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Our cell phones form an integral part of our lives. They help us to stay in touch with our closed ones, entertain us, daily utilities, ensuresafety and much more. With the invention of smartphones, cell phones have got more significance. They are methods for correspondence, as well as the storage for data and entertainment.

“No Service” message appears on your iPhone when there are certain problems like damage of SIM card, poor network coverage, Software errors such as iPhone error 4013, SIM card is not placed properly, iOS upgrading causes an error, and the like. When you face issue likeiPhone showing no service, your iPhone stops functioning properly. Issues regarding calling, messaging, and even battery start cropping up.

However, there are a few simple tricks to fix iPhone no service problem. These solutions are easy and can be carried out at home itself when some problem likeiPhone showingno servicecrops up. In this article, we shall take a glance at 10 easy solutions to iPhone showing no service.

1. Update your Software

Updating your iOS system is quite simple and straightforward. In order to carry out a wireless update in your iPhone.

Visit Settings >> Click on General >> Select software update >> Click on the Download option >> Install the update.

iphone 6 network problem

In order to update your iOS software using iTunes:

Establish a secure connection of your device to the computer >> Open iTunes >> Click on your device >> Click on Summary >> Tap on ‘Check for Update’.

iphone network problem

Updating the software of your iPhone protects your iPhone from unwanted viruses which are of potential danger to the proper functioning of your iPhone and may lead to problem of iPhone no service.

2. Check for fixes regarding cellular data of your iPhone

Make sure that the cellular data is functioning properly so as to fix iPhone no service problem. Follow these simple steps to resolve the iPhone no service problem:

Ensure that the device is under proper network coverage area >> Make sure that the cellular data is ON.

iphone could not activate cellular data network

Enable data roaming on the off chance that you are traveling.

iphone 6 not connecting to network

In order to turn off Automatic carrier selection, visit Settings>carriers>Turn off Auto carrier selection.

how to disable location services on iphone

3. Check the details regardingthe carrier service and update if necessary

There are chances that even after updating your software, iPhone no service problem persists, in such cases, check the details regarding your carrier service. In case that your carrier service has been deactivated due to some reason, call your service provider and seek a fix to the iPhone no serviceproblem. In order to check for carrier settings update, visit Settings > General > About. If new updates are available, click on Update.

4. Turn off the Airplane Mode in your iPhone

In case there is issue ofiPhone no service, make sure that the Airplane mode in your iPhone is turned off. In order to do so.

Visit settings tab >> General >> Tap on the Airplane Mode button >> Keep it ‘ON’ for about 60 seconds ora minute >>Turn off Airplane mode.

iphone no service issue

5. Reset all the settings your iPhone

One of the best options to resolve the iPhone no service problem is to reset all the Settings. However, no data is lost in doing so. Visit Settings tab >> General >> Select Reset >> Reset all settings >> Enter the Passcode that it asks for >> confirm it.

iphone no service

6. Alter the Voice and data settings of your iPhone

Many a times, altering the voice and data settings of your iPhone may fixiPhoneno serviceproblem,because sometimes the iPhone may be out of proper coverage area. Follow the simple steps to resolve this issue.

Visit settings tab >> Click on Cellular button >> Choosethe Cellular Data Option >> Tap on Voice and Data >> Alter 4G to 3G or 3G to 4G >> Thereafter, go to the home screen in order to check for the network availability.

iphone showing no service

7. Take the SIM card out and re-insert it in your device

Many a times the iPhone no service problem occurs to faulty placing of the SIM card in your iPhone. At times there are possibilities that the iPhone “No Service” problem is caused by errors in the SIM card, you can fix it by.

Open the tray that holds the SIM card >> Remove the SIM card and check for any damages >> Re-insert the SIM card and check if it’s working

On the off chance that the SIM card is damages due to some reason, take it to the nearest service center and get it fixed. Then, re-insert it.

8. Check the Date and Time settings in your iPhone

If your iPhone is showing “No Service” problem, make sure that the date and time settings of your iPhone are up to date. This is because the device system depends on the recently updated information. In order to fix the iPhone “No Service” problem, follow these simple steps.

Visit settings >> Tap on General >> Click on Date and Time >> Select “Set Automatically”.

iphone 6 network problem

9. Reset your Network Settings

Lastly, in case there is iPhone “No Service” problem, try resetting the network settings on your iPhone. Visit Settings tab>Tap on General > Select Reset >Reset the Network Settings.

Make sure to back-up your data before you change your network settings. Otherwise, you will have to re-enter the Wi-fi details and other details. This is because, a reset of network settings deletes network details.

iphone network problem

10. Get rid of the unnecessary accessories

Remove the extra unnecessary accessories such as protection covers so as to fix iPhone no service problem.Many times, it blocks the iPhone from getting proper access to the network.

Our phones are an integral part of our lives. Any problem with our cell phones sends us into an instant panic attack. When our iPhone “No Service” problem, these simple fixes often come in handy. Therefore, in this way when your iPhone is showing “No Service” problem, you can easily fix it by trying out the above mentioned.

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