Top 8 Common iPad Problems and Quick Fixes

If your iPad doesn’t run properly when you use it, there must be something wrong with it. Here lists the top iPad issues and the real fixes for you.

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iPad has become a significant part of our life. They allow us to keep track of things around us and help us get connected to people. But, like every other electronic device, iPad problems might crop up and disrupt your routine. It might be a bug, error, or simply some glitches in software updates leading you to various problems with the iPad. Resolving these iPad issues is not a herculean task, and with our quick tips, you would be able to fix iPad problems with ease. Here we are discussing 8 major iPad-related issues along with their quick fixes to make your life easier.

1. Software can’t be downloaded/iOS system problem

This is a common issue with iPads just like all iOS devices. Fixing this problem is not a big deal when you know how to do it. All that you need here is restoring your iPad with iTunes in recovery mode.

When your iPad is not recognized by iTunes, the screen gets stuck with the Apple logo for a long, connect iTunes screen is displayed, you might have to put your iPad in recovery mode for restoring data.

To restore your iPad in recovery mode:

ipad problems

fix ipad problems

2. When your iPad gets stuck in a reboot loop

This problem might arise in situations when the iPad has a too low a battery to even turn on. Though it is a rare instance of iPads attempting to turn on without enough power, but you can’t avoid them completely. The reboot loop occurs while your iPad makes futile attempts to restart and undergoes shutting down, being poorly charged, and rebooting in a loop.

To fix iPad problems like this, you ought to get the iPad completely charged and allow it for a full boot cycle. Here are the steps:

3. iPad keeps freezing

To fix iPad problems such as frozen screens, you need to put your device into its factory settings using iTunes. Get your PC ready to assist you in this process.

ios problems ipad

there was a problem downloading the software for the ipad

dr.fone - iOS System Recovery is one of its kind software that allows you to fix any kind of iPad problem without any glitch. When you use this for your device, it keeps your data on the iPad safe, which means you won't lose any files on your device.


dr.fone - System Repair (iOS)

  • It can fix iPad problems when the iPad is stuck in DFU mode/frozen/recovery mode/white Apple logo.
  • The tool is Windows and Mac friendly which means you can effortlessly use it on either computer you possess.
  • You don’t lose any data while it resurrects your device when the screen becomes unresponsive/slider doesn’t respond to turn off or unlock/screen turned green/black/blue.
  • It holds the capability of supporting nearly all iOS devices.
4,290,481 people have downloaded it

4. Wi-Fi is not accessible on the iPad

When your iPad can’t get connected to the Wi-Fi, ensure that there is no problem with your Wi-Fi router. Check whether its power button is turned on or not. Or, follow these quick steps to fix iPad problems relating to Wi-Fi connectivity.

ipad pro problems

5. iTunes is not recognizing iPad

Your iPad might not get recognized by iTunes when the iTunes software on your PC is not updated or you have a faulty USB cable.

For Windows – Go to ‘Help’ then ‘Check for Updates

apple ipad problems

For macOS – Go to ‘iTunes’ then ‘Check for Updates

ipad air 2 problems

6. iMessage problems in iPad

iMessage problems not only bother iPhone users but iPad consumers too. When you undergo such iPad problems, fret not! We are here to help you.

ipad 2 problems

ipad problems

7. iPad camera application crashes

Sometimes the iPad’s camera might keep crashing and fail to load at all. For such situations, we have the following solutions.

ipad problems

ios problems ipad

8. iPad AirDrop issue

AirDrop is the quickest way to transfer files across iOS devices and any problem with it obviously is not welcome by users. You might fail to find users or to send files. The solutions to fix iPad problems like this need you to select AirDrop to ‘Everyone’.

how to fix ipad problems


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