12 Solutions on How to Fix Face ID Not Working on iPhone X?

Meet "Face ID not working" problems on iPhone X? No worry, we have 12 solutions for you in this article, go to solve your problems.

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To those who have zilch knowledge about the huge deal with the new Face ID programme of Apple Inc- it's the latest and authentic creation currently on roll in iPhone X models. Apple's vision was always to manufacture an iPhone that's entirely screen. They have been inventing and reinventing models to achieve this trait. Here is a device so brilliant, it can answer to a tap, your voice, and now your glance! iPhone X has a brand new 5.8-inch Super Retina screen that fills the hand and twinkles your eyes. If you meet "Face ID Not Working" problem, it must be a troublesome thing.

There is new technology embedded in every nook and corner of this new device, elegantly done at that. Its cameras and sensors enable Face ID and this is what we introduce to you on this fine day. And, to erase your confused frown, here is the answer - it's nothing but another way to lock your respective device instead of the outdated and ever old password/PIN system, and swipe lock (the irony!). This particular program only wants to have a glimpse of your face to unlock the phone (given that you had set it up) and setting up Face ID is simply easy-peasy! You must make sure that you follow the steps to creating Face ID properly your first time, as it might cause you problems later.

Part 1. Things to Remember While You Set up Your Face ID.

This is all good and dandy if it works everytime you gaze into your selfie camera. But, aren't there some chances of it not possibly working?

What do you do?

Or, are you here because your Face ID isn't working? Oops, not to put salt on your wounds but you may be in some trouble. Do not worry, this is why we present to you the 12 easy steps. Get it done, as they come!

Part 2. 12 Solutions on How to Fix Face ID Not Working on iPhone X.

1. Restart Your Device

This is the first step to taking care of any illegitimate golem problem. Restart technique has the power to take hostage and kill the third party of a problem. This could help you largely if it's a small software glitch that caught you unawares.

To restart your iPhone:

restart iphone

2. Ensure That You're Holding Your Device Far Enough Away from Your Face.

Face ID is effective only if your device is 10-20 inches away from your face. Your device gotta see what you had shown it during the set up hour, and that's why it's highly recommended to hold the device at a good distance away from your face during the same. Open your arms straight out in front of you when using Face ID.

3. Ensure That You've Got No Other Faces Floating Behind You

You must make sure that it's not a face other than yours or the one right next to you as the source of your current troubles. Face ID won't work with one too many faces. Look for a place more private to test it out.

4. Take Off Any Clothing or Jewelry Hiding Your Face.

Remove your hat or scarf if your head is in one of them. This also includes piercings and jewelry as the device's line of cameras and sensors might find it difficult to recognize your face. How inconvenient, if that's the case!

5. Inspect the Lighting Conditions

Who wouldn't prefer best lighting conditions, on any good day? At times, a low voltage might be the culprit you are looking for. Or it could be dim lighting. Get your lighting conditions fixed and you are good to go!

6. Wipe the Camera and Sensors on the Front of Your iOS Device Clean.

Do your camera and sensors have fingerprints all over them? Then, take a microfiber cloth and start wiping both the fingerprints and the dust already! Can you hear a devilish laughter from the cameras? Work the spell!

fix face id not working

7. Get Rid of Your iPhone Case or Screen Protector.

There are moments when a case or a screen protector gets an idea to mess up with your time by marking territory over your iPhone's cameras and sensors (literally) and testing your patience. Take it off for some moments to see if Face ID agrees to work in their departure.

8. Ditch Face ID and Set It up Again.

If these methods failed to help you and Face ID remains stubborn in its stance to disagree with your tender stroking and prying, you might want to delete the current Face ID and set up a new one.

To delete your iPhone Face ID

That's how you create a new Face ID!

facial recognition

9. Watch Out for an iPhone Software Update.

There are wayward possibilities of your device seeking an updateif there is one. To check off the box:

facial recognition

10. Reset All iOS Settings.

The next drastic step you might have to employ if your efforts ended in vain is to reset all settings on your iPhone. This step could fix a troublemaker glitch, whose source might be difficult to track down.

facial recognition

11. DFU Restore Your Device to Fix Face ID Not Working.

Device Firmware Update is the in-depth restore you can do on an iOS device.

12. Fix Your iPhone

If not one of these steps came to your aid, we highly recommend taking your device to an expert or a technician at your local Apple Store. This is only a last resort as handing out your golem to any technician doesn't end in anything good (not counting your Face ID getting fixed).

Usually, Face ID problems creep in due to an unfathomable glitch and getting to the root of it could be difficult. That's why it's always suggested to employ methods that wouldn't end up in data loss or anything equally grave.

Part 3. Recommend the Best iPhone X System Recovery Software.

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