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My iPad is frozen is one of the common iPad system problems. It means iPad freezes and becomes completely unresponsive. It is not only a headache but also ensures that it is kept placed on the shelf till the battery gets drained. To be honest this is not a solution which should be applied as it is time-consuming and therefore not practical at all. For all other solutions, a person does not have to be tech savvy as they are easy to apply.

Part 1: 3 Common Methods to Fix iPad Keeps Freezing

1. Fix Frozen iPad by Rebooting the iPad

Force reboot is required to make sure that the iPad gets back on track. Most of the people are of the view that the iPad slider will appear once this method is applied. The fact of the matter is that to fix frozen iPad the slider does not appear as the iPad is completely frozen. Now some of the users might get worried but there is nothing to be afraid of. Your iPad is completely safe and secure. The frozen issue is a temporary glitch and might not ever happen again. However, if you have faced the issue it is important that the problem is resolved ASAP. To fix frozen iPad reboot can also be done by several methods. Some of these are mentioned as under.

The first way is simple to follow and it is for those users that encounter intermittent issues. It means that the iPad is not completely frozen and partially responding. Just hold down sleep/wake buttons until the red slider appears. You then need to slide it and keep pressing wake/sleep buttons. Following the process would fix frozen iPad.

ipad frozen

The second way is force reboot and it is used in all such cases when the iPad is completely unresponsive. It is easy than the normal rebooting. You just need to hold sleep/wake button and the home button simultaneously to reboot the device. It is important that the buttons are let go to fix frozen iPad or the recovery mode will be activated.

how to fix ipad frozen

2. Fix Frozen iPad by Deleting the Offending Apps

The frozen iPad issue has several causes and the offending app can be one of it. It is highly recommended that the app which you think is offending is deleted to get the iPad work again. To find the offending app you just need to take a look at the RAM usage of each app. You will definitely find the app that is using the most RAM. To fix frozen iPad the offending app should be removed or else the issue continues.

There is more than one process which can be followed to get the work done. All these are explained as under to get a clear picture to the user so that it can be applied to fix frozen iPad.

Tap and hold the app which you want to delete and it will start wiggling. Press the X icon at the top left corner to delete the app or apps which are causing the problem. A confirmation notification will appear and you just need to choose Delete to confirm the choice.

ipad freezes

The second method is also easy and can be applied to all iDevices. If you are searching for my iPad is frozen then it is important to head over to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Click on the app you want to delete. On the next screen, press Delete to finish the process in full.

frozen ipad

You can also use the iTunes to delete the app. The processes which are being discussed here can be applied to all iDevices. To solve iPad frozen issue follow the steps as follows.

Connect the iPad to computer. Click on the iPad icon and then the apps tab on the left.

my ipad is frozen

The list of apps appears on the right of iTunes. Double click it to choose the app and click Delete. The app will be deleted from the iPad and the process finish here.

ipad is frozen

3. Fix iPad Keeps Freezing by Restoring iPad to Factory Default

It will delete all the data from your iPad. To resolve the iPad frozen issue this process is not recommended. The steps are as follows.

Head over to Settings > General and click Reset at the bottom. Select Erase All Content and Settings on the next screen. Confirm your action by pressing the Delete button on the next screen and to fix frozen iPad.

my ipad froze

Part 2: The Safest Way to Fix a Frozen iPad without Data Loss

dr.fone - iOS System Recovery is the best and the most efficient way to fix an iPad that is not responding. It is highly in demand as it acts as one stop shop for all iPad and iDevices related needs. To make sure that the problem of iDevice is fixed the program uses very simple processes. The features of the program are awesome and therefore it is highly recommended.

  • You can fix common issues such as iPad/iPhone stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, white Apple logo and frozen status.
  • Fix frozen iPad without losing any of your data. It remains safe with the program.
  • The program has a large database of firmware so it will exactly get up to your device needs.
  • The use of the program is very easy, simple steps and less time are required to get the work done.
  • The program fixes the iDevices in such a manner that the warranty of the device remains.

Step 1: Connect the iPad to the computer and launch the program. Click on 'System Recovery' on the main interface. Then click 'Start' on the next pop-up window.

my ipad froze

Step 2: Verify the firmware of the device with its model which the program presents as a solution. Once the details have been verified press 'Download'. It is very important to deal with iPad frozen issue.

how to fix a frozen ipad

Step 3: Wait for the firmware to download. The program will automatically start fixing your device to resolve iPad frozen issue. Once your iPad gets fixed you will be notified.

what to do when ipad freezes

Part 3: Reasons for iPad Keeping Freezing

Belows are the reasons which can cause an iPad frozen. You should know them to avoid your iPad freezing next time. Now let's see.

  • Nasty surprises are waiting for you if you download apps from sources other than App Store.
  • If your iOS has not been updated then you will definitely face the issue of iPad frozen. It is always advised to download the update as soon as it is launched.
  • Overheating is another issue which is the cause of the concern. If you are looking for the best way to save your iPad from freezing never use it on charge.
  • Close all background apps to prevent your iPad from freezing. The best answer to the term my iPad is frozen is that the RAM becomes vulnerable to the passage of time and therefore the background apps must be closed to avoid the issue.
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