iPhone Battery Drain: 9 Proven Tips to Fix Quickly

iPhone battery drain is a common issue among all users, and if you’re yet another victim, this article gives you some proven smart tricks to fix the problem.

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With all the smartphones getting even smarter, battery functioning is limited to merely a couple of hours these days before it needs to be charged again. If you are one of the several users whose iPhone battery drains too fast, these tricks could help you resolve the issue.

Part One: Why Does My iPhone Battery Drain So Fast?

The performance of the battery decreases as your iPhone ages. This is absolutely normal, and if your phone is old, probably it’s time to gift it a new power source.

On the other hand, if your phone is new but still consumes more than normal battery, a few possible reasons could be:

That being said, it is a good idea to check your iPhone for the issues/misconfigurations discussed above, and ensure that none of them is main cause of trouble.

Part Two: 9 Tips to Help You Solve iPhone Battery Drain

After ruling out all the possibilities discussed in Part One, if your iPhone battery still drains rapidly, the following tips might help you fix the problem:

Tip 0: Simple Restart

This is not a tip but a simple and straightforward method to fix many common issues that your iPhone (or any other iDevice) encounters without any explainable reason or out of the blue. While rebooting your iPhone requires the traditional method of long pressing the Sleep/Wake button and following the on-screen instructions, the process is slightly different in iPhone 8 and above models. This new method is described below, just in case:

Tip 1: Check Your iPhone’s Battery Usage and Health

Checking your iPhone’s battery’s health lets you decide whether it needs a replacement, or is it merely the misconfigured settings that are consuming more than required power. To check your battery health:

check iphone battery usage health

Note: Any number between 75% and 80% with the ‘Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.’ description under the Peak Performance Capability section is acceptable. You may need to replace the battery if the values are otherwise.

Tip 2: Turn On Low Power Mode

The Low Power Mode automatically configures your iPhone settings to consume less than normal power, thus extending the battery’s working duration. To turn on Low Power Mode in your iPhone:

turn on low power mode

Tip 3: Disable/Turn Off Some Resource Intensive Features On Your iPhone

The recent versions of iOS are full of smart features that eliminate the need of having any other gadget to deal with your daily tasks. However, because many such programs consume excessive amount of power to function properly, leaving them enabled can drain your battery fast.

That said, it is advisable to disable the options you use less often, or don’t use at all. You can follow the instructions given below turn off the unused features on your iPhone:

3.1 Turn Off Bluetooth

turn off bluetooth

3.2 Disable Location Services

turn off bluetooth

3.3 Disable Background App Refresh

disable background app refresh

3.4 Turn Off App Suggestions

turn off suggestions

3.5 Disable App Messages Pushes

disable app messages pushes

3.6 Disable Wi-Fi When You Don’t Need It

disable iphone wifi

3.7 Disable Motion & Animations

disable motion animations

3.8 Disable Personal Hotspot

disable personal hotspot

3.9 Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

disable dynamic backgrounds

Note: You should also disable Dynamic Background from the Lock Screen. To do so, you can tap the image next to the wallpaper on the Wallpaper window, and follow the steps explained above.

3.10 Turn Off Data Push

turn off data push

3.11 Turn Off AirDrop

turn off airdrop

3.12 Shut Down Apps Less Often

Although you can force quit the apps by double-pressing the Home button on iPhone 8 and earlier (or swiping up the Gesture Bar to the center and holding down the screen for a moment in iPhone X and above) to get to the App Switcher mode and swiping the thumbnails of the apps upwards individually, this approach makes the apps consume more battery while relaunching. If your iPhone is draining out battery fast, you should avoid force closing the apps to save some power.

Tip 4: Remove Apps that Cause iPhone Battery Drain

Any power consuming app that you don’t find useful can be removed from your iPhone to reduce battery usage. Therefore, your first step in this approach should be to identify the battery-eating app(s), and then removing it/them from your device altogether. You can follow the below steps to get this done:

remove apps

Tip 5: Reset All Settings

Resetting all your iPhone’s settings is yet another smart approach that lets you take all its configurations back to default and start over. The process is simple and is explained below:

reset all settings on iphone

Tip 6: Restore Your iPhone

With several installs, uninstalls, and frequent changes in the settings, your iOS may get messed up over time and might need some of overhauling. You can follow the steps below to restore your iPhone back to factory defaults to reduce battery consumption:

6.1 Back Up Your iPhone

click phone on itunes
backup iphone to computer

6.2 Disable Find My iPhone

disable find my phone
disable find my phone

6.3 Restore Your iPhone

restore iphone on itunes

6.4 Restore from Backup (Optional)

Note: This step is optional, and you should only follow this if you’re sure that your iPhone’s settings and data weren’t the reason behind unusual battery drain.

restore iphone from itunes backup
begin restore

Tip 7: Update/Downgrade iOS On Your iPhone

If your iOS is outdated, updating it to the most recent version might resolve the battery issue. Likewise, if you notice that the updated iOS is the culprit, downgrading it to a previous, more stable built could do the trick. Both the processes are explained below for you to pick the one that suits your needs:

Update iOS

upgrade downgrade ios

Learn more details about upgrade to iOS 13

Downgrade iOS

custom restore
begin downgrade ios

Tip 8: Replace the Old Battery with a New One

If all the above tips fail to resolve the issue, you may need to replace your iPhone battery. Although the replacement process is simple, it is always good to let the professionals do their job.

Tip 9: Ask for the Battery Replacement Program

If your iPhone is still under warranty or its model is eligible for Apple’s Battery Replacement Program, you should contact their Customer Support Team and ask for the formalities. You can visit this link to check your iPhone’s warranty status and eligibility for the Battery Replacement Program.


Using your iPhone smartly and turning off the unnecessary apps is the best way to reduce the number of charging cycles and increasing the battery life. Nevertheless, the fact that your phone’s battery ages over time remains inevitable, and needs to replaced when the time comes.

Apple assumes that your phone’s battery’s health is decreased to 80% approximately after 500 charging cycles. With that said, you can follow the tips given above to configure your phone to reduce its consumption, even it you do not notice any fast battery drains.

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