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iPhone users were very excited about the iOS 12 update. This is a brand new operating system that comes with fantastic security and feature updates. You now have a great user-experience, although there are some challenges that come along with any new system. In this case, there are users who report the touch screen not working. When the touch screen refuses to work, all functions of the device are affected. You cannot pick up calls, read texts and do any other things. This article shows you how you can rectify this issue after an update to iOS 12.

Part 1: Why the Touch Screen is not Working

There are several issues that could cause the touch screen not to work, apart from the update. You will find that The touch screen will not work because of some incompatibility issues with the operating system. The drivers that respond to the touch screen in the device could be corrupted by the new update. You also find apps crashing a lot when the screen is affected. Now these may be caused by some bugs in the iOS 11 update, but apple will soon address these issues and provide patches. It has also been noticed that the iPhone screen is less responsive towards the bottom of the screen. This makes users to move apps from the bottom to the middle so they can be used without interruption.

Bumps and cracks to the screen can also affect how it works. This is something that is not related to an update to iOS 11 or iOS 12, and is the reason why you need a screen protector. When update bugs lead to touch screen not working, you can wait for patches to address the bugs, or follow the steps laid out below.

Part 2: Reboot the iPhone when the Touch Screen not Working

Rebooting your iPhone is one way to address the "touch screen not working" issue in an iPhone after an update to iOS 11/12. All mobile devices, including those running n Android, can have such issues solved by simply restarting or resetting the device. The fix is normally not a permanent one, and you may find your touch screen refusing to work at a later time, but it is a quick and easy way to get it working normally again.

How to restart the iPhone

Step 1 – Power off the device

Press the "Sleep/Wake" button and keep it held until you get the "Slide to Power Off" message. Place your finger on the arrow and then slide it to the left to power off the iPhone.

touch screen not work after ios 11 update

Step 2 – Power it on again

Press the "Sleep/Wake" button and wait for the Apple Logo to appear, indicating that the phone is turning on. Now try the touch screen and it should be back to normal operation once again.

You may also reset/force start the device when your iPhone gets frozen

Step 1 - Resetting the device

Press and hold the "Sleep/Wake" and "Home" buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds.

touch screen not work after ios 11 update

Do not release these buttons until the Apple Logo appears. Then you can try the touch screen and see if it will work like it normally does.

touch screen not work after ios 11 update

Part 3: Fix the Touch Screen with dr.fone

dr.fone iOS System Recovery, as the name suggests, is a feature that helps you restore the system to its original working state when you get issues such as “touch screen not working”. The tool will also fix many other issues brought about by corruption of the iOS, especially after an update to iOS 11. This tool is easy to use, and quite intuitive, making is fast and effective in fixing iOS errors.

Features of dr.fone iOS System Recovery

  • Easy-to-use – repair your iOS system in just four simple steps
  • Safe – there is no data loss when you recover you system with this tool
  • ull iOS compatibility – the tool works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models
  • The tool works with both Windows and MAC computers

NOTE: Your iPhone will be restored to its original state when you use this tool to fix iOS errors and bugs. The iOS will be returned to its original state, so if you have a jailbroken device, it will be non-jailbroken.

ios system recovery

How to Fix the Touch Screen with dr.fone – iOS System Recovery

Step 1 – Connect the iPhone to your computer

Connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable that came with it. Launch dr.foneand choose "System Recovery". Click on the "Start" button once your iPhone appears on the screen.

touch screen not working after ios 11 update

Step 2 – Choose and download the recovery firmware

Being an intuitive application, dr.fone will automatically find your iPhone model and the best firmware to download. You will be prompted for confirmation of accuracy of the device’s information. Once satisfied, click on "Download" so you can get the firmware sent to your iPhone.

touch screen not working after ios 11 update

Step 3 – Fix the iPhone issue

After successful download of the firmware, it will automatically begin fixing the iOS, so your screen can respond like it used to. dr.fone will then let you know when it has finished repairing your iOS. Now your screen will work like normal.

android download mode

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