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Many users compress important files using the all-renowned 7-Zip tool to save the disk storage. But as efficient as this program is, it’s also not immune to unexpected issues. Many users face the 7-Zip data error while recovering the compressed data.

It can be frustrating to face this issue, especially during an emergency. That’s why we will outline what you should do to fix 7-Zip data error most efficiently and start recovering your files seamlessly.

Part 1. What Is "7-Zip Data Error"?

The 7-Zip data error relates to the problem where users can't recover the compressed data. The official website of 2-zip claims that you can still restore the archived data but cannot recover it. A lot many reasons could be the culprit of 7-Zip data error, but some common reasons include:

zip data error
  • A potential virus or malware attack on 7-zip damaged the compressed files. Usually, the files downloaded from the internet or transferred from another device are vulnerable to virus attacks.
  • Compressing your files using a corrupt or incomplete version of 7-Zip can cause this issue.
  • Sudden or unexpected power shutdown or power failure can lead to 7-Zip data error. It is highly likely if the system shuts down during the extraction process.

Part 2. Fix "7-Zip Data Error" with Another Good 7.Zip Archive

Before diving into more solutions for fixing 7-Zip data error, try a simple yet highly effective solution to recover your files. This method entails creating the exact copy of the files in the bad archive.

Step 1. Use another .7z to make a similar archive having good copies of the files. Make sure to have the same settings and sequence while compressing them.

Step 2. Replace the bad parts of your .7z archive with the good parts you just created in the above part.

Note: Using logs of the "test" command can help you identify the bad parts if you don’t know them already.

Step 3. Once all bad parts are replaced, try extracting the files again.
extract files

Hopefully, it will work. If not, jump to the next solution.

Part 3. Fix "7-Zip Data Error" By Using the Repair Option

Another popular method to fix 7-Zip data error is via the Repair option. It might not be as efficient as you’d expect, but it has worked well for many users. Implementing this solution hardly takes you a couple of minutes, so it’s worth a shot.

Step 1. Right-click the damaged 7-zip RAR file and choose, Open with RAR.
open with rar

Step 2. Select Tools > Repair archive from the top tab. Use the browse option to a location where you want to save the recovered file.
save to a location

Click on Ok to begin the process.

Step 3. Wait until the repairing process is completed. Hit Ok to exit.

Part 4. Fix 7-Zip Data Error" By Re-downloading an Extraction Tool

Many users have claimed that re-downloading the 7-zip tool has worked to fix the 7-Zip data error. The process is as simple as it can be and worth a try. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1. Uninstall the already installed 7-zip tool, clear the existing virus with antivirus software.

Step 2. Head to the 7-Zip official website and download the tool in the same version as used before.

Step 3. Now, try to check again. Hopefully, you won’t face the 7-Zip data error.

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