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The problem related to Wi-Fi is quite annoying and is a common problem confronted by many of the iPhone users. Be it the Wi-Fi not working on iPhone, or Wi-Fi connectivity problem, or Wi-Fi settings getting greyed out, or low-speed connection, etc. iPhone users are faced with quite the trouble. Nevertheless, for everything concerning the iPhone Wi-Fi problem, below are the issues addressed along with their proper solutions.

Part 1: How to Fix iPhone Can't Fine WiFi Problem

The first iPhone Wi-Fi problem is that whenever the Wi-Fi option is turned on, iPhone users have found that their iPhone was not even able to detect a Wi-Fi signal to connect with, let alone facing intermittent issues such as network speed. Most of the cases, the iPhone Wi-Fi problem can be identified if:

  • All other devices connected to the same network are running without a hitch while only the particular iPhone Wi-Fi not working and is unable to find the same network like the rest.
  • The Wi-Fi connection suddenly drops and disappears.
  • By following some basic steps, the problem of cannot finding the Wi-Fi can be resolved.

  • Tap Settings > Wi-Fi to check whether the specified Wi-Fi network is available or not in the available networks. Wait until the Wi-Fi network name appears.

wifi not working on iphone

  • If the name doesn’t appear, make sure that the iPhone is in the close range of the wireless router.
  • If the attempt is still futile, there are two ways this can end - A) Hidden network, B) Unsupported Wi-Fi configuration.
  • To resolve the issue of Wi-Fi configuration, tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • A hidden network doesn’t mean Wi-Fi not working on iPhone. To resolve this:
    - Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > turn the Wi-Fi on > Other.
    - Enter the exact network name and tap Security.
    - Select Security Type > Other Network > Password.

iphone wifi not working

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Can't Connect to Wifi Issue

One of the cases wherein the iPhone Wi-Fi not working implies that although the Wi-Fi is detected, the iPhone is unable to connect to it. Mostly, a simple restarting of the iPhone would be able to solve the problem. If that is not the case, then there are three ways of connecting to a network. One is the open network connection without a password, the second is the connection with a password, and lastly, a hidden network. Identify which of the following is the ideal procedure and follow accordingly.

  • Normal Connection:
    - Go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Turn Off and then turn On the Wi-Fi.
    - Tap the network and see the connection.
    - If there is no connection yet, Hold and tap “Forget this Network.”
    - Turn the Wi-Fi Off and then On. Connect again.
  • iphone wifi problem

  • Secure Wi-Fi Connection:
    - In this, after tapping the network, one must have the password to be able to connect to the network.
    - Turn Wi-Fi on > Tap the network > Enter Password.
  • Hidden Connection:
    - In this, follow the guide under the first issue (iPhone Can’t Find Wi-Fi)

Part 3: How to Fix iPhone Connect to WiFi but No Internet Problem

Here the user faces with the problem of Wi-Fi not working on iPhone since there is no sign of bytes loading even if the Wi-Fi is connected to the iPhone. In this case, there will be a connected/steady connection and even an IP address but it’s as if there was no connection at all. There is more than one way to fix when there is problem of Wi-Fi on iPhone not working, depending on the extent of the problem. Try testing every method until the internet is accessible again.

  • Connected but no Internet Access implies the problem can be the particular router.
    - Forget the particular network on the iPhone.
    - Shut off and restart the particular router.
    - Disconnect all other devices that may be connected to the router.
    - Search for the available networks again on the iPhone.
    - Tap on the Wi-Fi network and connect with a password (if secured connection).
  • To know if the router needs a reboot to get the internet connection:
    - Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap the blue checkmark.
    - Under Static, check the IP Address. If it is 169.xxx.x.xx instead of 192.xxx.x.xx, the router doesn’t give out a proper IP Address and hence, the iPhone Wi-Fi not working.
    - To resolve the issue, unplug the power cord of the router and try the Wi-Fi connection again.

wifi not working on iphone 6

Part 4: How to Fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting on iPhone Problem

The issue of Wi-Fi not working on iPhone can be due to various reasons as discussed above. However, in this issue, initially, the Wi-Fi is connected and there is an internet access. Nonetheless, the connection will be lost in the middle of the activity. The time lapse may vary according to the dependant situation. For example, the Wi-Fi is working for first 5 minutes, however, the issue of iPhone Wi-Fi not working shows up in the next minute. Here, the glitch can be either from the iPhone or the router. Try any or all of the following methods until the connection is restored.

  • Check if the iPhone is in the access point range of the network.
  • “Forget the Network” and try connecting to the same network again.

iphone 6 wifi issues

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and reset the iPhone (press and hold on Home & Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously). Connect to the Wi-Fi again after turning it ON.
  • Reset the network settings by tapping on Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

wifi on iphone not working

Part 5: How to Fix WiFi Greyed Out on iPhone Issue

Sometimes the problem of Wi-Fi not working on iPhone because there is a chance that the Wi-Fi is greyed out. It implies that the Wi-Fi cannot be turned ON in the iPhone and the entire setting is greyed out. There are only two ways to have this issue resolved.

  • Make sure to have the latest iOS version so the issue of iPhone Wi-Fi not working can be resolved easily.
  • Reset all the Network Settings. Go to Settings > General. Tap on Reset and then Reset Network Settings.

Once the resetting is done, everything starts anew and the greyed-out Wi-Fi should have been fixed. If the Wi-Fi on iPhone not working yet, then contact the Apple Support and tell them about the iPhone Wi-Fi problem to have it remedied.

iphone 6 wifi issues

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