Top Best 10 iPhone Wipe Software You Need to Know

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Data erasing is required when people want to sell their iPhone or when their devices cause problems during operation. There are different ways of erasing your data. You can try to manually delete it or try to do a factory reset or try to go for restoring. The data eraser program which is present in all the iOS (iOS10) devices can delete your overall data but the process is not totally safe. Your files can easily be recovered and that is why the feature is not suitable in all conditions. So, here we are going to discuss some top iPhone wipe software which can delete your data safely and no one can recover the data erased by them. This makes these high quality programs better options when looking to wipe iPhone (iPhone 7 included).

Top 10 iPhone Wipe Software

iSkysoft iPhone wipe software

1.dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS)

dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS) is one of the best iPhone (iPhone 7 Plus supported) wipe tool which can delete all your data safely and securely. All your precious information, junk files and even the deleted files can be deleted permanently. Through this software, all the power is given into your hands. No one can steal your data and no one can recover it, it is only you who can do whatever you want with your data. This tool is capable of recognizing every iOS device and can delete data from each device with ease

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Key Features of the Software

  • Deletes all your precious data safely.
  • Deletes all the deleted files which can be accessed through recovery programs.
  • It also has the transfer function which can transfer contacts, photos, videos, etc. between iPhone and Android phones.
  • One click operation make it the easiest tool for you.
iPhone Data Cleaner

2. iPhone Data Cleaner

iPhone Data Cleaner is capable of cleaning all your important files including your account passwords. The program to wipe iPhone all types of file formats and comes with 4 data cleaning modes and 3 erasing levels. The deleted files cannot be recovered by any means.

Key Features of the Program

  1. All file formats are supported.
  2. Ensures the safety of your data.
  3. Cleans all the junk files through ‘Express Clean-up’ mode.
  • Most intelligent cleaning.
  • Easy to use.
  • All iOS devices are supported.
  • Takes a lot of time in cleaning the data.

3. iShredder

iShredder is very unique in itself. This iPhone wiping software goes beyond the international security standards in securing file deletion. It shreds all your data and sends all your unwanted data to Nirvana without any much effort. The three step deletion process is very simple and helps in clearing all your data from your iPhone.

Key Features of the Software

  1. Advanced security program.
  2. Data destruction beyond redemption.
  3. Available in 4 editions: Standard, Pro, Pro HD and Enterprise.
  • Technical support by e-mail.
  • Secure free space deletion.
  • Quality deletion algorithms are only present in the enterprise edition.
iPhone Data Eraser

4. iPhone Data Eraser

iPhone Data Eraser can delete all the unwanted data in a unique way. There is no chance of recovering the data back so you can freely use this program in order to delete your files. It will enhance the performance of your device by deleting the unnecessary files which are responsible for slowing down your device.

Key Features of the iPhone Wipe Tool

  1. Uniquely delete all the unwanted files.
  2. No chance of data recovery.
  3. Controls and supports all file formats.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Excellent privacy protection.
  • No way of recovering data you have deleted previously.
iOS Data Eraser

5. iOS Data Eraser

iOS Data Eraser offers great data erasing options which allow the users to erase their data through 5 different erasing models. It deletes all your precious data including call history, messages, videos, photos, contacts, emails and much more. It also clears the junk files to create more space into your device.

Key Features of the Wiping Software for iPhone

  1. Clears all the personal information and data with ease.
  2. 5 data erasing models are available.
  3. Erases traces of deleted files.
  • Simple and intuitive user-interface.
  • The iPod touch 3 is not supported.

6. PhoneClean

PhoneClean is another data erasing software which can make your devices faster. The iPhone wipe software contains a variety of features like in-depth privacy protection, hands-free cleaning and ultimate speed up. All your precious information stays safe and secure and is deleted permanently by the software.

Key Features of the Program

  1. Makes your device run faster.
  2. Deletes all your data permanently, safely and securely.
  3. All file formats are supported.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Works quickly.
  • Does not provide deleted data details.
  • Doesn’t back up your data.
Coolmuster iOS Eraser

7. Coolmuster iOS Eraser

Coolmuster iOS Eraser provides an efficient way of erasing different file formats. Like other data erasing tools, this program also ensures that your data cannot be recovered by any means. So it is recommended to create a backup of your files before using this software.

Key Features of the Wipe Software

  1. Advanced data erasing process.
  2. The interface is very user-friendly.
  • Both Linux and Windows are supported.
  • Deleted files cannot be deleted permanently.
Vibosoft iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Eraser

8. Vibosoft iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Eraser

Through Vibosoft iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Eraser you will be able remove every bit of data from your iOS devices. You can easily erase anything that is unnecessary from different files like messages, videos, apps, passwords, etc.

Key Features of the Program

  1. Erases everything from your devices.
  2. 3 data erasing modes are available.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Slow in deleting files.
Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner

9. Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner

Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner is a fine data erase software which offers a simple solution to deleting your data. It can eliminate all kinds of junk files and can create more space into your device.

Key Features of the Program

  1. Deletes all the junk files.
  2. It creates more space into your device.
  • Free to use.
  • It takes a long time just to scan the device and find the junk files.
iPhone iPad iPod Data Eraser

10. iPhone iPad iPod Data Eraser

iPhone iPad iPod Data Eraser can erase all your important information from your iOS devices. It also works very well for jail broken and devices that are carrier-locked.

Key Features of the Data Wipe Software

  1. All your private information is kept safe and secure.
  2. Supports various file formats.
  • It has an intuitive user interface.
  • It has an elegant design.
  • It takes a great amount of time in deleting files and takes up a lot of RAM too in the process.
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