it for progress.”

Sometimes due to our lack of checks and balances, an accident is bound to occur. Which is why it is undeniably important to perform precautionary measures while handling something as delicate as a camera. Here are some of the tips to protect photo and video files on the camera from getting deleted:

  • Do not remove the SD card of the DSLR camera or any other device during the file transfer process.

  • Do not use a single SD card on multiple cameras.

  • Install an Anti-Virus on your computer to avoid corruption of the memory card.

  • Always press the Eject button before removing the SD card.

  • Always use a branded memory card.

  • Avoid taking photos when the battery of the camera is low.

  • Never use a damaged SD card.


It is within our human nature to avoid precautions. If you are a photography enthusiast and ever find yourself in a spot of bother concerning the camera’s media files, then you know the most convenient method to restore photos and videos. The process includes using iSkysoft Photo Recovery Software on the Windows PC.

Feel free to share the method with your friends as the iSkysoft Photo Recovery software provides limitless features for your file recovery needs. It is the best answer to your data loss problem, which allows access to all the lost photos and videos in a matter of minutes.



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