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There are several reasons that may cause iphone speaker not working, and it is a common issue reported by iphone users these days. Here are some of the ways to fix iphone speaker not working problem.

#1: Change the iPhone speaker from silent mode

One of the basic reasons for iphone speaker not working is that the iPhone may be in silent mode and the user may not know. To correct this, simply check on the silent mode and then toggle it to switch the iPhone into a general mode. Once this is done, you will notice the orange strip beside the silent mode button becoming invisible. Silent mode is usually the reason for iphone 6 speaker not working. If changing from silent mode to general mode does not work, then you can fix iphone 6 speaker not working by simply turning up the phone's volume to the maximum especially if the ringer volume is closer to the minimum.

iphone speaker not working

#2: Check the Headphone mode

iphone speaker not working problem may be due to the fact that the iPhone speaker is playing sounds right inside the headphone mode. Even if there are no headphones plugged in. For this reason, you will not hear any sound from the iPhone. Accumulated dust and dirt in the iPhone jack may also cause iphone speaker not working. To fix iphone speaker not working problem, simply get a piece of clean dry cloth and insert it inside the jack with the aid of a blunt pin, and clean the earphone slot properly. This should fix the iphone 6s speaker not working issue.

iphone 6 speaker not working

#3: Make a call through the use of the iPhone speaker

Checking if your iPhone speaker is not damaged may be the best possible way to fix iphone speaker not working problem. You can make a call to someone using your iPhone speaker, and if you can hear the ringing sound while making the call then the iphone speaker is not damaged. Make sure you tap on the speakerphone icon to turn it on when you make a call. Sometimes a software problem may be the reason why you are having a sound problem, in this case updating the software may fix the problem.

iphone 6s speaker not working

#4: Check that the iphone is not playing through a third party hardware

When you connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker and you forget to turn off that Bluetooth, then your iPhone will continue to play sounds through the Bluetooth speaker and not through its own in-built sound speaker. In order to fix iphone speaker not working problem, you need to go to the “Control panel” by simply swiping up on your iPhone screen from the bottom and then click on “turn off Bluetooth”, if it is already switched on, then the sound should be back on your iPhone in-built sound speaker. If the iphone is connected to “Airplay”, simply tap on the Airplay option from the screen of the iPhone, and turn it off-this should resolve the sound problem.

iphone 6 plus speaker not working

#5: Update the iOS system

sometimes, the best possible way to fix iphone speaker not working problem is by updating the IOS software. This will not only fix the updated software issue, it can also fix some other problems on the iPhone. In order to update your IOS version simply click on “settings”, then click on “General”, then click on “software update”, then click on “Download and Install”. Make sure you agree to terms and conditions and enter your passcode. Wait until the IOS has been updated in order to get all the bugs fixed.

speaker not working on iphone 6

#6: Restart the iPhone

Another way of resolving the issue of iphone speaker not working is to simply restart the iPhone. As a matter of fact, restarting the iphone is one of the best remedies to fix all kinds of iphone problems including iphone speaker not working. If you are using the newer iphone 7 simply press the volume down and the Power On/off to fix the issue of iphone speaker not working, but if you are using older iphone6, you need to press the power on/off button at the same time with the Home button to fix the iphone 6s speaker not working problem.

#7: Restore the iPhone to fix the speaker issue

One of your last resort in fixing iPhone’s speaker problem is to restore the phone. Make sure you don’t forget to backup the iPhone before you restore it, in order to prevent data loss. When restoring your iPhone, simply follow these steps.

  • Install the newest iTunes app on your computer.
  • With the aid of a USB cable, simply connect your iPhone to the newly installed iTunes and click on “summary” on the iTunes interface.
  • Click on the “Restore iPhone”, on the iTunes interface, and wait until a “restore” message pops up once again and click on it in order to restore the iPhone.
  • Once you have completed the restore process, simply disconnect your iPhone from the computer and then turn it on to see if the speaker is working properly.

#8: Check if the iPhone speaker is not blocked

Sometimes, blockage to the internal parts of your iPhone speaker may be responsible for iphone speaker not working. This may require that you see a technician who can remove the casing and check the exact cause of the blockage.

In conclusion, one of the 8 highlighted methods of fixing iPhone speaker not working problem should work, and if none of the options work, many other features of the iPhone features may be affected negatively. It is thus important to tackle speaker problem as soon as possible. In case none of the 8 highlighted solutions didn’t work, then there is a high possibility that the speaker has been damaged and will need a replacement. A recognized and licensed apple repair engineer should be able to provide a solution, and if you are lucky enough, your warranty should probably help you get a new speaker.

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