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Android is not a closed-loop operating system as its competitor, the iOS. The system allows any user to tweak and optimize the performance of the device manually. Additionally, plenty of processes run in the background, where getting access to them is not always possible. The best cleaner for Android phone that we will discuss today provide you the chance to kill idle processes that consume memory and slow down the functionality of the device.

Top 14 Cleaner Apps for Android Phone

1# dr.fone - Data Eraser (Android)

Erasing data on an Android device is simple. Although you can perform the factory setting, it does not guarantee the safety deletion of the data. You can still retrieve data using data retrieval tools. With the help of dr.fone - Data Eraser (Android), you can now wipe all the information securely. You can forget about handing over sensitive information contained in the device to others.

Key Features of dr.fone - Data Eraser (Android):

  • Delete all the content on the Android (Samsung Galaxy Note7 included) as well as deleted content from the device securely with unrecoverable activity.
  • Data Eraser wipes the content securely so that you do not have to worry about your personal data falling into the illegal hands such as banking information, emails, browsing details, and personal information.

iskysoft data eraser 

  • Erases the Android data securely without worrying about leaving a trace behind.
  • You can clean up the Android from the already deleted content and ensure complete safety of your data.
  • Uses in-built compressor to compress images and large files to open up space on your Android device.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clean Data on Android

Step 1. Visit the official website to download the software - dr.fone - Data Eraser (Android). Install the program and launch the same. Before connecting the device to the PC, make sure to enable "USB Debugging" mode on the device. Once done, Data Eraser will detect the device automatically and display information related to it in the main interface.

launch iSkysoft toolbox android data eraser

Step 2. Press "Erase All Data" button from the interface. You will now move to the next screen, where you have to type "delete" in the box provided and press "Erase Now" button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

erase all data on android phone

The time taken to complete the action is dependent on the size of the content in the device. Wait until the process is complete.

2# Nova Launcher

nova launcher

It does not get better than this! Nova Launcher is functioning for a long time and has provided everything that a droid fan would expect from a customizable app. It provides a plethora of customization options that also includes gesture support, change how you feel and see an app, themes, icon packs, and more. It frequently receives updates, making it the most stable platform. It further provides the chance to backup home screen, which you can restore back when you switch to a new Android phone.

Price: Free

Pros: Pure Android experience, fast performance, intuitive improvements.

Cons: You have to find new themes manually, very fewer widgets and plugins, reduced special effects.

3# Root Cleaner

root cleaner

To use Root Cleaner, you have to provide root permissions. Only then, the application will perform a thorough cleaning of Android device. It functions in two modes – quick and full clean. The quick clean performs the necessary actions like freeing the memory and killing the idle processes. The full clean conducts a thorough cleaning activity including clearing the cache. Nonetheless, it requires restarting the device to perform the action.

Price: $6.49

Pros: Functions efficiently than any other cleaner in its category.

Cons: Requires rooting the Android device, and a little expensive.

4# Tasker


Tasker is a versatile application for automation that allows you to create automatic task scripts with a variety of customizable actions and triggers. You can create an automatic script to kill the mobile data as soon as you arrive home or automate the Android device to enter the silent mode when you are in the workplace. The possibilities that you can create using it are endless. Although it works flawlessly even without rooting the device, installing it on a rooted device opens further customization options. You can even use the App Factory to publish some of the automated task scripts that you have created.

Price: $2.99

Pros: Highly functional, allows you to create a wide variety of profiles based on different needs and requirements.

Cons: Unhelpful for beginners who do not possess knowledge about scripting.

5# Cleaner eXtreme

cleaner extreme

The Cleaner eXtreme is an excellent application for those who are conscious about data. The app provides the chance to optimize the phone without the fear of losing data or face unexpected errors. It is capable of handling and deleting junk files without tempering any system data. It even functions as a one-tap application that requires user permission. Once done, it will begin cleaning the Android device and helps in restoring it back to its optimum performance.

Price: Free

Pros: Easy to use, free, does not hamper system data.

Cons: Average functionality for experienced users who would like to tweak their system to the maximum.

6# CPU Tuner

cpu tuner

CPU Tuner is a free optimization app that allows users to change the CPU settings to get the best out of their Android system configuration. With the help of the tool, users can overclock or underclock the device to increase or decrease performance. The activity also helps in improving the performance of the battery. In order to function efficiently, it is important for the user to allow root permission. However, users with no prior experience in handling a root device may find it dangerous and spoil the overall functioning of the system.

Price: Free

Pros: An excellent tool for experienced users who have prior knowledge about hardware and rooting of Android, allows tracking of the changes to the functionality of the system and cleans accordingly.

Cons: Requires root permission to operate at its maximum functioning level.

7# Advanced Task Manager

advanced task manager

Advanced Task Manager is capable of managing all the tasks running on the Android device. The feature and presentation are simple. It helps in killings unwanted apps and manages applications that a typical user would expect from a task manager. The unique features include switching off GPS. The app gives you complete control over all the installed apps and performs actions that you would expect from a simple app in an easier manner.

Price: Free

Pros: Has auto-kill feature to kills apps, installs safely on SD card, allows killing of all apps or selective apps, has one-tap task killing feature.

Cons: Does not have a "Kill all" button, does not have the ability to organize the apps alphabetically or create an ignore list, and comes with plenty of ads.

