Account Disabled in App Store and iTunes – 100% Working Fixes

Apple accounts are important in ensuring the smooth operation of an Apple device. You must add your Apple account for basic procedures from iPhones to Mac devices. This truly explains the importance of an Apple account in the market. From App Store to iTunes, you will find the Apple account is a necessity. What if your Apple account is disabled in App Store and iTunes?

While you try to find a proper reason for this problem, you will need a solution to resolve it. App Store and iTunes are essential features of any Apple device, so enabling them is necessary. This article targets the issue and provides appropriate solutions to the users.

disabled in the app store and itunes

Part 1: What Does This Apple Error Message Mean?

If you have faced the Apple error "account has been disabled in App Store and iTunes," there are some pointers related to the particular problem. From issues with downloading and updating applications, you will also be unable to make any purchases. All purchases performed through Apple Pay will freeze, and you will lose the services from the applications too.

While you look into the issue caused by this error, you will also observe losing services connected to your Apple ID. Some services like FaceTime and iCloud will become unavailable until further notice. This is what the disabled account in App Store and iTunes means to a basic Apple user.

Part 2: Why is My Account Disabled in the Apple Store/iTunes?

The issues caused by a disabled Apple account in App Store and iTunes can ripple multiple irregularities. Before you direct yourselves to a proper solution to this problem, find out why your account has been disabled in App Store and iTunes. These reasons will help you out in continuing your connection with App Store and iTunes:

  • You might have been trying to login into your Apple account. Multiple failed attempts can disable your Apple account in Apple Store and iTunes.
  • If your Apple ID has been inactive for a while, it will get disabled. To avoid hacks and unauthorized access, Apple usually closes down such IDs.
  • There can be a security breach in your Apple ID which is why Apple has disabled the account. This prevents the hacker from accessing the account details and other important data.
  • The date and time of your iPhone can be wrong, which is leading to a problem with your Apple account.

Part 3: How to Reactivate a Disabled Account on iTunes and the App Store?

While you have learned some important reasons, it is time to reactivate the disabled Apple account. If your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes, these solutions will help you out. Follow these solutions for reactivating your account and resolving all issues related to it:

Method 1: Check Restriction Settings

For your first solution, you should check your restriction settings. If you wish to reactivate your disabled Apple account on App Store and iTunes, it is best to check them. Look through the steps to understand how to view these settings on an iPhone:

Step 1. Open "Settings" and look for "Screen Time" in the list of options.

As you continue to the next screen, find the "Content & Privacy Restrictions" in the section.

select content and privacy restrictions option

Step 2. Find the toggle on the top of the next screen and check if it is on.

If it is, continue to the "Content Restrictions" option in the list.

access content restrictions

Step 3. The "Allowed Store Content" contains all details about the restrictions on music, applications, videos, and other settings.

Follow the restrictions and manage them to enable access to App Store and iTunes.

check the store content

Method 2: Update Your Apple ID Payment Methods and Settings

The next method is another simple and effective technique to resolve the disabled account problem on App Store and iTunes. Follow the steps as described next for updating your Apple ID payment details:

Step 1. Lead to the "Settings" of your iPhone and select the name on the top to direct to the Apple ID settings.

As you find yourselves on the next screen, continue to the "Payment & Shipping" option.

access the payment and shipping option

Step 2. After verification through Face ID or Apple ID, as appropriate, you will observe all the payment details stored on your iPhone.

Continue to select any payment method and select the "Remove Payment Method" option to remove the details from the account.

remove the payment method

Step 3. You can tap on the "Add Payment Method" option on the previous screen.

And add your respective payment details.

select add payment method option

Method 3: Check If You Have a Pending Purchase

Despite the issues with your App Store and iTunes, the problem can lead to a pending purchase. Apple devices can severely malfunction for no particular reason if there is a pending purchase. To avoid that, you should check your pending purchases and pay them on time. To know its operations, look through the steps featured next:

Step 1. As you progress into the "Settings" of your iPhone, find your name on the top to access the Apple ID settings.
access apple id settings

Step 2. Continue into the "Media & Purchases" section and select "View Account" from the options on the pop-up menu.

As you provide the necessary verification for accessing the details, continue to the next screen.

select media and purchases option

Step 3. Lead through the options on the next screen and find the "Purchase History" option in the list.

As you redirect to the next screen, find the unpaid purchase and manually pay it or change your payment method on the Apple account.

check the purchase history

Method 4: Configure Date and Time Locally

It will malfunction if you have the incorrect date and time added to your iPhone. Issues like the account being disabled in the App Store and iTunes are common aftereffects of this problem. To configure the date and time, follow the steps featured next:

Step 1. Launch the "Settings" on your iPhone and continue to the "General" section.
access the general settings

Step 2. Look for the "Date and Time" option on the next screen.

