How to Restore a Disabled iPad Pro/mini/air.

Knowing how to restore disabled iPad Pro/mini/air will prove to be valuable so you can get all your data back, and repair the operating system.

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Restoring an iPad can be done using backup files stored in your iTunes or iCloud accounts. Unfortunately, there are some backups that you cannot do directly from these backup services. You need a good restoration tool which will be able to extract the data in the backup so you can restore an iPad Pro/mini/air to working condition. With iPad restoration tools, you can get all your contact, emails, calendar data, apps and a lot more, restored so you can continue using the iOS device like nothing ever happened. Here you will learn how to restore disabled iPad devices.

Part 1. Best Tool to Restore a Disabled iPad

Restoring a disabled iPad is quite easy when you use dr.fone - System Repair (iOS). The tool ensures that none of your data is corrupted and the easy interface allows you to operate it with ease.


dr.fone - System Repair (iOS)

Why Choose This Free iPhone System Recovery Software:

  • Fix iOS to normal - If your iPad or iPhone stucks in recovery mode, black screen or white Apple logo, it can help repair your device without any data loss.
  • Supports to recover several file types – The software works with more than 20 different file types used by iOS devices.
  • Multiple extraction methods – It scans and extracts data from previous iCloud and iTunes backup files for easy restoration
  • Full iOS (including iOS 10.3) support – the software works with all iOS devices, making it a one-stop solution for restoration of data to any iOS device, including the iPad.
4,290,481 people have downloaded it

Step-by-step Guide to restore iPad Pro/mini/air

With iSkysoft, you can now restore a disabled iPad to its original form, but without any loss of data. If the device is stuck in the recovery mode loop, or white screen, selecting the "Repair" menu is the solution. When you use this function, the iPad will be restored to the latest iOS version. This means that all unlocked features will be locked once more, and jailbroken devices will be returned to their original status. However, none of your custom data will be changed during this process.

Step 1: Launch Repair

Download and install dr.fone on your computer, select ‘Repair’ among all the feature list.

select Repair

Step 2: Select corresponding problem

After you choose Repair, a window will pop up for you to choose your iPad system issue, "iPhone Won't Update", "Stuck in DFU Mode", "Stuck in Recovery Mode",.etc. The background of the chosen item will become green. Now, connect your iPad to computer with a workable cable, and click on Start to begin repair process.

choose a problem

Step 3:Activate DFU mode

If your iPad is successfully connected, dr.fone will detect the device detailed info and display them on the program. Click Next to move ahead.

the detailed info of your device

Step 4: Confirm the detected model

Now, you need to download the corresponding firmware package for your iPad. Please confirm the detected model first. Tap on Download button after confirming. The downloading process will take for a while.

confirm the detected model

Step 5: Restore the Disabled iPad

After downloading the firmware package, you can begin to fix your iOS system now. Don't worry about the native data of your device, they will be retained after repairing. Just click on Fix Now button to begin repairing, when it is done, your ipad or other iOS device you tried will work again like before.

repair completes

Part 2. How to Restore a Disabled iPad from iTunes

It is possible to restore a disabled iPad using iTunes, as long as you have a backup of the device.

Step 1: Connect the iPad

Connect the iPad to the PC/MAC that you usually use to create backup files. For a disabled iPad, you need to press on the “Back up Now” button first to kick-start the iTunes backup system. This is a step that you also do if iTunes does not automatically sync the device. When the backup had been done, you can now proceed with the restoration of the disabled iPad.

Step 2: Restore from iTunes

The iOS Setup Assistant will turn on and you should hit the “Restore from iTunes Backup” option. Select the iPad device in iTunes and then select the most recent backup files. Wait for some time as the restoration process is completed.

Upon completing the restoration, you will have all the settings of the iPad restored to their prior working condition and the device will no longer be disabled. You can now access the device using your normal passwords to read the apps and data within.

When you mistakenly disable your iPad, or fiddle with the settings and cause a fault in the device, you do not have to worry. The device can be restored to working order using these simple processes. This is the reason why you should always backup your iPad to iTunes or iCloud. This is a measure that can save you a lot of headache in the future. Nobody can tell when their device will malfunction, and knowing that the backup can help restore it is a comforting thought. Also you can use the powerful all-in-one tool - dr.fone for the backup and restoration of your iPad at all times.


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