One of the best things which are associated with the iPhone is the fact that it is highly reliable and the customer base that uses it is very loyal. As compared to Android the iPhone user is sophisticated. There are certain errors which iPhone encounter. The iPhone error 2001 is one such error which you can face and it makes your device miserable.

itunes error 2001

Why error 2001 is faced?

The error normally occurs when you try to restore the device using the iTunes program. It is really strange and some of the most well-known reasons for the error are as follows.

  • An outlandish version of software on your part can lead you to issues. To fix iTunes error 2001 it is advised to update both iPhone and the iTunes.
  • If you are not using the original data cable then the error 2001 will give you a headache you can’t imagine. To resolve iPhone error 2001 it is advised to always use the original cable.
  • There are many miscellaneous issues which can lead to the trouble. It is advised to always keep your programs up to the mark and in latest condition to fix iTunes error 2001.

The most important part which you should always remember is that not only error 2001 but all the issues you face while using iPhone with iTunes have no specific reason. Sometimes if your OS copy is pirated you can face the iTunes error 2001. Keep your hardware and software clear to avoid the problem.

Sulotions to fix iTunes Error 2001

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Solution 1: Restore iPhone using a different lightening cable

If you are using the lightning cable which is not genuine then you can face the problem. It is also advised to overcome the problem by clearing the debris from the charging port. To resolve iTunes error 2001 it is advised to check the lightning cable being used.

Solution 2: Restore iPhone using a different lightening cable

The other solution which you can apply to get the work done is the fact that you can clear the debris from the charging port. It is that way to fix iTunes error 2001 that has rendered positive results. A sharp object should be used delicately to make sure that the problem is resolved completely. You are also advised to clean the sides of the iPhone for good.

error 2001 iphone 5

Most of the time it is the charging port of your iPhone that leads to iTunes error 2001. To completely resolve the subjected error the charging port should be cleared. The iPhone gurus in this regard also mention the same and urge the users to always keep the charging port clean and clear. It is because of the fact that the iPhone error 2001 occurs if the computer cannot communicate to the iTunes strongly. A strong connection is base of data transfer, restoration and whatever the work that is to be done. If the connection is not strong enough then you will definitely face the issues. In order to completely fix iTunes error 2001, every connection port of your PC and laptop should also be kept clean and clear.

Solution 3: Fix error 2001 by repairing iPhone system

iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS System Recovery is one of the best ways to make sure that the iTunes error 2001 is completely resolved. The program is highly regarded to resolve the most common issues which are faced by iPhone users. The program is one stop shop for all the issues which users can possibly imagine. For the fixture of the subjected i.e. iTunes error 2001 issue this program is a boon for the users. The overall interface of the program is highly intuitive and hence it is easy for novice users as well. Making this program your ultimate choice will make sure that you easily and flawlessly fix iTunes error 2001. The program supports every iOS version as well as the device that has been created.

  • You can easily resolve the issues which are related to the iDevice such as stuck in recovery, DFU mode, white Apple logo and frozen status.
  • It is very easy to fix iTunes error 2001 so that your device is back to normal and all this happens without any data loss whatsoever.
  • The program is the easiest way to make sure that the iDevice of yours is repaired as the interface is very user-friendly.
  • The program supports all iDevices and further makes it easy to fix iTunes error 2001. All iOS versions are also supported by the program.

The steps which constitute the process of resolving the error are as follows. It is very important to note that to fix iTunes error 2001 the program is the easiest and the most efficient way which guarantee results.

Step 1: Download and install the program. Connect your device to the computer and launch the program so that it is detected. Click "System Recovery" on the main interface to get going with the process of resolving iPhone error 2001. Press the start button on the next interface.

itunes error 2001 iphone 5

Step 2: This is the most important step to resolve the iDevice errors. The program will detect the device model and will provide the related firmware. You just need to make sure that the info is verified and then click download to solve iTunes error 2001.

fix iphone system

Step 3: Wait till the program downloads the firmware. The program will start to fix the iDevice as soon as the firmware has been downloaded. Once the device has been fixed and the related iPhone error 2001 is resolved you will be notified and the process ends here.

error 2001 iphone

Solution 4: Update iTunes to fix the error

To resolve the error under discussion it is advised to update the iTunes so that your problem is resolved. Outdated versions of the programs are never recommended and therefore must be upgraded to solve iPhone error 2001. Follow the processes mentioned for Windows and Mac so that you never get into trouble at all.

On Windows launch the program and then click help. From the drop-down select check for updates.

iphone error 2001

To update on Mac so that iTunes error 2001 is resolved it is advised to launch the program and click on iTunes logo then click on Check for updates and then download the updates to resolve the issue.

iphone error 2001

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