What is error 3004 when restore iPhone” is one of the top searches in Google. The issue lies with the fact that the iTunes always verify the firmware of your iDevice with Apple servers. Once the authentication has been granted it leads to successful operation of iPhone with the iTunes. In case this is not done or the authentication fails then it leads to issue which is most commonly known as error 3004.

In order to make sure that the issue is resolved there are many solutions which are suggested. Some of these solutions are described as under.

iphone 4s error 3004

Part 1: Common Solutions to Fix iPhone 3004

Method 1. Update iTunes

It is the first and foremost solution which should be applied to ensure that the work is done with ease. Some of the cases which can lead to iPhone error 3004 are.

  • System updates are turned off both in case of Windows and Mac.
  • The manual update has been set as the value for downloading latest files.
  • Most of the users consider it an advice so you can also apply it that way.
  • Updating iTunes will also make sure that other minor iPhone related issues are completely solved.

Launch iTunes your PC and click help. To resolve iPhone error 3004 just click help and then head to Check for Updates. Once the iTunes has been updated it is advised to check once more and probably the issue will get resolved completely.

error 3004 iphone restore

Method 2: Disable your Antivirus program

It is a known fact that Antivirus programs always interfere with the working of some programs that can lead to the issues. Such programs also include iTunes and therefore the program is very vulnerable and can cause iPhone error 3004. In this section, a generic process will be discussed. The most important part is that all such programs can be disabled using the same method.

  • Click the triangle on the Windows taskbar so that the notification area is shown. To resolve the iPhone error 3004 right-click the antivirus icon. This will let you get a wide range of options which are related to the program. From there look for the disable option.
  • what is error 3004 when restore iphone

  • Once the option has been sighted it is advised to confirm the option. In most of the cases, the error 3004 will get resolved completely.

restore iphone error 3004

Note: It is very important to note that every software has different options to find disable option. However, the process is same as described above. To resolve iPhone error 3004 the above-mentioned process should be applied. It means that same area should be clicked on the taskbar to reveal and disable the software. The only difference is the menu which pops up as soon as software icon is clicked.

Method 3: Check your Network connection

It is mentioned in the beginning that iPhone error 3004 is caused due to iTunes not getting the device verification from Apple servers. It can be because of a network related issue. You should check your iPhone for the network connection and must make sure that it is in perfect order.

  • Click the settings of the iPhone in the menu and head to the next page. Click general. Press the reset option to fix iPhone error 3004 so that the next page is displayed.
  • Reset the network settings. Enter the passcode if prompted. It only happens if there is passcode applied for device unlocking.
  • Confirm the changes that you want to make and this completes the process in full.

iphone 4 error 3004 fix

Method 4: Check Your Firewall Settings

The error 3004 is all about the network and therefore it is very important that the network related apps and data are checked. To fix iPhone error 3004 it is advised to allow iTunes and any other Apple related app through the firewall so that they work as planned. The process is very simple to follow and requires no tech-related knowledge.

  • Open Control Panel > System and Security.
  • iphone 4 error 3004 fix

  • Search for Firewall and once found select “Allow a Program through Windows Firewall”:
  • iphone 4s error 3004

  • To fix iPhone error 3004 clicks Allow another program on the next interface that appears. Most of the times the iTunes will be listed on the same interface. The option should be chosen only if the iTunes is not listed on the list that pops up.
  • iphone 4s error 3004

  • Choose the software from the next list that appears. You can fix iPhone error 3004 by manually browsing the program by clicking the browse button. This also completes the process in full.
  • error 3004 iphone restore

    Note: The process that has been mentioned above is only related Windows 7 and later. If you want you can get the work done on Windows XP as well. The process is entirely different and has one window which is used to search for or add to the program i.e. iTunes. It means that to fix iPhone error 3004 on other versions of the window the process is same but the interface might sound different.

Part 2: The Safest Way to Fix iPhone Error 3004 without Data Loss

iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS System Recovery is the best and the most advanced program that can be used to get error 3004 fixed. The intuitive interface of the program allows to completely eliminating iTunes error 3004. The best part of the program is that it has several other functions. It can be regarded as one stop shop for all the iOS related issues. The users have rated the program high. It is all because of the best outcome that it presents. The novice users can also use the program and get the best results.

  • The issues with iDevices such as stuck in DFU, recovery mode, white Apple logo and frozen status are tactfully resolved by this program.
  • Completely overcome iTunes error 3004 with this program as it is highly regarded to deal with different iDevices errors.
  • This program is highly reliable and you will never lose a single piece of data if it is used to get iPhone back to normal.
  • Even the novice users can use the program with ease. It means that you need not to be tech-savvy to use this program.
  • The program has large database of firmware so it is surely bound to bring your iDevice back to normal.

To make sure that the best is taken out of the program following are the steps which should be followed. It will resolve iTunes error 3004 completely resolved. The fact of the matter is that there is no program other than iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS System Recovery that will get the work done for the user when it comes to error under discussion.

Step 1: Download and install the program. Once it is done connect your iPhone to the system through a data cable and launch the program. Select "System Recovery" on the main interface.

what is error 3004 when restore iphone

Step 2: Press start on the next screen to move a step closer to resolving iTunes error 3004. The program will present you with the firmware according to your iPhone model. It is the most crucial step in resolving the iTunes error. Verify the information that has been presented is correct. Once you have verified press download and the program will start downloading the firmware.

restore iphone error 3004

Step 3: Wait till the firmware is downloaded to resolve iTunes error 3004. Once the download has been completed you will see that the program starts to fix the iPhone or iTunes related issues on its own. When the iTunes error 3004 has been resolved the program will notify you and the process ends here.

error 3004 iphone restore

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