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Normally, iPhone or iPad is pretty stable device as compared to the Android devices in the market. However, sometimes it may get stuck in a loop and cause very serious problems for the users. If your iPad or iPhone is in the warranty, you can take it to the Apple store to fix this problem, however, if your device is out of the warranty, it may cost you lot of money. Normally, the process to install iOS 10 is pretty stable via OTA update or using iTunes, however, if you have disconnected the device during installation process or device does not have sufficient storage, your iPhone or iPad will stick on the Apple Logo. No matter how many times you restart the device or plug-unplug it from the computer, the Apple logo will still be persistent. This issue is mostly caused by during improper installation, faulty USB cable or due to the insufficient storage space on your Apple device. There are plenty of ways of solving this problem but the best way is to use a third party software on your Windows or Mac to recover the data from your iDevice and bring it back into the normal state.

Method 1: Best Solution to Fix iPhone/iPad Stuck on Apple Logo

ipad stuck on apple logo after update

dr.fone - System Repair (iOS) is a unique software which can bring back your iPhone (iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus supported) to the normal state without deleting the already present data on your device.

  • It supports the iOS (including iOS 11) device including all of the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch modes.
  • It fix the iOS system like stuck on white/black screen, Apple logo loop, keeping restarting, etc.
  • It fix the iOS system problems with no data loss.
  • It's easy to use, everyone can handle it.

How to Fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo when updata to iOS 10 with dr.fone

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with computer using the USB cable and launch the recently installed dr.fone - iOS Toolkit. Click on the “System Recovery” in the top of the window. Then in the next window, hit the “Start” button as the picture shows.

Step 2: On the next screen, you will have to select the latest iOS version for your iPhone or iPad. After selecting the appropriate device, hit the “Download” button on the screen and it will start downloading the firmware for your iOS device.

Step 3: Now, sit tight and relax, let the program complete the download fix process on your device. It will give you information when it is completed.

Apart from this method, there are 5 other methods to solve this problem, but all of those methods will not be able to recover the lost data on your iPhone or iPad.

Method 2: How to Fix this Issue with “Hard Reset”

Hard Reset or Factory Reset is another popular method to fix similar issues on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This method does not require use of iTunes or any third party software but it still works pretty good for some users. We are not sure about the reliability of this method but we have received some good comments about this method.

  1. Simply press and hold the power button and the home button for 20 seconds.
  2. Leave the Power button while holding the home button on your iPhone. Your device will be restarted and you will see your iPhone to the normal position. You can now connect it with the iTunes to update to iOS 10.

fix no enough space for iOS 10 

Method 3: How to Use the Recovery Mode to Fix this Issue?

One of the clean solution to fix this problem is by putting your iPhone in the recovery mode. Sometimes when an iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, you will not be to restore it using the iTunes on your computer. This solution will put your iPhone in the recovery mode which can easily access in the iTunes and will let you perform a new iOS version on your iPhone. Here’s how you can use the Recovery mode to fix stuck Apple logo on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Connect your iPhone with the PC and launch iTunes on your computer. Once the device is connected with the computer, press and hold the sleep button and home button together. [Sleep button is normally present on the right side of your iPhone or iPad].
  2. Once the logo is lost from the screen, release the sleep button while holding the Home button on your iPhone.

That’s it! Now, iPhone will be shown in the iTunes and you can restore your iDevice now.

clean space for iOS 10 update 

Method 4: How to Use the DFU Mode to Fix this Issue?

Device Firmware Update a.k.a DFU mode is the mode by which you can restore your iPhone to the latest version of the iOS. Previously, the DFU mode was used to jailbreak the devices on iOS 4 or iOS 5 firmware, However, if you have tried to update your iPhone to iOS 10 and got stuck at Apple logo, you can still you use this method to fix this issue.

Connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable and press and hold the both Home button and sleep button, once the screen of the iPhone is black, let go of the sleep button. Normally, you will have to hold the sleep button for 10 seconds while the home button needs to be held till you see the black screen on your iPhone.


Method 5: How to Use Tiny Umbrella to Fix this Issue?

Tiny Umbrella is a very popular utility used to fix such kind of issues. This application is available for Windows and Mac OS X and was used to downgrade the iOS versions to previous versions. Now, it can also be used to kick out your iPhone out of the Apple logo mode. Here’s how this application will work:

  1. Remember that the Tiny Umbrella will require the latest version of Java on the computer. Click Here to get the latest Java version. After installation of both programs, connect your iPhone with the PC and launch Tiny Umbrella on your computer.
  2. Once you connect your iPhone, it will be shown as unknown device, select the device and hit “Exit Recovery” button to remove your iPhone from this loop.

clean space for iOS 10 update 

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