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If you normally get many messages on your Android phone you may want to delete them to make it clean. Since idle messages will not do any do to your phone's storage space, the earlier you delete them the better. Going to delete SMS on Android will also help you get rid of the clutter that might make your messaging ineffective. Always make sure that you only delete old messages or the ones that you do not need any more. If you are one of Samsung Galaxy Note7 users, please remember to delete all SMS on Note7 phone before you exchange it for Samsung battery problems.

The Guides to Delete SMS on Android

If your want to delete SMS on your Android phones, here are some steps to follow. There might be some changes based on the type of the phone that you have but following these steps will work.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Delete SMS on Android

Step 1 Enter in "Messaging" Option

On your Android phone, go to the messaging option and select messaging tab. You will find it next to the button behind the home feature. From the messaging option button, choose the menu button of your phone. Once the window has opened choose delete threads.

delete bookmarks on Android

Step 2 Select SMS to Delete

Look for the messages that you wish to erase and click delete. You will get this on the top at the right side of the window. Ensure that you choose the message option which can be the first, second, or third so that you do not delete the wrong message. After selecting, be sure that you see a green tick next to the SMS that you wish to erase. This is very important to delete SMS Android (Samsung Galaxy Note7 included).

Note: It might be very hard to find the count of messages to delete in some types of Android phones. But remember you still have the chance of putting an app that will enable you to control it.

delete sms on Android

Step 3 Delete SMS on Android

You will receive a confirmation message asking whether to delete the message or not. Click OK to delete the message. By doing this, you have deleted the message.

delete sms on Android

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