11 Ways to Fix iTunes Error 40 during restoring iPhone/iPad

iTunes error 40 often appears when using iTunes to restore iPhone, but11 ways listed in this tutorial can help you solve iPhone error 40 without hassle.

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There are different reasons to restore iPhone. However, one of the common issues is due to the freezing of the phone or updating the software. Many people suffer a brunt, as not everybody is lucky. iTunes error 40 appears when using iTunes to restore iPhone device.

Part 1. Why iTunes error 40 appears?

Error 40 iTunes appears due to hardware issue. It is difficult to state when and why the error appears. Fortunately, it is possible to correct the same with a few simple steps.

iPhone error 40

1. Symptoms

2. Causes

3. Influences

The reasons for the iPhone error 40 appearances are numerous. A better way to attend to it is by solving all the possible causes individually and stopping them for recurring.

Part 2. 11 solutions that help in fixing iTunes error 40

Solution 1. Restoring the phone using dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)

dr.fone - System Repair (iOS) is a procedure to fix an iPhone when it is not possible to enter the OS in its normal state. As all the details are available, any user can quickly use the simple steps to restore the device without any data loss.


dr.fone - System Repair (iOS)

Best iTunes error 40 repair utility

  • Fix your iPhone/iPad system back to normal in few mintues.
  • Super easy steps to follow.
  • Extremely intuitive UI interface.
  • Highest success rate on the market.
4,290,481 people have downloaded it

The software helps in repairing error code 40 and other issues related to an iOS device. However, one should remember that after completion of the repairing process, the devices updates to the latest iOS version, the device restores to non-jailbroken condition, and the unlocked status to locked status.

1. Download the software from the official site of iSkysoft and install the same. Launch the program and choose “Repair” option.

choose Repair

2. Clicking the “Repair” option opens a new window with a list of common problems faced by iOS users. One can use the scroll bar to identify the right scenario.

identify the right scenario

After selecting the problem from the list, one can connect the iOS device to the system using the provided lighting cable. Click the “Start” button to proceed.

3. If dr.fone – System Repair (iOS) identifies the device, then it will display the information of the connected device on the screen.

the information of the connected device

Then the Toolbox will ask you to boot the device in DFU mode. The procedure to enter into DFU mode varies from one model to another. Fortunately, dr.fone gives information about the every model, which makes anyone to enter the mode in a few simple steps.

enter into DFU mode

4. In the next screen, provide information about the device to download the latest firmware.

Click download

5. After downloading, click “Fix Now” button to begin repairing the device. Check the “Retain native data” option to prevent loss of data from the iOS device.

click Fix Now

6. After the repair is complete, the phone returns to normal condition. The phone restarts automatically and functions normally.

Solution 2. Restoring the iPhone device without inserting the SIM card

1. If there is a SIM card in the phone, remove the same using SIM eject tool. If there is none, then continue to the next step.

2. Connect the phone to the computer using the charging cable and start the iTunes software on the computer.

3. Click the “Summary” tab after selecting “iPhone” from the devices option.

4. Click “Restore iPhone” and press “Restore.” Wait until the device restarts.

5. Complete the steps after dragging the slider to set up the phone.

Solution 3. Resetting the iPhone

Resetting can provide an answer to the error code 40 iTunes. The steps below are helpful for iPhone 8 and iPhone X series:

1. Click the volume up button once.

2. Click the volume down button once.

3. Hold the sleep/wake button until the phone restarts.

Solution 4. Updating iTunes

In many situations, updating iTunes to the latest version solves the iPhone restore error 40 code. However, it is essential to watch for the compatibility offered by the computer’s operating system.

Solution 5. Using the Recovery Mode

Using the recovery mode is helpful in certain instances. As the procedure changes for each generation of the phone, the following steps are for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the latest iPhone X.

1. Use the lighting cable to connect the iPhone with a computer.

2. Start iTunes on the computer.

3. Press the volume up button first and volume down button second. Hold the side button until the display of the device shows connect to iTunes screen.

Using the Recovery Mode

iTunes will detect the connected device and begins restoring the iPhone.

Solution 6. Updating iTunes

In many situations, updating iTunes to the latest version solves the iPhone restore error 40 code. However, it is essential to watch for the compatibility offered by the computer’s operating system.

Solution 7. Going for a Factory Reset

Factory resetting the device is helpful in overcoming the iPhone error 40 code. It helps in resolving problems such as crashing, freezing, and operating sluggishly.

1. Launch the Settings app, select General, and click Reset option. Click Erase All Contents and Settings choice.

2. The device will display a warning box with Erase iPhone in a red box. Click the same.

3. It is mandatory to enter the Apple ID password to continue. The device resets and goes back to the initial setup screen.

Solution 8. Clearing cookies, cache, and history

Head to the Settings app, choose Safari and click Clear History and Website Data. Clearing will not affect AutoFill information.

Clearing cookies, cache, and history

Solution 9. Replacing the existing battery of the device

One can replace the current battery if the iPhone is under warranty. Heading to the service center is helpful to see if the phone requires a replacement. However, one should be ready to make a service fee and the battery cost (if needed).

Solution 10. Unplugging addition USB devices on the computer

If the computer has multiple devices connected through USB, one can remove one or two and try again to see if there is a good response in the functionality of the system.

Solution 11. Restarting the computer and the iPhone

After making all the changes, one can restart the computer and the iPhone to check whether the iTunes error code 40 is appearing.


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