Methods to Fix iMessage ‘Waiting for Activation’ Error on iPhone

The 7 methods in this article will show you how to fix iMessage activation issues on your iPhone.

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The iMessage is an application of iPhone that can be used to remain in touch with Apple and non-Apple friends. The iMessages waiting for activation is an error that can surely ruin all the fun and excitement associated. It is therefore important that iMessages waiting for activation error is completely resolved to get the best out of the app. As the same app can also be used on Mac or Apple Watch it becomes frustrating if it does not work as expected.

imessages waiting for activation

What you need to do before fixing the problem?

There are some very important points which you need to consider before moving forward with the error fixture of iMessages waiting for activation or sometimes it’s also known as iPhone iMessage waiting for activation.

Solutions for iMessage Activation Error

Below are the 7 detailed solutions that can be used to eliminate iPhone iMessage waiting for activation error.

1. Check the internet connection

It simply refers to the idea that whether or not iPhone is connected to the internet. It can also be checked by browsing the internet once it is connected.

Tap the settings icon in the main menu of the phone > Hit the Wi-Fi button in the settings menu > Switch the Wi-Fi button on > Take look at the Wi-Fi connections that the phone detects. Choose the one which belongs to you by clicking it > Enter the password and join the network.

iphone imessage waiting for activation

The internet connection can be checked via browsing or you can also send or receive messages over WhatsApp to see if the connection is not working. Whatever the case is the internet connection can be checked via an app that involves its usage.

2. Log out of your Apple account and Sign-in again

The method is pretty simple and yields positive results and therefore must be given a shot to fix iPhone waiting for activation error.

Click the settings app in the main menu > Click the messages icon and then hit send and receive.

iphone waiting for activation error

Tap on the Apple ID on the next page and click Sign Out.

iphone waiting for activation

Note: Before you move forward with the Apple ID sign in again perform a couple of steps to ensure that the iMessages waiting for activation error is completely resolved.

Now move forward with the process: Following the same steps as mentioned above Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

iphone imessage waiting for activation

3. Contacting your carrier

This step becomes crucial both in case of Wi-Fi or mobile data usage. This should also be the first step that should be taken before applying any process and getting into a hassle for that. There are some carriers around the world that support iMessage service and therefore it is important that you know where your carrier lies. Same goes for the Wi-Fi connection providers.

You should contact your respective service to make sure that it supports iMessage because if this is not the case you will never be able to use the service till you don’t switch.

4. Update carrier settings

This process is simple and must be tried at first hand if you are sure that your carrier supports the iMessage service. The iPhone waiting for activation error is completely resolved once this process is followed.

imessage activation

This process needs to be followed every time you get a new SIM. The carrier settings are also important if you are using mobile data to proceed with the iMessage service and getting the error iMessages waiting for activation. Once this has been done you need to take out the SIM and reinsert and can check whether or not iMessage is working.

5. Put your SIM card on a different phone, then reset that phone

It is very important setting that should only be done as a last resort and therefore must never ever be tried to fix iPhone waiting for activation error first hand. The process is too simple and starts once you have changed your phone.

imessage activation error

fix imessage activation error

6. Update to the latest version of iOS

This process is simple once again and the iPhone starts prompting to make sure that the software update rolled by Apple is installed. Some features of iPhone will not work at all if this is not done. This can also include iMessage and you might get the error iPhone iMessage waiting for activation. The process that you need to follow is below.

imessage activation error

7. Fix iPhone system

To make sure that the best outcome is generated and you don’t have to go through any hassle. It is advised to use dr.fone - iOS System Recovery to get the work done easily and safely. The best part of this program is that it is simple and ideally developed for novice users. The basic issues with the iPhone including iPhone iMessage waiting for activation error are resolved completely if this program is given a chance. Even if your new to iOS and do not know how to process it the program is very simple and therefore must be given a shot. From the intuitive interface to regular updates this program has it all. The program has all the guides available online so it is not hard to use at all.

How to fix iOS system using dr.fone - iOS System Recovery

The process is simple and must be followed before you get to any other process mentioned above. It will make sure that the iPhone is completely up to date and the related issues are resolved completely. You can also fix iPhone iMessage waiting for activation error with it.

Step 1: Once the program has been downloaded and installed launch it to access the main interface and then connect the iPhone to the system on which program is running. Click "System Recovery" on the main interface to start the process. Then click "Start" on the next page that you see.

iphone imessage waiting for activation

Step 2: The program will detect the iOS version and the device model. It will then ask you to download the latest firmware. First, you need to confirm that whether the device info is correct and then you should download the firmware. It is really important and a must-have for your iMessages waiting for activation error fixture.

fix iphone system

Step 3: The program will then download the firmware and fix the issues with your iPhone. Once the download has been completed the program will proceed with issue detection and will forward the process to fix the issues. Once the iOS has been fixed the program will tell the user that the process has been completed and the iOS is back to normal. You will find that iPhone iMessage waiting for activation issue has also been resolved.

fix iphone system


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