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Clearing data on a smartphone is as important as closing a banking account. With smartphones becoming the realm of the real world, we are storing personal as well as confidential data on the device. If you are using the phone for a long time and wish to upgrade to a new device, then it is important that you delete the existing data before you hand over it others. Learning how to clear data on Android is an important activity for everyone.

Part 1. How to Clear App Cache or Data on Android

Every Android device has the application manager through which one can perform the action of clearing data or app cache. It is present in the settings menu, and its placement changes according to the device. You will have to browse through the settings app to see the application manager. Once you are at the feature, you are at the heart of managing your device's apps and their data. You will be able to see all the apps installed in the instrument.

While you begin using the applications, over a period, they store data for quick reference in the cache. For instance, if you are using BBC News app, then the app will save all the stories you have read in the cache so that you do not have to download every time. The process saves data and time. Clearing the App cache is helpful when you notice misbehavior of the app or when you want to gain some space.

Should you choose to delete the cache, then select the app and tap "Clear cache" button as shown below. Once done, the app will be fresh with no files stored in the cache.

clear app cache on Android

Clearing the App cache to some extent is useful. Nonetheless, clearing the app data is a drastic action. You are not just deleting the cache but also removing all the settings and data stored with the app. You will be setting the app right from the scratch. The behavior will be similar to that of the one that you installed for the first time.

If you wish to clear the app data, then select the app for which you would like to wipe the data from the application manager. You will be able to see the following screen.

clear app data on Android

From the above illustration, you can understand that the app data is 2.34MB. To clear that, you need to press the "CLEAR DATA" button. You will get a notification that the response will delete the data permanently that includes files, settings, accounts, and databases.

Part 2. The Most Convenient Way to Clear Data on Android Completely

It will be a hindrance to delete data now and then, and it becomes troublesome if you have apps installed in higher numbers. Fortunately, dr.fone – Data Eraser (Android) gives you the option to erase all app data and cache with a single button. The benefit you get is that there will be no data left behind because the program erases them securely. It means the deleted data becomes unrecoverable. Usually, when you delete using the traditional methods, it is possible to retrieve data using data retrieval tools. Erasing the content and previously deleted content is important, which Data Eraser from iSkysoft does in a few simple steps.

Key Features of dr.fone - Data Eraser (Android):

  • Delete all your personal information and sensitive records securely.
  • Help you in cleaning unwanted files from the Android to make space.
  • Overwrites already deleted content to ensure that none of the data is recoverable.
  • Supports all the devices and gadgets running on Android.

clear data on Android 

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clear Data on Android

Step 1 Install dr.fone - Data Eraser (Android)

Data Eraser from iSkysoft is available for Windows PC and Mac. You can download the trial variant of the program. Follow the guidance appearing on the screen to install the application. Start the program. You will notice the main interface appear on the screen. Now, connect your Android phone to the computer. The program will recognize the gadget automatically and display the details in the window. Note: Before connecting your device, ensure that USB debugging mode is active on the phone.

install dr.fone - Android Data Eraser

Step 2 Clear Data on Android

Press the "Erase All Data" button from the main window. You will move to the next screen, where you have to type "delete" in the box provided. After typing the keyword, press the "Erase Now" button located at the bottom. Data Eraser will begin the process of cleaning the content securely from the device. The time needed for the software to complete the action depends on the amount of data contained in the gadget. Allow the program to complete the action.

clear data on Android

Step 3 Factory Reset Android

After completion, choose "Factory Data Reset" option under settings option in your Android device. The action will delete the system configuration, making the device a new gadget.

clear data on Android

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