What Is Forensic Data Recovery: Best Forensic Data Recovery Software

Forensic Data Recovery is the science of recovering data without disturbing the device or the data itself. Click to read more on the same!

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Forensic data recovery is the process of extracting data from a storage device in a forensically sound manner. In other words, the data recovery should not result in the alteration of the data or the state of the device. Forensic data recovery is commonly used to unearth data from storage devices that are found at crime scenes or taken as evidence. In these use cases, the data extraction process must be done carefully so that it doesn’t interfere with the actual data itself.

Forensic Data Recovery: An Overview


Forensic data recovery and normal data recovery hopes to achieve the same end result, but they differ in the methods used to obtain that result. With standard data recovery, the file integrity of the device integrity is not considered to be on the same priority level of forensic recovery. This is because of the fact that tampering with the device or data can sabotage the whole operation, or even land you a criminal offense.

With the rise in digital device adoption, the crimes involving these devices have also increased. And the data within them can give the investigators clues about the crime.

Hence extracting the data out of them is of critical importance. The forensic data recovery process involves using powerful data recovery softwares for this process to ensure safe extraction.

Recovering data from devices is not just about obtaining the readable data present on the device. It also involves recovering deleted or formatted data. In most cases, the culprits do not know that deleted or formatted data can be extracted with powerful data recovery software and this is what investigators do in order to unlock the information that lies within storage devices.

If you are in search of the best forensic data recovery software, then we have the perfect solution or you!

Forensic Data Recovery Made Easy: Recoverit (IS)


Like we discussed, forensic data recovery software is all about recovering the files without damaging the file and the device. Also, the software must be capable of recovering data that has been deleted or formatted. When we take such requirements into consideration, the option becomes clear – Recoverit (IS).

The Recoverit (IS) is a powerful digital data recovery software that can scan and retrieve data on storage devices. What makes Recoverit (IS)y different from the rest of o the pack is its powerful algorithm that can recover data even on the toughest of devices.

But to be used in forensic data recovery, the software must be more than just capable. It needs to have features within it that will help the user in tacking more than one type of device with support for a wide variety of file types. Let’s look at what iSkysoft Data recovery offers.

Features That Make Recoverit (IS) the Best Data Recovery Software

Below are some of the noteworthy features of the Recoverit (IS)y software that makes it the perfect choice for forensic data recovery.

Recoverit (IS)

A Life Saver to Solve Your Data Loss Problems!

  • Wide range of file support: Recoverit (IS) supports file types from media to docs to archives.
  • Multiple device support: Mechanical hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, floppy, etc. are supported.
  • Deep scan: A more powerful scan that can unearth even the toughest of files.
  • Secure extraction: The data that you extract is not compromised in any way.
  • Stable operation: The software is designed to work flawlessly on Mac and Windows PC.
icon_security 3,165,867 people have downloaded it

These features coupled with the fact the Recoverit (IS) can work completely offline makes the software an easy recommendation for forensic data recovery. Let’s now have a look at how you can use the software to recover deleted files.

How to Recover Files with Recoverit (IS)?

The Recoverit (IS) is designed to be user-friendly and you can see this when you launch the software. Everything is laid out perfectly so that you can find them with less effort. Let us go through the actual steps to show you how it works.

Step 1 Download and Install Recoverit (IS)

Download the latest version of Recoverit (IS) on to your computer. You can find the software from the official iSkysoft website.

Step 2 Choose the drive for scanning

All the storage devices connected to the computer will be displayed on this window. You can select the drive you want to scan right from here.

Step 3 Scan and Recover files

The software will now start scanning the storage device for file and will display the files that it has found. You can preview the files before recovery. Once you have selected the files to recover, click on Recover.


Now all the files that you selected will be recovered back to your computer. The steps in recovering data with iSkysoft are easy and straightforward. You can do it yourself without worrying too much. Just select the drive and let the software do its thing.


Forensic data recovery has helped investigators solve many modern mysteries. Having access to a person’s device can tell you a lot about them. A few years ago, such deleted data was gone forever. However, with modern software like iSkySoft Data Recovery, you can recover deleted files with ease.

With time, the technology is going to advance even more and it will certainly help forensic data recovery in data science.


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