Best Guide on How to Fix Frozen iPhone x/xr/11/11pro

Want to fix your frozen iphone? Here arev the best tips for you to deal with frozen iphone caused by updated stuck or other types of stuck.

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What will be more irritating than your iPhone stalling out or when your iPhone will not mood killer or reset? If your iPhone is frozen and you are searching for approaches to fix it, at that point you have gone to the correct spot. If your iPhone is frozen, a straightforward reboot will not be a powerful answer. Here we will tell you how to fix frozen iPhone easily, just read and get solutions from this article.

lock screen

Part 1. Why Is My iPhone Not Working After iOS14 Update?

The iOS 14 update carries numerous new highlights to its clients like changing default applications, devices, and substantially more. Notwithstanding not every person can appreciate the highlights of iOS 14 effectively because a few groups discover their iPhone not turning on after the iOS update. Not many others report iPhone not working properly after the iOS 14 update. This is certainly not another issue; clients additionally experience it when iOS 13/12 was delivered...

updated stuck

In the wake of introducing another update, your iPhone or iPad will keep on performing foundation assignments in any event, when it seems like the update has been introduced. This foundation movement may make your device slower as it wraps up the entirety of the required changes. On the off chance that you have a lot of photographs, recordings, your device will keep on feeling delayed for more, and you may likewise encounter speedy battery drainage. However, the gradualness of your iPhone probably won't be as simple a fix as pausing. Before you get urgent, read this article and discover the arrangements.

Part 2. What Can I Do When My iPhone x/xr/11/11pro Is Frozen on the Apple Logo and Won't Turn Off?

fix iphone stuck

It is extremely disappointing when your iPhone stalls out on the Apple logo for quite a long time and you can't look through Instagram or stay in contact with your companions. In this article, I can assist you with this issue. Peruse on, to discover more about how you fix an iPhone stuck on the apple logo. The typical motivation behind why iPhones stall out on Apple logo screen and will not boot up is establishment disappointment. The framework will endure stacking disappointment if the establishment is intruded. To fix this issue, let the first attempt to drive restart or Try DFU Mode Restore to get your telephone rebooted accurately. Both situations can prompt boot-up issues. Contingent upon the stage that the establishment was halted, the issues can go from a straightforward bug to a lasting harmed part. The last is not kidding and needs a fix or telephone substitution.

Force restart your iPhone:

Restarting your iPhone can help on the off chance that you experience persistent resetting/rebooting, slamming, freezing, or if the touchscreen is inert.

force restart

Step 1.Press and hold the Side catch (upper-right edge) and either Volume Button. On the off chance that the device is lethargic, endeavor the substitute strategy.
Step 2.When 'slide to control off' shows up, discharge catches.
Step 3.Slide the Power switch right. Permit a few seconds for the device to control off.
Step 4.With the device fueled off, press and hold the Side catch until the Apple logo shows up then delivery.
Step 5.Press and rapidly discharge the Volume up button then, at that point press and rapidly discharge the Volume down button.
Step 6.To complete, press and hold the Side catch until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.
Step 7.Allow a few seconds for the reboot interaction to finish.
Step 8.Assuming your device will not power back on, halfway charge the device re-try.

On the off chance that your device will not power back on, somewhat charge the device retry.

Reinstall iOS:

reinstall ios

On the off chance that your iPhone is truly wrecked and just will not beginning, you may have to reinstall its working framework. To do that, interface your iPhone to your PC and start iTunes. Then, play out a power restart of your iPhone yet don't relinquish the button(s) when the Apple logo shows up. All things being equal, continue to hold until you see the recuperation mode screen - the screen with the iTunes logo and Lightning connector. At the point when you see this screen on your iPhone, you should then see a window in iTunes on your PC to Restore or Update your iPhone. Snap Update and iTunes will reinstall iOS - and will do as such without deleting your settings, applications, and information. Assuming Update doesn't work, you'll need to select Restore, which will delete the entirety of your information and reinstall iOS and afterward brief you to reestablish a reinforcement in iTunes or iCloud that you ideally made in the new past.