And continue to turn on the toggle for the "Set automatically" option. You can also try to configure your device's date and time manually.

enable set automatically option

Method 5: Restart Your Device

Try restarting your iPhone if you are facing issues with managing your Apple account on iTunes and App Store. Minor glitches in the device can lead to such problems on your Apple device, for which you can restart the device as follows:

Step 1. Redirect to the "Settings" of your iPhone and look for the "General" section.

Find the option of "Shut Down" by scrolling through the list to turn off your device.

tap on the shutdown option

Step 2. As the device turns off, hold the "Power" button for a few seconds until the logo appears on the screen.

Method 6: Access Your iTunes/App Store from Another Device

If you cannot access your iTunes or App Store from your iPhone, try accessing it from another device. Such an option allows you to verify if the issue remains in the device or the Apple account. If the iTunes or App Store logs in successfully, wait for a few hours and try to log in with your original device.

Method 7: Sign Out of Apple ID and Sign In Again

To figure out a proper solution to the Apple account disabled in App Store and iTunes, it is best to sign out and in the device. Practicing this procedure helps you manage the Apple account glitches and cast out any if present:

Step 1. Start by opening the "Settings" of your iPhone and continue to tap on your name.

As you access your Apple ID settings, scroll down and look for the "Sign Out" button.

select the sign out option

Step 2. On selecting the button, follow the on-screen instructions to sign yourselves out of the iOS device.

Once you cover this, sign in to your Apple account from "Settings" again.

sign in with apple id again

Method 8: Reset Your Apple ID and Password

You can try recovering your Apple account and making it accessible for your App Store and iTunes with the iForgot feature. There is a high chance that you have forgotten the password to your account, which you have to recover. Look into the details for a better overview of the method:

Step 1. Open the iForgot website and continue to add your Apple ID.

After covering the necessary human verification, select "Continue" and provide your phone number connected to the ID.

hit the continue button

Step 2. As you provide the phone number, it sends a password prompt to the device connected to the Apple ID.

Select "Allow" against the prompt and continue to the next screen.

select the allow option

Step 3. Enter the passcode of your iOS device and continue to set a new Apple ID password.

Tap "Done" once you conclude the process.

enter your iphone passcode

Method 9: Wait For 24 Hours and Try Again

You must wait in situations where none of the provided methods are working out for you. Whenever an Apple account is disabled, it is best to wait for 24 hours. As the prescribed time passes, you can try to log into or access the account on App Store or iTunes again.

Method 10: Contact Apple Support for Help

If none of the provided techniques work out for you, the only solution left in this case is to contact Apple Support. Since there is nothing to manage on the device, you must find the best option in their case. However, this solution has a high chance of recovering your Apple account and device.

contact the apple support

Part 4: How to Avoid this Apple Error Message from Appearing Again?

While you can follow multiple methods to resolve issues with your Apple account, there is always a chance to avoid it beforehand. For that, we have listed down some pointers that can help you avoid getting your account disabled:

  • Make sure there are no restrictions on the purchases and downloads made through App Store.
  • If you have changed your payment system, update it on time.
  • You must ensure that the amount in your respective payment system is enough to cover all expenses.
  • Make sure the date and time of the iOS device are set automatically.

Part 5: FAQs about Apple ID Account

Q1. Is the "Your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes" message error means your Apple ID is disabled?

A1: The error message does not mean that the Apple ID account is disabled on the device. For this error, the meaning comes in line when users try to download or update apps in App Store or iTunes. However, you will find Apple ID disabled errors when you input the wrong ID credentials.

Q2. Is it possible to unlock Apple ID without a password?

A2: Yes, it is possible to have this done with the help of Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS). This quick, efficient tool makes the process of unlocking Apple ID easy for users. Its proficient operability gives you the option of unlocking multiple types of iOS locks.

Q3. How to unlock Apple ID locked for security reasons?

A3: If you seek to fix your Apple ID locked for security reasons, look through this article in detail. You will find a proper remedy to the problem of a locked Apple ID account for your device.


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If you have an account disabled in App Store and iTunes, the article has guided you with some perfect solutions. For proper execution, read the article carefully and find a proper resolution to it.

If the problem leads to grave issues like a forgotten Apple ID password, you can try using the solution of Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS). This tool gives the user the autonomy to resolve all the issues involving locks on iOS devices. After reading this article, you will find a perfect solution to your Apple account problems.

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