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You will never realise the importance of your iPhone until when it cannot get out of recovery mode and you want to use it. This situation usually happens when you are upgrading you iPhone. When upgrading or downgrading your iPhone, unexpected flaws may occur hence making the phone get stuck at the recovery mode. In some occasions you could have purposefully kept your iPhone in recovery mode so as to fix something but it ends up getting stuck at the recovery mode. Either way if both situations happen what are you are suppose to do? Dispose your iPhone? No, you can follow this guide to make iPhone exit recovery mode.

Part 1. Kick iPhone Out of Recovery Mode Using iTunes

To begin with lets start wit the immediate solution that you should do that requires no download but just using iTunes. If you opt to use iTunes then you should ensure that your computer has the updated version of iTunes.

Step 1. Begin by pressing the Home button and Sleep button for about 15 minutes at a go so as to reset your iPhone. Then switch off your iPhone while holding the Home button. As you continue pressing the Home button, connect your iPhone to your computer. You will see a notification your iPhone is connected to iTunes.

iphone exit recovery mode

Step 2. You can now release the Home button when you see your iPhone is connected to iTunes. Now turn to your computer. You should see a command on your PC or Mac indicating that it has identified the iPhone and it would like to restore factory settings.

exit recovery mode iphone

What follows is for you to select your iPhone by go to toolbar and click Summary tab to find your iPhone. You can now click on Restore iPhone. Restore your iPhone to its initial settings by follow steps given in iTunes.

Note: This method will assist you take your iPhone out of recovery mode although it has got a demerit. If you have valuable data on your iPhone then you will definitely loss it as you restore your iphone. Nevertheless you can still restore data on your iPhone using data recovery tools. Moreover, there are various methods that you can use but not lose your data. Use tools such as iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery.

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Part 2. How to Get Rid of iPhone Recovery Mode without Data Loss

If the above solution fails or if you want a method that will not see you lose your data then download dr.fone - iOS System Recovery. This is best software for you that will bail you from nearly all your iPhone problems such as recovering data files from your iPhone with only three quick stress-free steps. When it comes to fixing iPhone that cannot go past recovery mode or let's say that hang out apple logo then look no more since this is the application that will fix all these.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Computer

On you're the program window click on "System Recovery" menu on the main window of this program. From there you can connect your iPhone to the computer using its USB cable. Then click on "Start" at the bottom of the window after the device has been recognized by the program.

connect iphone to computer

Step 2. Repair Your iPhone

In the next step directed, you are requited to download a firmware manually to your gadget. The newest iOS firmware versions will be shown on the screen. Just click on "Download" to get the firmware.

dr.fone - iOS System Recovery will then restore your iPhone back to normal upon completion of the software. You will then see a notification that your phone is now fixed. All you need is patience.

exit recovery mode on iphone

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