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There is no situation as bad as waking up in the middle of the night and noticing that your phone is not working all of a sudden. Instead of showing all the application and data it is just frozen at one place and won't function at all. This situation of the Apple device is called as a reboot loop. It is a very common issue faced by iPhone users (other Apple device users) every now and then. It can be caused by a virus attack, iOS Upgrade, or a jailbreak for that matter.

If you thought that this is the end of the story of your apple device then to your benefit it is not. There are few tried and tested ways to rescue you from this situation.

Part 1: The Best Solution to Fix iPhone Boot Loop Issue without Data Loss

dr.fone - System Repair (iOS) is one of the highest rated toolboxes which keeps your device safe and in all good working condition. Another plus point is that it works for all of the iOS device.

  • Save iPhone/iPad or iPod touch from being stuck on Apple logo, Recovery Mode, frozen screen, continuously restart, ect
  • No matter what mode your device is, it fully supports all modes of iPhone/iPad and iPod touch
  • It fixes your iOS device with NO data loss
  • The whole process can be done in 5 minues. Everyone can handle it
  • It can be operated on a Mac or Windows PC

iphone boot loop

Step 1: Connect you with the computer. Download and launch dr.fone. Click the option given as “System recovery”. When iphone will connect successfully, press the “start” option in the second window.

Step 2: In next step software will auto detect your device model ask you to confirm the given information. Then click on the “Download” button as it is a necessary thing for ISO system updation.

Step 3: The software will download the firmware and repair your iPhoen system after that automatically.

Step 4: Upon completion, you will be shown following screen. The iPhone boot loop issue has been settled!

Why not just download the free trial dr.fone - iOS Toolkit to see how amazing it!

Part 2: Common Solutions to Fix iPhone Boot Issue

1. Hard Reboot your Apple Device

One of the easiest ways to get your device in the working condition is- to hard reboot it. The situation in which you are stuck in an unresponsive application and your phone doesn't respond to anything- all you need to do is long press the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously for a while and there you go.

iphone 6 boot loop fix 

2. Volume up button to the rescue

Most of you must be aware of this trick but for those who are not trying this. Just press the volume up button for a goof 15-20 second continuously while your device is getting a reboot. Doing so you will be able to get back to the home page of your device. Such situations may arise due to some malfunctioned applications. So once you outbreak the jailbreak situation just delete that application for any similar issue in the near future. Or if the volume up button of your Apple device is not working you can do this trick by using the clicker button on your earpod, earphone, headphone etc. As it will do the same thing.

iphone 6 reboot loop 

3. Turn Off/On Cellular

There are chances that the issue you are facing can be solved in a simple way without much ado. One such way is by turning off/on your cellular. By doing so you can fix the iPhone reboot fix.

iphone 5s boot loop 

4. Use Reiboot

One of the freeware there in the market does it all for you. Your iOS devices will love you for this. The Reiboot will sort out each and everything possible from getting rid of recovery mode even when you home button is not working properly. This thing is capable of restarting your Apple device running on any iOS version. It doesn't matter where you are stuck whether it is red iTunes logo, Apple logo or any boot loop this thing will rescue you from any situation.

iphone 5s boot loop 

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