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Do you believe that your Android device is infected with a virus? It is important to note that while it is unlikely for your device to be infected with a virus, it does happen. You should also know that cleaning the device of the virus is not very hard. In fact this article will give you a complete guide on how you can clean virus from Android phone easily. In most cases you are likely to think your device has a virus if it’s behaving funny, not performing as desired or you suspect an application you installed may be infected. As much as they are unlikely, Android viruses do exist, so if you think that your device is infected, here's what to do.

Part 1. How to Clean Virus from Android Phone

Step-by-Step Guide to Clear Virus from Android Phone

Step 1. Begin by putting your device in Safe mode. This action will prevent any third-party apps on your device from running and has the effect of stopping the malware dead in its tracks. The combination of buttons you have to hold down is different for most Android devices. Check your Android device’s manual or find out the combination on Google. But for most Android devices you can put your device in Safe mode by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until your device prompts you to turn off the device.

Then tap and hold the Power off for a few seconds or until your Android asks you to confirm that you want to enter safe mode. Tap "OK" and your phone will restart in safe mode.

enter safe mode

When the device is in Safe mode, all third-party apps will be disabled and you should see the words "Safe Mode" at the lower left corner of the screen.

safe mode Android


Step 2. Now that your phone is in Safe Mode, go to the Settings Menu and then choose Apps. Look at the downloaded apps. Go through the download apps to find the one that may be causing the problems on your device. If you don't know which one may be causing the problems go through the list of apps and find one that is dodgy looking or one that you don't remember installing.

choose apps

Step 3. Once you find the malicious app, tap on it to open the app info page. Click "uninstall" to remove the app. In some cases you may see that the "Uninstall" button has been greyed out and this is usually because the virus has given itself administrator status.

uninstall malicious apps

Step 4. With the malicious app deleted, exit the apps menu and then go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators. You will see a list of apps that have administrator status on your device. To remove an app simply tick the box next to it and the tap "deactivate" in the next screen. You can now return to the app’s screen and uninstall the app safely.

clean virus from Android

Step 5. Now that the virus is out of the device you can simply restart the device to get it out of Safe mode. It might be a good idea to back-up all the data on your device and find a good Antivirus app to protect your device from any future viruses.

Part 2. How to Avoid Android Malware Including Various Virus

The following are just some of the things you can do to keep your Android device safe from Malware and viruses.

  • Only download apps from the Google play store. If you must download from other sources, research the developer before you do.
  • Read online reviews of the app you want to download and always ensure that you always check the app permissions. For instance a lock screen app probably shouldn’t require access to your contacts.
  • Install an antivirus on your phone or tablet and use it to keep the device clean. One of the best is Avast Free Mobile Security.

How to Scan and Protect Your Phone from Viruses

Step 1. Download Avast Free Mobile Security from the Google Play store. Click on the Install button and when the app permissions appear, click on "Accept" to install the app on to your Android phone.

avast free mobile security

Step 2. Once the app is installed on your device, launch it and it will automatically update its virus definition base and immediately begin to scan your Android phone for malware and viruses.

scan Android phone

Step 3. The scan will take a few minutes depending on the number of apps you have installed on your Android phone. If any malware or viruses are detected Avast Free Mobile Security will remove them from the phone.

detect virus from Android

Step 4. Your device will now be completely free of viruses and what’s even more important, the app will continue to protect your device from future threats.

avoid Android virus

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