Safest Way to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn On and Stuck on Apple Logo

Provide a safe and user-friendly solution to fix iPhone Won’t Turn On and stuck on Apple Logo without losing data

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It is really very upsetting when you open your iPhone and just find iPhone won’t turn on and stuck on Apple Logo. Many people encounter this problem and feel worried and painful. The good news is that there are several options to fix this problem. So in this article we will show you how to fix an iPhone that won’t turn on when it is stuck on the Apple logo.

Part 1. The Best and Safest Option to Fix iPhone Won't Turn on and Stuck on Apple Logo

The dr.fone - System Repair (iOS) is the best and most reliable option to fix iPhone Won’t Turn on because it will not result in any data loss during the whole process. The software fixes various issues such as iOS system crash, and iPhone won’t turn on, iPhone stuck on apple logo , etc.


dr.fone - System Repair (iOS)

Fix Various iOS system issues Successfully

  • Help you fix multiple iOS system issues such as iPhone won't turn on, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone boot logo, black screen, etc.
  • Compatible with the latest iOS systems such as iOS 12, iOS 11, etc.
  • Protect your data safely
  • Work with both windows and MAC computer

Step-by-step guide on how to use dr.fone- iOS System Recovery to fix iPhone won’t turn on and stuck on Apple logo

The software has a function called " Repair" option within the dr.fone by which iPhone users can use to fix the iPhone won’t turn on problem. The function can also repair iPhones stuck in recovery mode, black screen, and iOS system crash, etc. In addtion, it can also relock unlocked devices and “un-jailbreak” jailbroken iPhones.

Step 1 . Plug in your iPhone to a PC or Mac and click on "Repair" in the software.

my iphone 5 wont turn on past the apple logo

Step 2 . Choose the specific iOS system issues you face. In this step, you can select the iPhone/iPad won't turn on and continue to tap on "Start".

 iphone  wont turn on

Step 3 . Then you need to confirm the delected model for your iPhone and download the matching firmware package. If you do not know how to operate this, please click on "How to check the device model" on the screen shown below.

 iphone  wont turn on past apple logo

Step 4 . After download process ends, you could move on to fix the iOS system now.

 download firmware to fix iphone system

Part 2. Reasons for iPhone Won’t Turn on and Stuck on Apple Logo

It is important to find the specific reasons when your phone displays the Apple Logo during startup. When the phone is stuck on the Apple logo, something should go wrong on your iPhone.

Several reasons leading to the issue "iPhone won't turn on" could include:

Part 3: Methods to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn on and Stuck on Apple Logo

These are three simple ways that can used to fix iPhone won’t turn on past Apple logo

1. Hard Reset

Hard reset may solve this problem. This process restarts the phone and refreshes the phone’s RAM without deleting any data.

my iphone wont turn on past the apple logo

How to hard reset and iPhone

1. Hold the power button on top right and the home bottom at the bottom center of the screen simultaneously. 

2. Keep holding the buttons until the display goes black and Apple logo appears. 

3. After the silver Apple logo appears, release the buttons. Your iPhone is rebooting.



2. Recovery Mode

If the hard reset does not work, you can try putting the iPhone in recovery mode. In recovery mode, the phone will connect to iTunes and this will come with installing a fresh iOS package or a backup from data stored on your phone.

How to put iPhone in recovery mode

1. Turn off your iPhone by holding the power button and swiping the slider accordingly. 

2. Plug in the iPhone to a PC or Mac via USB cable.

3. Perform a hard reset by following the steps mentioned above. This time, you release the buttons when the iTunes logo shows. 

4. Connect to iTunes and either Update or Restore. The update option does not erase any data. The restore options can reset the iPhone to factory settings or restore to a previously saved iOS version in the backup. Try to update firstly and if it does not solve the problem you can choose the restore option.



iphone wont turn on apple logo then shuts off

3. DFU Mode

DFU mode is the another option if recovery mode does not help. Default Firmware Update is a form of restore that refreshes not only the software but also the firmware of the iPhone. Firmware runs the hardware components of the iPhone.

How to enter DFU mode

1. On your computer, run iTunes and then connect the iPhone to the computer using a genuine USB cable (the cable that came out of the box).

2. Turn off your phone and hold the power button and home button simultaneously for 8-10 seconds.

3. Release the power button but do not release the home button for at least another 5 seconds. If you have successfully entered DFU mode, the screen stays black, and a window pops up on iTunes on your computer telling that “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.” 

4.Just like you do it for recovery mode, you can restore the phone to factory settings or from a backup in the phone’s backup.




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