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We all are very sensitive to privacy and therefore we want the things related to us stay secret but surfing the Internet isn’t safe and your privacy is at risk. When you browse the internet all the pages you visited and things are stored in your browser history, but don’t worry you can clear it with just few simple steps. Following guide is dedicated how to delete browsing history on android devices.

Step by Step Guide for Android Stock Browser

Step 1. Unlock your device, go to the home screen and click on app drawer. Scroll or slide to find the browser, usually know by the name “Internet”. Once located open it.

 click on app drawer

Step 2. Find the “Option or Menu” button usually located on top right or bottom right corner of the screen.

Find the “Option or Menu” button

Step 3. Once found click on it a pop up drop menu will be displayed. Find and click on settings.

Find and click on settings

Step 4. Once in settings, scroll down and find the Privacy option. Open it.

find the Privacy option and open it

Step 5. Once you click on privacy, another page will open. On the bottom of the screen you will find the “Delete Personal Data” option click on it and it will allow you to delete a lot of things including browsing history. Check it and click on delete.

click on delete

Step 6. Repeat the process whenever you want to clear browsing history.

You know whenever you browse the internet your browsing history is been stored with your internet service provider. But there are ways which can even help you pass that. You can use apps such as Hotspot shield and other Virtual private network apps. Which ides your IP address, location etc from online trackers. Using VPN’s you can enjoy maximum privacy. You can also use these VPN’s to open up block sites which have been banned in your country or by your internet service provider.

Deleting History again and again can be irritating and there can be times when you will also forget to clear or delete history so why not try something alternative? Android version 4 and up browsers have built in browser feature know as Incognito or secret tab which lets you browse the Internet without saving any history, form data, cookies etc. You can access the “Incognito or Secret” tab by clicking the tab button and there you will find an option of “Open New Incognito or secret tab” and you’re ready to go.

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