Factory restore:

You can reset the devices to manufacturing plant settings through tap catches (in the settings application) on your iPhone straightforwardly. Stringently Speaking, you can't just press the consolidated catches like the side catch or volume up or volume down catch to reset your iPhone 10/11(Pro, Max)/12 arrangement to production line settings, except if you mean a hard restart. Open Settings>Tap General>Tap Reset>Tap Erase All Content and Settings. When requested a password or Face ID or Touch ID to check it, do it and affirm.

factory restore

DFU ( Device Firmware Update)

dfu mode

The constrained restart method depicted above can help if an iPhone is freezing, hurling blunders, or has quit reacting. DFU mode (representing Device Firmware Update) then reestablishes an iPhone if a restart or entering standard Recovery Mode doesn't tackle the issue you've encountered. DFU mode lets the device interface with iTunes, update the firmware, and reestablish the OS without consequently introducing the last downloaded form. It's valuable for introducing more established variants of iOS if a beta relentlessly hangs your telephone, or if an escape turns sour. Before following the means underneath, ensure you have the most recent form of iTunes introduced on your PC.

Step 1.Turn on your iPhone and connect it to your PC.
Step 2.Launch iTunes on your PC and watch that your iPhone shows up in the rundown of devices.
Step 3.On your iPhone, press the Volume Up button promptly followed by the Volume Down button.
Step 4.Next, press and hold the Side catch (or force button) until your iPhone's screen becomes dark.
Step 5.Release the Side catch and afterward hold down both the Side catch and Volume Down button together for roughly five seconds.
Step 6.Now delivery the Side catch, however, keep on squeezing the Volume Down button.

Wait for at any rate five seconds for iTunes to perceive DFU recuperation mode has been empowered. You will see a message discourse saying "iTunes has recognized an iPhone in recuperation mode". You should reestablish this iPhone before it tends to be utilized with iTunes.

If you don't see the message, rehash the means above. Whenever you've shut the iTunes recuperation brief you can feel free to reestablish your iPhone back to processing plant settings by choosing Restore iPhone on the iPhone Recovery Mode screen. Once reestablished, your iPhone will consequently exit out of DFU mode and boot up to its enactment screen.

Part 3. How to Fix iPhone x/xr/11/11pro Frozen Without Data Loss?

Dr.Fone - System Reapir allows you to fix your iOS without help from anyone else at home. At the point when your iPhone or iPad is stuck in recuperation mode or white Apple logo, things like that, dr.fone - System Repair can help you get your iPhone/iPad back to normal instantly. The following are its main features:


dr.fone - System Repair (iOS)

Best iPhone/iPad error 23 solution 2021

  • Fix almost all iOS system problems, such as stucking in recovery mode, DFU mode, white Apple logo, black screen of death, etc.
  • Full iOS compatibility - This is one of the most appealing features that you get with this tool. It does not matter which iOS device you are using or what version of the operating system is running on your device. Simply connect the device to your computer and dr.fone - System Repair (iOS) will recognize your device.
  • Ease of Use - You do not have to be a computer geek in order to use this tool. It comes with an intuitive user interface that simply guides you through the steps that you have to follow. The tool is so simple, that someone using it for the first time will be able to repair the error with ease.
  • 100% data protection - The reason why people panic when they see errors on their devices is because they do not want to lose their data. With this tool, you will repair the iTunes error 23 without losing any data at all.
4,290,481 people have downloaded it

The following are step-by-step guides on how to fix frozen iPhone with Dr.Fone.

Step 1.Download Dr.Fone and choose System Repair.

Please download Dr.Foen on your PC or Mac, then connect your device and choose System Repair.

choose system repair

Step 2.Choose the mode of iOS Repair.

You will see two different modes after clicking iOS Repair, Standard Mode or Advanced Mode, which depends on whether you want to retain data or not. Here, please choose Standard Mode to retain your data.

select standard mode

Step 3.Active DFU mode.

Dr. Fone will reminds you to boot your device into DFU mode. Please follow the steps bellow to set tyour device to DFU mode aftern choosing the type of your device.

steps for recovery mode

Step 4.Confirm the detected model.

After your device is distinguished, the information will show on the bellow screen confirm it and click Download.

click download

Step 5.The iOS firmware will be downloaded. please wait for the process complete. Then click Fix Now.

fix now

Step 6.Your iOS device will be repaired successfully.

Wait for the process of system repair, then you will see Repair of the operating system is complete.

system repair process


We know it's frightening when your iPhone isn't working as expected, and that is the reason it very well may be so distressing when your iPhone XR is frozen. Luckily, presently you realize how to tackle this issue and can keep utilizing your iPhone issue-free. Tell us how you fixed your frozen iPhone XR in the remarks underneath!

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