8# App Cache Cleaner

app cache cleaner

Cache stored in the Android system helps in starting an app instantly. However, it also holds unwanted space at times. It is essential to clear the cache to speed up the functioning of the system. App Cache Cleaner does the activity with ease. The application allows the user to identify apps that are consuming plenty of cache and storing junk files. The best element of the app is its ability to notify the user about the right time to clean the cache.

Price: Free

Pros: Allows you to clean the system with a single tap, free application.

Cons: The app only performs action for cached files but does not clear any junk files installed.

9# Startup Manager

startup manager

Rebooting the often takes time because each time you restart your phone, the OS loads all the apps installed in the system. Like traditional OS for computers, you can now configure Android to start certain apps and reduce the time taken to startup the system. Startup Manager provides you the chance to see the apps that start when along with the operating system. You have to be cautious while handling the startups because a few apps function in coordination with Android and are necessary. Nonetheless, if you are capable of finding unwanted apps, then you can quickly disable them and speed up the performance of the device.

Price: Free

Pros: Free, easy to use, practical functionality against background apps.

Cons: Does not have kill all feature, may not offer complete control for professional users.

10# AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver

avg cleaner battery saver

A straightforward application that optimizes the functionality of Android, which comes with battery saver, including battery profiles for one-tap profile selection. The achievement of the application relies on the residual files left in the system. At times, the system function slow and misses most of the junk files that one would like to remove from their device. Nonetheless, the app works reasonably in cleaning most of the unwanted junk stored in the device and offers customization for the auto-maintenance feature.

Price: Free

Pros: Customizable auto-maintenance feature, advanced battery optimization, quick app uninstaller.

Cons: Limitations to cleaning, becomes slow occasionally, limited features in pro version.

11# Cache Cleaner

cache cleaner

Clearing the cache in Android from time to time is important to remove unwanted files stored in the RAM. With the help of Cache Cleaner, you can now quickly erase the cache, refresh it, and speed up the performance of the device. The landing screen presents with information about the size of the cache and the applications using the cache.

Price: Free

Pros: Simple user-interface, one tap maintenance to clean cache.

Cons: Not a heavy performance oriented, functions well for light usage, does not have significant features that an experienced user would wish for.

12# System Cleaner for Android

system cleaner for Android

With the increase in the use of apps on your Android, you are causing the system to slow down. Installing new apps not only take up space but also install files in the temporary cache. It is essential to clean the system from time to time to ensure that the system remains free from unwanted clutter. Additionally, cleaning the system helps in improving the functionality of the device and speeds up the operation. System Cleaner for Android is one such tool that makes it to the must-have application list. The tool helps in cleaning the clutter from the system. With the support of the tool, you can easily clean the cache of the system and other apps, clear processes running in the system, erase browsing history permanently, clean clipboard area, remove call records, delete your search on the Google market, wipe your emails search history, and Google’s search history.

Price: Free

Pros: Functions normally as expected from a common app, cleans the cache and boosts the performance of the device, selective cleaning available.

Cons: Crashes at times when pressed "Clean Cache", being a free version the app displays too many ads than needed, freezes at times and users have to restart their device.

13# 1 Tap Cleaner

1 tap cleaner

As the name indicates, the functionality of the app is cleaning the junk files stored in the Android system. Cleaning the junk from the cache improves and optimizes the response of the device. 1 Tap Cleaner allows users to clean the system at the touch of a single button. The app further lets users clean browser history, messages and call logs and cache cleaner. The additional advantage of the use of the app is its ability to clear the default actions of other installed apps. Removing these default actions helps in improving the performance of the system. An added feature of the app is the interval that the user can set manually to clean the system. The app performs the action automatically and keeps the system clean from unwanted junk. The auto-maintenance avoids user permission, thus enabling it to perform in the background and continuing to maintain the performance of the Android device.

Price: Free

Pros: Simple interface, easy to use, clear options.

Cons: Limited functionality, may not be suitable for experienced users who wish to tweak their Android system.

14# Android Assistant

Android assistant

As the name suggests, Android Assistant is more than a mere assistant. The app features help you manage all your requirements on the system with ease. It is the most powerful and comprehensive management utility for Android. With the support of the tools and characteristics provided by the app, you are bound to enhance the performance of your phone or tablet. Additionally, the operations carried out by the system also help in improving the lifespan of the battery, as you will now recharge the battery at reduced intervals. The essential features include monitoring the status of the system, Process Manager, cleaning the cache, System cleaner that erases clutter from cache, temporary cache, log file, empty file, browser history, email history, Google market history, Google Map history, Google Earth history, power saving mode, startup manager, file manager, app uninstaller, startup time, system information provider, widget, batch installer and more.

Price: Free

Pros: Free to use, offers everything in a single application, and provides the ability to clean the system with ease, intuitive interface.

Cons: May not live up to the standards as expected from a professional app.

With different applications offering the solution to clean and optimize the Android device, choosing a reliable one solely depends on your need. If you are considering for an app that protects your data and erases unwanted clutter from the system in a secure way, then iSkysoft Data Eraser is the sole answer. It has everything embedded into the system, giving you complete control over the actions that you can perform. Apart from cleaning the device, you can also optimize it by using the in-built features that boost the performance of the device and the battery. Grab your copy today and experience the best of the secured elimination of data from your device.

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